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Breakfast by Country 2024

Although how a person starts their day from a food intake standpoint is important to many people around the world, the concept of breakfast can vary drastically from one country to the next. Here’s a closer look at some of the differences in how countries from around the world tackle breakfast every day.

Importance of Breakfast as a Meal

In some countries, breakfast is a simple affair, while in others it can be fairly elaborate. The overall importance of eating breakfast in the first place can also differ quite a bit from region to region with some seeing it as critical and others viewing it as totally optional.

For example, in many parts of Asia – such as Japan – people see breakfast as an important cultural tradition, and it frequently includes a variety of different options. However, in many Western nations – including the United States, the United Kingdom, and multiple countries across Europe – very busy people may occasionally consider coffee and toast or a pastry to be more than enough.

Socioeconomic Considerations

Economic constraints, of course, play a role in a country’s approach to food, including specific meals like breakfast. In Western countries like the US or UK where the socioeconomic climate is better developed, breakfast is more likely to be considered an important meal.

However, in poorer nations and world regions with a lower average income, breakfast may be seen as less essential. When prepared and consumed, it’s also more likely to consist of inexpensive, basic components.

Signature Breakfasts Around the World

Breakfasts around the world tend to be iconic and strongly associated with the nation they come from. Naturally, which country has the best, most famous approach to breakfast is a matter of personal opinion and taste. However, popular contenders include the following:

-In England, full English breakfasts consist of bacon, eggs, sausage, toast, and baked beans, plus fried tomatoes and mushrooms -In Japan, asagohan (“morning rice”) can include steamed rice with additions like fish, kelp, eggs, vegetables, or miso soup -In Scandinavian countries like Denmark, breakfast is simple but hearty, frequently consisting of eggs, coffee, and a special type of dense rye bread

-In Venezuela, arepas are bread pockets stuffed with flavorful fillings like cheese, butter, and meat -In Israel, shakshuka – a spicy tomato-based dish – is frequently served with extra components like eggs, cheese, avocado, and sourdough bread

Other factors that may affect how a particular country approaches breakfast include whether globalization has exposed the people there to traditions and products from other countries, government policies (such as breakfast programs for school children), and how nutritionally aware a particular population might be.

  • Not all possible breakfast items for each country are listed.
  • Most breakfasts will not include every food listed for a given country.
  • The United Kingdom entry lists foods that are often included as part of the 'English breakfast' referenced in several other entries.

