Lost Cities 2024

What Is a Lost City?

There are a lot of people who love to look back in time, wondering if civilization was better hundreds or thousands of years ago. One of the best ways to do so is to study some of the most famous lost cities on Earth. There are several cities that have been lost and rediscovered, and there are other cities that are generally based on legends instead of actual history. What are some of the biggest examples of lost cities that people might want to know about?

Is the Lost City of Atlantis Real?

Of course, when people think about lost cities, they usually think about Atlantis. Generally, this is described as a city that used to exist underneath the surface of the ocean. There are some people who believe that people who lived in Atlantis also had technology that was more advanced than what we enjoy today. In general, people believe that the city of Atlantis is generally a legend. It does not have a lot of basis in reality. On the other hand, there are people who have spent a tremendous amount of time and money scouring the depths of the oceans to see if they can find any evidence that the city used to exist. So far, no evidence has been uncovered.

What is the Most Famous Lost City?

There are plenty of famous lost cities that have been uncovered, and arguably the biggest example is that of Troy. Troy is located in present-day Turkey. Even though there is a lot of legend wrapped up in the actual history of Troy, most people associate it with the Trojan War, which is believed to have existed. Even though there are some people who are unsure what the city was actually called, the city itself was unearthed in 1870. Now, there are lots of people who travel to Turkey every year to take a look at the city for itself. There are people who believe that the city was standing for more than 8,000 years, acting as a bridge between the Mediterranean and Asia, but the city was buried following an unusual collapse.

What Led to the Collapse of Bronze Age Cities?

Many of the cities that have been uncovered used to thrive during the Bronze Age. There are a lot of people who are wondering what led to the Bronze Age collapse, which is where many of the lost cities that have been uncovered disappeared in the span of a century or so. There are a lot of potential hypotheses related to the Bronze Age collapse. There are some people who believe that a horrible famine caused thousands of people living in the cities to die. There are other historians who believe that a mythical population emerged from the sea, conquering the cities one by one. Then, there are other people who believe that a pandemic came through and wiped out the cities all at once. This is still an area of active research.