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Kid-Friendly Countries / Most Kid-Friendly Countries 2024

Several attributes determine whether a country is kid-friendly.

These include:

  • Being family-friendly
  • Caring about human rights
  • Having income equality
  • Being seen happy
  • Being safe
  • Considering gender equality
  • Having a well-established public education and health care system

Top Ranked Kid-Friendly Countries

Here are the top five kid-friendly countries:


Denmark operates under a constitutional monarchy. The Danish government is perceived as highly transparent and stable.

Denmark has a universal healthcare system and free higher education, thanks to progressive taxation. Its societal structure and the progressive government create great social mobility.

There’re several top industries in Denmark like food production, machinery, tourism, and iron production. Their economic model allows businesses to establish quickly and inexpensively. Denmark is a founding member of NATO and several other international organizations, including the European Union-United Nations, among others.


Despite its militarist roots, Sweden has always been neutral in times of war. Instead, it’s been committed to public service, human rights, and sustainability. The country functions under a heavily capitalistic model where high expenditure goes to public service.

The advanced transport network and infrastructure assure equal distribution of wealth. Higher education and healthcare services are free. Swedes have one of the longest life expectancies in the world.

By donating about 1% of gross national product to humanitarian programs every year, Sweden is known for its generosity. Refuges are away welcome within Swedish borders.


Norway is one of the high-income nations with an extensive safety net and a vibrant private sector. It’s currently the leading petroleum exporter in the world. Norwegians live in a constitutional monarchy, whereby the prime minister is the head of government chosen by the monarch and approved by the legislature.

Norway has conserved many folklore and storytelling customs with a rich literary tradition. Skating and Skiing are national pastimes.


The Netherlands is a high-income, developed country, and the world’s leading agricultural exporter. Key transportation location plus open market policy helps in maintaining the country’s trade surplus.

The Netherlands has the world's highest concentration of museums. It's the birthplace of the telescope, thermometer, microscope, and Rembrandt. Most citizens reside in Randstad-grouping of cities along the coast, with numerous bridges and bike paths connecting the densely populated country.

The state of the Netherland takes part in United Nations peacekeeping. It’s the headquarters of the International Criminal Court in Hague.


The expansive wilderness to the north of Canada and its reputation for welcoming refugees play an important role in its identity. In Canada, all citizens are encouraged to honor their culture. There's a long list of Canadian artists and writers who have impacted modern art and music.

Canada is a constitutional monarchy, where the head of state is the U.K monarch. Its government follows a British-style parliamentary democracy. Canada is among the high-tech societies in the world with a high living standard. It’s the largest trading partner with the United States.

Whereas the service sector is the main economic driver, Canada is a significant exporter of minerals, energy, and food.

  • Family-friendliness rankings are one of more than a dozen indicators measured in the 2023 edition of US News and World Report's annual Best Countries Rankings.

What is the best country to visit with kids?

Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, Norway, and Canada are all said to be the best countries to visit if you have kids.

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