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United States Allies


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United States Allies 2024

Who are the United States Allies? According to Merriam-Webster, an ally is defined as follows:


1: a sovereign or state associated with another by treaty or league

2: one that is associated with another as a helper: a person or group that provides assistance and support in an ongoing effort, activity, or struggle

United States Allies and NATO

When it comes to the United States Allies, the organization NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), is designed to define precisely which countries are allies of the United States. Here are the current members of NATO along with the year they joined:

There are some allies, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom, for example, that are considerably more powerful than others. When the need arises, however, history has taught us everyone counts and that everyone can help.

The NATO alliance was formed in 1949 and was created to build a network of support and help between countries. NATO has also taken initiatives in acting as the world's policing authority and is often called up for peace-keeping duties. While there is also plenty of critique surrounding NATO, there is no disputing that it has benefited many member countries.

It would be nice if the US didn't need allies, and if all countries could all live together harmoniously, but we all know that isn't reality. That being said, it also begs the question, who are the top enemies and threats to the US?

United States Enemies

Here is a look at the most recent list of who is considered a potential threat or enemy of the United States.

Most of the countries on this list need no introduction, and the current war between Ukraine and Russia are well documented. It also isn't a secret that there is mounting tension between the US and Russia as a result of this conflict.

Allies, yes, they are good to have. That is even more true when you are a country like the United States that has such formidable potential adversaries.

  • As the term "ally" is an unofficial designation, various sources' ideas of what constitutes an ally and what does not could arguably differ from one another.

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Who are the allies of the United States?

The USA’s primary allies are primarily the other 27 countries in NATO, and Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, and the United Kingdom were the first to join.

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