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World War 3 Countries 2024

United States

World War Three will likely set the stage for an increasing conflagration between large global and territorial powers. The United States is deemed very likely to be part of WW3, as it is still recognized as the largest superpower in the world. The reasons for the involvement of the United States will likely be that of a composer, one that will coordinate the efforts of allied powers, or bolster its efforts in the process, much like WW1 and WW2. Of course, the United States and its allies would be labeled the "allied" powers and would set the stage for the conflict, diving a proverbial line through half of the world.

The major reason that the United States would ever be part of WW3 is also its position as a guardian on the world stage. It is both directly and indirectly considered a leader in policing possible turmoil and conflict in many nations. Of course, this has historically been impossible - as countries would often dispute over political disagreements, land disputes, and the conquering of natural resources.


Another country that would be likely to involve itself in WW3 would be Russia. This has not changed since the first great war, as it has never had great relations with the United States. Despite being on the "same" side, the interests of both countries are completely opposed, both geographically and most importantly, politically. Russia and the United States may have come together briefly, but it was only as a way to deter outside threats to their nations, rather than cooperation.

After WW2, relations between the two countries immediately soured and forever split the world between two major ideologies. NATO was primarily created to stop the spread of Russia as a conquering global and territorial power, and the CSTO and other similar organizations have been created in response to this. The common "West vs. The East" mentality has created a hostile environment but has promoted relationships between countries that have otherwise never had the same interests. For example, Russia and China.


A third country that would likely participate in WW3 would be China. The nation has deep historical roots but preserves its large population size and cultural identity by primarily isolating itself from the world and acquiring large land masses. Of course, with the rise of globalization, China has since had to adapt to more wide-ranging policies that involve trade, immigration, and further development. The sheer land mass of China and its adherence to communist standards have found an unlikely partner in Russia, whose interests have never been similar.

Since China's rise to becoming one of the largest superpowers in the world, the Russo-Chinese political and trade alliance has become a major threat to the United States, and western nations as a whole. Much to Russia's disdain, their implication in the ongoing Ukrainian conflict has soured Chinese relations on the proverbial global theater, where China is reluctant to announce any sort of support for their victory. Many nations suspect the Chinese are quietly hoping for a Russian victory in claiming Ukrainian territory, which could make the official annexation of Taiwan more possible.

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World War 3 Chance of Participation
Most Likely Inciding Incident
BruneiSignificantChinese imperialism in South China Sea
ChinaHighImperialistic behavior in South China Sea, territorial dispute with India and/or Pakistan
EgyptSignificantEscalation of tensions with Sudan and/or Ethiopia, which could draw US and/or Russia into the conflict
IndiaHighTerritorial disputes with Pakistan and/or China
IranSignificantInternational tensions over nuclear program, escalation of proxy conflicts in Middle East
JapanHighChinese imperialism in South China Sea
MalaysiaSignificantChinese imperialism in South China Sea
North KoreaHighImperialism, particularly toward South Korea
PakistanSignificantTerritorial disputes with India and/or China
PhilippinesSignificantChinese imperialism in South China Sea
RussiaHighImperialism, escalation of Russo-Ukrainian War
South KoreaHighNorth Korean imperialism
SyriaSignificantConflict with Turkey, escalation of faith-driven conflicts in Middle East, escalation of proxy conflict between US-backed insurgents and Russia/Iran-backed govenrment
TaiwanHighChinese imperialism in South China Sea
TurkeySignificantConflict with Syria, expansion of faith-driven conflicts in Middle East
UkraineHighEscalation of Russo-Ukrainian War
United StatesHighEscalation of Russo-Ukrainian War, conflicts in South China Sea, or tensions in Middle East/Northern Africa
VietnamSignificantChinese imperialism in South China Sea