Most Dangerous Cities in the World 2023

Whether you travel a lot or only go on vacation every once in a blue moon, it is always important to know about the area you are in. This is even true when you are looking to move somewhere, whether it be permanently or temporarily. You can yield a little less caution in some of the world's safest countries, such as Iceland, New Zealand, and Portugal. With over 4,416 cities in the world, there are seemingly endless places to travel to and cultures to experience around the world.

While you are free to travel at your own risk and visit whatever town suits your interests, we want to give you a heads up on some of the most dangerous cities in the world. This is not a list that ranks all of the world's 4,416 cities, but instead, it looks at the 50 most dangerous cities, where you might want to take extreme caution or avoid visiting altogether.

The world's 50 most dangerous cities are located in 11 countries: Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Puerto Rico, South Africa, the United States, and Venezuela. Brazil has the most cities on the list with 17, followed by Mexico with 12. Brazil, Mexico, and Venezuela are the only countries with cities in the top ten most dangerous cities. Mexico has five cities, Brazil has three, and Venezuela has two.

The ten most dangerous cities in the world, and their murder rates, are:

  1. Los Cabos, Mexico (111.3 deaths per 100,000)
  2. Caracas, Venezuela (111.2 deaths per 100,000)
  3. Acapulco, Mexico (107.0 deaths per 100,000)
  4. Natal, Brazil (102.6 deaths per 100,000)
  5. Tijuana, Mexico (100.8 deaths per 100,000)
  6. La Paz, Mexico (84.8 deaths per 100,000)
  7. Fortaleza, Brazil (83.5 deaths per 100,000)
  8. Ciudad Victoria, Mexico (83.3 deaths per 100,000)
  9. Ciudad Guyana, Venezuela (80.3 deaths per 100,000)
  10. Belem, Brazil (71.4 deaths per 100,000)

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Most Dangerous Cities in the World 2023