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Typical Breakfast Foods
AfghanistanKalah pacha | Naan-e roghani | Tokhme banjanromi
AlbaniaBread with condiments | Eggs | Jam or cheese | Milk | Raki in coffee | Seafood | Scone | Tea
AlgeriaCafé au lait or espresso | Sweet pastries (Croissants, Mille-feuilles) | Traditional bread with date filling or jam (Kesra, Bradj)
AngolaEggs | Fruits | Funge
Antigua and BarbudaAvocado | Chop-up | Hard-boiled egg | Plantain | Salt fish flaked into pieces and sautéed with onions and peppers
ArgentinaBombas | Churros | Medialunes
ArmeniaBreads | Cheeses | Eggs | Jams | Jellies | Vegetables
AustraliaBacon | Cereal | Eggs | Hash browns | Mushrooms | Pancake | Sausages | Smashed avo | Tomato | Toast with jam or vegemite | Weet-bix
BangladeshChapati | Roti | Paratha with curry | Rice with curry | Sliced bread with jam | Tea
BrazilBread | Butter | Cakes | Cereal | Cheese | Coffee | Eggs | Fruit juice | Fruits | Ham | Jam | Milk | Pão de queijo | Yogurt
BulgariaButter | Milk or tea | Sirene cheese | Sugar | Warm bread
CanadaBacon | Cereals | Eggs | Fried potatoes | Hot oatmeal | Maple-cured bacon | Maple-infused beans | Pancakes (or French toast) with maple syrup | Pork sausages | Toast
ChinaSweet or salty pancakes | Soup | Youtiao (Deep-fried bread sticks) | Mantou (Buns) | Congee | Noodles | Tea
Costa RicaGallo pinto (rice and beans sautéed with chile, onions, culantro) | Fried egg | Cheese | Fried plantain or cooking plantain
CroatiaPastries | Fermented milk products | Cold cuts (Prosciutto, Ham, Salami) | Fried eggs | Sir i vrhnje | Coffee
CubaCafé con leche | Toasted buttered Cuban bread dunked in coffee | Roasted pork, beans, and white rice | Cuajada sweetened with caramel
Czech RepublicScrambled eggs | Rye bread with unsalted butter
DenmarkButter | Cheeses | Coffee or tea | Danish pastries | Ham | Jam | Rye bread | Soft-boiled eggs
Dominican RepublicBread, butter, cheese | Boiled eggs with "harina de negrito" or other corn starch | Breakfast with vegetables, green or cooking plantain, boiled or mashed (Mangú) | Coffee with milk or hot chocolate | Milk punch (milk, egg, nutmeg, malt)
EgyptCheeses | Fried eggs with pastirma | Ful medames | Taʿamiya (Falafel)
El SalvadorCheese or crema | Fried or scrambled eggs | Fried plantains | Refried beans or casamiento | Sometimes sausage or avocado | Thick Salvadoran-style tortillas
EthiopiaGenfo (barley/wheat/corn porridge with butter and berbere)
FijiBiscuits | Bread | Cereals | Fruits and lemon leaf tea | Leftover fish or meat | Pancakes | Starches like cassava, taro, or rice | Tea | Tea with milk and sugar | Tovoi or babakau (fried dough) | Urban Households:Tea | Vegetable curry with roti
FinlandCoffee or tea | Cold cuts | Fruit | Hard cheese | Oatmeal | Open sandwiches with butter | Sour milk products
FranceCroissant | Croque Madame | Pain Perdu | Quiches | Tartine
GermanyBoiled Eggs | Bread Rolls | Fruit Preserves | Marmalades |
GreeceBread with butter | Coffee or milk | Honey | Marmalade | Savory pastry (Tyropita, Spanakopita, Bougatsa)
GuamChamorro Pork Sausage | Fried Rice and Eggs with Spam
GuatemalaBeans - baked/fried | Eggs - fried, scrambled, or boiled | Fresh cheese | Fresh cream | Fried plantains (or cooking plantain)
HondurasBeans | Bread - homemade w/ butter | Cheese | Coffee | Corn | Eggs | Milk | Plantain - Fried | Tortillas
Hong KongBread | Cha chaan teng | Dim sum | Egg | English and Cantonese style breakfasts | Milk tea | Noodles
HungaryBacon | Beef tongue | Bread rolls (including crescent-shaped kifli) | Butter | Cereal like muesli | Cheese | Coffee | Cold cuts | Cream cheeses | Disznósajt | Eggs (fried, scrambled, or boiled) | French toast (Bundás kenyér) | Fruit | Ham | Honey | Hungarian sausages or kolbász | Jam | Kefir | Körözött | Liver pâté | Milk | Mortadella | Open sandwich with fresh bread or toast | Pastries with different fillings (sweet and savory) | Salami | Strudel | Tea | Toast | Túró cheese | Vegetables (peppers, bell peppers, tomatoes, radishes, scallions, cucumber) | Yogurt
