Coal Reserves by Country 2023

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North America (256.734 Billion Tons Total)

In North America, the United States has the most reserve, equaling about 23.2% of the total tons held by North America by the end of 2020. Both Mexico and Canada only have less than one percent of the supply. They possibly could rely less on natural gas or petrol fuel if they had to in spite of the Ukraine War.

South and Central American (13.689 Billion Tons Total)

South and Central America, including Brazil, Columbia and Venezuela, only have 1.3% of the total coal supply in the world. Brazil has the most, but it’s still less than 1%. This country might not cope well without natural gas, but some areas of the continent hardly have steady utility power to begin with.

Europe (137.240 Billion Tons Total)

A dozen countries plus others not mentioned have about 12.8% of the world’s coal supply in reserve. Ukraine has the most at 3.2% and Turkey has the second most at 1.1%.

Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Spain all have less than 1% of the supply or just a trace. The subject of increased demand for coal has come up worldwide both pertaining to the Ukraine war and demand for natural gas caused shortages after 2020 continuing on into 2022.

Commonwealth of Independent States (190.655 Billion Tons)

The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) has at least 10 of the former Soviet states associated with it, nine of which are members. The Russian Federation, which is a part of CIS has 15.1% of this region’s total coal reserve. Kazakhstan has 2.4%, and this area makes up 17.8% of coal ownership in the world.

Middle East and Africa (16.040 Billion Tons)

Middle East and Africa, including Zimbabwe, South Africa and most of the Middle East only have 1.5% of the reserve. Middle Eastern countries, including Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Syria, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Pakistan started making plans to build coal plants.

Constructions in some areas already started in 2018. Demand for coal around the world is increasing as gas prices continue to soar, and natural gas shortages continue by 2022.

Asia and Pacific Island Countries (459.750 Billion Tons)

This region has 42.8% of the world’s total coal supply. This data includes Oceanic countries such as Australia, which has 14.0%. New Zealand, on the other hand, has only less than 1%. China has 13.3%, India has 10.3% and Indonesia has 3.2%. Japan, Mongolia, Pakistan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and other countries not listed have less than 1% each of the world’s total coal reserve.

Coal Reserves by Country 2023

Coal Reserves by Country 2023