Underground Cities

Nowadays, traveling is at an all-time high. This statement is due to people wanting to explore the world around them and experience new cultures. Plus, with various modes of transportation and affordable lodging, it's easy to get from one destination to another.

Maybe another trip to take into consideration is one of the many underground cities in the United States. In 5 major areas, there are underground civilizations that people used to live in long ago. Now, people love to explore and learn more about the past and how the underground cities operated. Each underground city is in one of these areas:

Washington, D.C.

Underneath Dupont Circle are large tunnels that were first used in the 1900s. At first, it was a railroad system, then a shelter for war and natural disasters. Today, it's filled with many buildings where various events occur, including tours to explore the ancient ruins.

From museums to exercising studios, there's a wide range of activities for people to partake. Of course, these activities all come with a price, especially if you want to learn about the history of the underground museum.

Sacramento, CA

Sacramento is hiding a secret: an underground city that was once used during the 1800s. Now, it's a historical museum that tells the tales of its former residents.

Some bars and saloons lined the underground city's path once before. People who participate in these tours will have the pleasure of learning about the history of the town, including the more sinister parts of history.

Seattle, WA

The Seattle depicted today is not the same Seattle back in 1851. Old Seattle, as it's now known as, is buried right under the thriving city.

After Old Seattle experienced the Great Seattle Fire in 1889, the current day Seattle was built right above the ruins. Today, you can visit and learn about the underground city as it has been turned into an interactive museum.

New York, NY

In the city that never sleeps, the underground city is no exception. Underneath the bustling city lies a plethora of attractions with stories to tell.

From old hospitals and railroads to the Freedom Trail, each attraction tells an intriguing story of the past. It's also an excellent place for people who love aesthetics.

Chicago, IL

Although there is a remarkable story behind this city, the underground of Chicago takes a modern approach to living. It also strives to mix ancient history with modern artifacts.

People can visit to learn about the history and enjoy themselves. Various bars throughout the area genuinely gives you the above-ground experience while underground.

Underground Cities