IcelandBlack pudding | Coffee | Oatmeal porridge | Orange juice | Rye bread | Skyr
IndiaAppam | Bisibelebath | Dosa | Idli | Masala dosa | Parotta | Pongal | Poori | Rava idli | Sambar vada | Thayir vadai | Upma | Vada
IndonesiaBread (Roti bakar) | Bubur ayam | Kue (Arem-arem, Bagea, Bahulu, Serabi) | Nasi gurih | Nasi lemak | Nasi liwet | Nasi uduk
IranBlack tea | Butter | Clotted cream | Flatbread (Barbari, Tafton, Sangak, Lavash) | Fruits | Honey | Jam | Nuts | White cheese |
IrelandSimilar to the Full English breakfast | Variations with grilling the protein and using poached eggs
IsraelBaba ghanoush | Bread | Cheeses | Hummus | Israeli salad | Middle Eastern mezze | Scrambled eggs | Spreads | Tehina | Vegetables
ItalyBurro e Marmellata | Cornetto | Fette Biscottate | Pane
JamaicaAckee and saltfish | Boiled green bananas | Fried dumplings | Seasoned callaloo
JapanFish - grilled | Green tea | Japanese pickles | Miso soup | Nori | Raw egg | Steamed white rice |
LatviaLight oat porridge | Open sandwiches with toppings (vegetables, fish, eggs, cheese) |
MalawiCornbread | Porridge | Savory fritters | Sweet black tea | Vegetables - Boiled starchy
MalaysiaFishball noodles | Half-boiled eggs | Kaya toast | Kopi | Laksa | Nasi dagang | Nasi lemak | Roti canai/prata | Teh tarik
MaltaCereal with milk | Coffee | Tea
MexicoAtole | Barbacoa | Birria | Carnitas | Chilaquiles | Enchiladas | Entomatadas | Huevos a la mexicana | Huevos rancheros | Menudo (soup) | Molletes | Pambazo | Quesadillas | Tamales | Tlayuda
MoroccoBread | Crepes | Harcha | Msemen | Olive oil | Tea |
MyanmarChapati | Htamin jaw (Fried rice with boiled peas) | Mohinga | Nan bya | Yei nway jan (Green tea)
NetherlandsChocolate flakes | Chocolate spread | Chocolate sprinkles | Eggs - fried or boiled | Raisin bread | Sliced bread with butter or margarine | Toppings (cheese, cured and sliced meats, sweet or semi-sweet products, chocolate toppings)
New ZealandPorridge in winter | Processed breakfast cereals | Similar to English breakfast. May include steak. Various egg dishes, beans, beef, or avocado on toast, sweetcorn fritters, pancakes. | Toast with butter, margarine, preserves, or eggs
NicaraguaCheese | Corn tortillas | Eggs | Gallo pinto (red beans and rice) | Nacatamales (corn mass with rice, potatoes, pork or chicken, onions, wrapped in plantain leaves) on Sundays. | Sweet plantains
NigeriaAcarajé (Akara) | Funkaso | Gari (Cassava root) | Kosai | Moi moi | Ògì (Corn porridge)
NorwayCheese (Jarlsberg, Norvegia, brunost) | Cold cuts | Jam | Leverpostei | Mackerel in tomato sauce | Open sandwiches (smørbrød) | Whole wheat bread
PakistanHalwa poori | Kulcha | Nihari | Omelette | Paratha | Siri paya
PanamaBollo" (corn, white corn, or coconut wrapped in corn leaves) | Corn tortillas | Heavy breakfast with black coffee (tinto or pintado). Sides include corn tortillas, traditional white cheese, "torrejas" (wheat flour pancakes)
PhilippinesEggs - fried | Pandesal | Rice - fried | Silog combinations (Longsilog, Tapsilog, Tocilog) | Tapa | Tocino | Tuyo (Dried fish)
PolandEggs (soft-boiled or scrambled) | Jam | Oatmeal - hot | Polish sausage | Sides eaten with bread or toast (various cold cuts, meat spreads, Polish sausage, tomatoes, cheese, sliced pickles) | Twaróg (Polish cheese) |
PortugalPasteis de Nata (egg custard tarts) | Um Galao (milky coffee drinks) | Uma Mei de Leite
