Underground Cities 2024

What Were Underground Cities Used For?

There are a lot of underground cities in the world that people enjoy exploring and learning more about, but some people are wondering what they were used for. There are plenty of ways underground cities used to work in the past, and it varies depending on where the city is located and how old it is. For example, lots of underground cities had hidden passageways that were used to sneak people in and out of the city. Other underground cities had ancient tunnels that were used to smuggle goods in and out. Still, plenty of underground cities have hidden passageways that were used to store treasure. There are a few cool underground cities scattered across the world.

What Is the Coolest Underground City in the World?

Some people might be surprised to hear that there are actually underground cities in the United States. One of the top examples is the Shanghai Tunnels, also known as the Portland Underground. This is an intricate network of tunnels that used to link the old town of Portland, which doubled as its Chinatown, to the central downtown area. Since that time, many of the tunnels have been filled in via public works projects, but they used to run all the way out to the waterfront. There are underground cities in other areas of the world as well, including France, the United Kingdom, Turkey, and China.

Do People Still Live in Underground Cities?

While there are people who still live in underground cities in some parts of the world, this is unusual. Some underground cities are only underground because they were buried by the sands of time. When people actually lived in the areas, they were above ground. In some places in Europe and Asia, people might sleep in underground cities, but they tend to come back to the surface during the day.

Can You Visit Underground Cities?

Yes, there are still plenty of opportunities for people to visit underground cities. For example, under the streets of the capital of Scotland, there are underground cities. They are called the Edinburgh Vaults, and they represent a series of chambers that were formed during the 18th century. They persisted throughout the 19th century, seeing a tremendous amount of growth. They have also become a major source of superstition. In the eyes of many, the region has become a ghost town, but they are still a great place for people to explore and learn more about how the poorest citizens used to live.

Beijing also has an underground city known as the Dixia Cheng. It was an area of the city that formed in the 1970s as a way to shelter from invasions and bombings. It also used to be a place where people would go for nuclear drills. It is also called the Underground Great Wall, and it is a location that people can still visit to this day. It is complete with hospitals, schools, and locations for people to sleep.

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