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Google Pay Countries / List of Google Pay Countries 2024

Apple was the first company to bring a digital wallet to the world in 2014, but Google was not far behind. It was 2015 when Google created its own product for its billions of users. That was Google Pay. The concept of Google Pay is that you put your credit card information onto a digital system, and use a device to make your purchases instead of your actual physical card.

It has become a billion-dollar industry, with the number of transactions going up in the billions by the year. Still, not every country has Google Pay available.

Google Pay Countries List

There are times, such as in times of war and world conflict, when systems like Google Pay will not be available to certain countries. During the Ukraine and Russian war that began on February 27, 2021, both Google Pay and Apple Pay were banned in Ukraine and Russia until further notice due to bank sanctions.

How Google Pay Stays Secure

Google Pay uses advanced near-field communication technology to keep personal information secure. Instead of having a credit card chip and PIN, customers show merchants the code on their device, and the funds are automatically debited from the cards they have uploaded to Pay.

In most cases, two-factor authentication is required to complete the transaction, to verify someone made the choice to make the purchase. That can also include Touch ID or fingerprint ID. A passcode can also be used to complete the transaction.

When the two-factor authentication is complete, instead of sending the customer’s account information, Google translates that information into a virtual account number called a Funding Primary Account Number or FPAN so that the data stays secure.

It is not any different than paying cash for something, which would be done anonymously. Customers don’t leave their personal information with a twenty-dollar bill when they pay for something. Google Pay uses their encryption to make paying digitally completely private, and completely secure. Customers are required to have a screen lock or display lock on their device in order to use the system.

  • As of June 2023, Google Wallet is available in 66 countries worldwide for both Android & Wear OS

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Which countries have Google Pay?

Thirty countries worldwide use Google Pay. These nations have regular access to this service unless bank sanctions due to war stop the service, as happened in Russia and Ukraine.

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