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Martial Arts by Country 2024

Martial arts is one of the oldest practices recorded in the pages of human history. While different martial arts started because of different reasons, today the popularity and revenue from martial arts are centered around competition. Even in the world of movies, entertainment, and video games, martial arts has made waves.

The sensation of martial arts is hardly a new thing too. In the US, martial arts stars like Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris were filling seats as their movies were selling out theaters in the Seventies. In the Eighties, martial arts become something of a phenomenon in games like Mortal Kombat (which also later found the big screen).

No, martial arts isn't a new thing, but it is a continually growing art form that covers many styles and practices. That also involves more than a few countries that lay claim to many of these martial arts styles. While some countries like Brazil and Japan are almost synonymous with martial arts, other countries such as the Netherlands (home of kickboxing) are less tightly tied to the martial arts world.

Martial arts by country of origin are listed below, but all types of martial arts are used and practiced around the globe today. From forums such as the UFC and other mixed martial arts competition platforms, martial arts has been showcased to the world. And the world responded with applause and a thirst for more.

While some of these art forms cross over and may even share some rights of origin, these are the traditionally recognized countries of origin for each style and form of martial arts. In one case, Brazilian Jujitsu, the style was even embedded into the name of the practice.

Although it is interesting to see martial arts by country of origin, it is, and has always been, the style and form of martial arts that captivates and compels us to join, support, or watch - regardless of where you live.

  • Table displays martial arts according to the country in which they originated. Most martial arts are widely practiced in multiple countries, and many are practiced all over the world.

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Martial Arts
BangladeshBangladeshi martial arts | Butthan
BarbadosBajan stick-licking
BrazilBrazilian jiu-jitsu | Capoeira | Huka-huka | Knife Fight - Esgrima Crioula | Luta Livre | Vale Tudo
CambodiaBokator | Pradal serey
CanadaDefendo | SPEAR System | Wen-Do
ChinaChinese martial arts | Shaolin Kung Fu | Baguazhang | Tai chi | Bajiquan | Wing Chun | Shuai Jiao | Choy Gar | Fut Gar
ColombiaColombian grima
CubaJuego de maní
FinlandHokutoryu Ju-Jutsu
FranceCanne de combat | French school of fencing | Gouren | Qwan Ki Do | Savate
GermanyGerman school of fencing | Ringen | Unifight | German Ju-Jutsu
GreeceAncient Greek boxing | Greek wrestling | Pankration
HaitiTire machèt
IndiaIndian martial arts | Mardani khel | Malla-yuddha | Kalaripayattu | Vajra-mushti | Adimurai | Gatka
IndonesiaIndonesian martial arts | Pencak silat | Tarung Derajat
IrelandIrish martial arts
IsraelKapap | Krav Maga
ItalyItalian martial arts
JapanJapanese martial arts | Aikido | Judo | Ninjutsu | Kenjutsu | Karate | Sojutsu | Naginatajutsu | Bojutsu | Okinawan kobudo | Iaido | Kusarigamajutsu | Kendo | Kyudo | Tessenjutsu | Shurikenjutsu | Bajutsu | Jujutsu | Taidō | Kūdō
LaosMuay Lao
MongoliaMongolian wrestling
MyanmarLethwei | Bando | Banshay | Naban | Pongyi thaing
New ZealandMau rākau
PhilippinesFilipino martial arts | Yaw-Yan
RussiaRussian martial arts | Sambo | Systema
SenegalLutte Traditionnelle | Senegalese wrestling
SerbiaReal Aikido
South AfricaNguni stick-fighting
South KoreaKorean martial arts Ssireum Hwa Rang Do Kuk Sool Won Taekkyon Tae kwon do Hap ki do
SpainLeonese wrestling Lucha Canaria
Sri LankaAngampora
SudanNuba fighting
ThailandKrabi–krabong | Lerdrit | Muay boran | Muay Thai | Silat Pattani |
TurkeyMatrak | Turkish oil wrestling | Sayokan
UkraineCombat Hopak
United KingdomBare-knuckle boxing | Bartitsu | Catch wrestling | Combat pistol shooting | Cornish wrestling | Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling | Defendu | Devon wrestling | English Longsword School | Historical fencing in Scotland | Lancashire wrestling | Suffrajitsu | Singlestick | Shin-kicking | Scottish backhold |
United StatesAmerican Kenpo | Chulukua | Collegiate wrestling | Combatives | Emerson Combat Systems | Gouging (fighting style) | Jeet Kune Do | Jailhouse rock (fighting style) | LINE (combat system) | Marine Corps Martial Arts Program | Model Mugging | Shootfighting | Special Combat Aggressive Reactionary System | 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu | World War II combatives
VietnamVietnamese martial arts | Võ Bình Định | Nhất Nam
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Which country is best at martial arts?

Martial arts is a global phenomenon with unique martial arts in various countries. Therefore, no single nation excels at martial arts because the category is too broad.

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