Puerto RicoAmerican-influenced staples such as pancakes, waffles, bacon, English muffins, yogurt with fruit and nuts, French toast, eggs, and steak | Crêpes | Cremas | Hot chocolate | Jibarita | Pan de Agua | Puerto Rican specialties include Jibarita, Crêpes, Pan de Agua, Revoltillo (scrambled eggs with local ingredients), Sorullos (sweet corn fritters), and various drinks like Cremas, Punche de Malta, and hot chocolate | Punche de Malta | Revoltillo (scrambled eggs with local ingredients) | Sorullos (sweet corn fritters) | Various drinks like Cremas, Punche de Malta, and hot chocolate
RomaniaBread - toasted, with butter or margarine | Cheese | Coffee | Cured meats | Fruit jams or preserves | Honey | Liver pâté | Milk | Salami | Tea
RussiaKashas or porridges (buckwheat, oat) | Open sandwiches (buterbrod) with cold cuts and cheeses | Pancakes (blini) | Cheese pancakes (sirniki)
SenegalBaguette with spreads (Butter, Cheese, Chocoleca) | Beignets | Café Touba | Fresh fruit | Spiced coffee
SerbiaBakery products (kiflice, paštete, projarice, pogačica) | Eggs (omelet, scrambled or boiled) | Canned fish | Eggs (omelet, scrambled, or boiled) | Fried mushrooms | Open sandwiches with prosciutto, ham, bacon, salami, feta cheese, Serbian traditional cheese | Salad with sour cream or mayonnaise
SingaporeBoiled eggs | Kaya toast | Roti Prata | Tea
SomaliaBeef jerky | Canjeero (Pancake-like bread) | Ghee | Honey | Lahoh | Tea (Shaah)
South AfricaKoesisters (doughnuts) | Maize porridge | Museli rusk
South KoreaBanchan (Side dishes) | Broth | Fish or beef | Rice and soup dishes | Stew or porridge
SpainBiscuits or toasts with various toppings (butter, jam, jamón serrano, olive oil, pâté, salt, sobrasada, tomato) | Buns | Chocolate con churros | Coffee with milk or Cola Cao | Galletas | Magdalenas | Orange juice
SwedenCheese | Cold cuts | Coffee | Cottage cheese | Cream cheese | Eggs (scrambled or boiled) | Hot chocolate | Juices | Open sandwich of soft or crisp bread | Pâté | Smörgåskaviar | Tea | Toast with marmalade or honey
SwitzerlandBirchermüesli | Muesli | Sunday mornings and New Year's Day tradition | Zopf
TaiwanBubble tea | Danbing | Eel noodles | Milkfish congee | Scallion pancake | Shaobing | Turnip cake | Youtiao
ThailandKhao Tom (boiled rice and egg with various toppings)
TunisiaLablabi (Breakfast stew)
TurkeyBeyaz peynir | Börek | Bread | Butter | Cheese (beyaz peynir, kaşar, etc.) | Cucumbers | Eggs | Honey | Jam | Kaşar | Kaymak | Lentil soup | Olives | Pastırma | Poğaça | Simit | Soups (chicken broth, lentil soup, tarhana soup) | Sucuk | Tarhana soup | Tomatoes | Turkish coffee
UgandaGari | Katogo (Matoke with sauce) | Porridge | Tea or juice
UkraineSyrniki Pancakes (tvorog/ricotta cheese)
United KingdomBacon | Baked beans | Black pudding or white pudding | Bubble and squeak (a side made from potatoes and cabbage) | Fried bread | Fried, scrambled, or poached eggs | Mushrooms | Sausages | Toast | Tomatoes |
United StatesBacon | Bagels | Biscuits | Biscuits and gravy | Cereal with milk | Breakfast sandwiches and burritos | Coffee | Doughnuts or pastries | Eggs | French Toast Fruit | Fruit juices (especially orange juice) | Granola bars | Grits | Ham Milk (plain or flavored, like chocolate) | Oatmeal - hot | Pancakes | Preserved meats | Sausages | Tea | Toast | Waffles |
UruguayAmerican-style breakfast with cereal, milk, or yogurt | Cheese | Chocolate milk | Coffee | Mate (herbal tea) served with torta frita |
VenezuelaEmpanada (fried pastry with wheat flour)
VietnamPho | Trứng Vịt Lộn (boiled duck embryo) | Xoi (sticky rice)
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Which country has the most famous breakfast?

Travelers can find Arepas in Venezuela, which are filled with butter and salty cheese, along with an assortment of meats. Some consider Arepas the best breakfast out there.

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