Safest Cities in Africa 2024

Is Africa a Safe Place To Visit?

There are a lot of people who are interested in exploring the history and culture of Africa. Africa is a unique place, and it has a lot to offer, but many people are nervous about safety concerns. Given that Africa still has a relatively high rate of violence, everyone has to think carefully about where they are visiting. Even though there are some places in Africa that are safe, it is critical to take a look at alerts that have been put out by the State Department. That way, people can make sure that they and their families stay safe when they are exploring Africa.

Why Is the Safest City in Africa?

Many people would be surprised to hear that the safest city in Africa is actually the capital of Rwanda, which is Kigali. While Rwanda was rocked by civil war just a few decades ago, this specific city has become a safe place to live. Furthermore, a large proportion of the people living in Kigali are actually expatriates, which means that travelers are likely to feel more comfortable and secure. Because Rwanda has a relatively low rate of crime and terrorism across the country as a whole, it is also a safe place for people to explore. There are even local tours that would be happy to show visitors everything that this amazing place has to offer.

What Are the Safest Countries in Africa?

There are plenty of countries in Africa that are relatively safe to visit. Morocco is likely at the top of the list for a lot of people, marked by the beautiful city of Casablanca. For a long time, Morocco has had a large European population, making it a safe place for people to visit. South Africa, on the other end of the continent, is also a relatively safe place for people to visit. The large cities have a lot to explore, but it is important for people to be careful at night. The Seychelles can also be a safe place for people to visit, but cities can vary across the country. Everyone to take a look at travel alerts that have been published before deciding where to go. The countries to stay away from include Libya, Mali, Somalia, and the South Sudan.

What Cities in Africa Should You Visit?

There are plenty of cities in Africa that are worth exploring. In addition to Kigali, lots of people love to visit Johannesburg, which is located in South Africa. This is a developing city with a rich culture that welcomes visitors from all over the world every year. Casablanca, located in Morocco, also has a tremendous amount of history that is worth exploring. Tangier, also located in Morocco, is also known for its delicious food and friendly people. Some of the other cities that you may want to explore include Victoria, which is located in the Seychelles, and Nairobi, which is located in Kenya. Just be sure to take a look at travel alerts before going.

Safest Cities in Africa 2024