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Skiing Countries / Countries with the Best Skiing 2024

United States

When it comes to skiing countries, the United States has some of the best powder around. Both Colorado and Utah have a range of ski resorts to choose from, including Vail, Breckenridge, Park City, Snowmass, and Alta. Further, Wyoming, Idaho, California, and New Mexico all have some fantastic opportunities for skiing. Ranging from beginner trails to expert terrain, skiing in the western states offers light powder snow and massive snowfalls every year. Along the eastern coast, there are several skiing opportunities, including Gore, Killington, and Stowe rank at the top of the list.


Based in the Alps mountain region, Switzerland is home to some world-class ski resorts. Explore skiing at Zermatt, Verbier, Saint Moritz, and Gstaad. Many of the ski resorts in Switzerland will intersect with other countries, making skiing here a unique experience. The mountains in this part of the world are incredibly challenging, but some beginner courses also exist.


France boasts several top ski resorts that are centered around the Alps. Some of the best skiing in France include Chamonix, Tignes, and Les Gets. Some of the most challenging skiing trails in the world exist at Chamonix, which is a central hub for professional skiers worldwide.


Several ski competitions are held in Austria every year, largely due to this country's incredible ski terrain. Some of the best ski resorts in Austria include Saint Anton, Kitzbuhel, Soelden, and Mayrhofen. International competitions are the norm in Austria, and expect to find terrain that varies from very beginner trails to extremely advanced courses for experts.


At the high elevations in Japan, ski enthusiasts can find some excellent terrain. Some of the most famous ski resorts in Japan include Niseko, Naeba, and Furano ski resorts. The snow in Japan is incredibly light, similar to the powder the United States sees in the western states. Many world-class skiers will frequent Japan to visit these stunning mountains with fantastic ski conditions.


In the chilly north, Canada has some of the best and largest spans of ski terrain. Whistler, in British Columbia, is one of the largest areas for skiing. This location features millions of worldwide visitors every year and has hosted the Winter Olympics. Other ski resorts in Canada include Revelstoke and Banff, which offer amazing views and fantastic skiing.


Close to Austria and Switzerland, Germany shares much of the same terrain, making skiing conditions particularly nice in this area. Top ski resorts include Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Winterberg, and Oberstdorf. Expect a varied landscape that is well suited for beginners and expert skiers alike.


Although located south of the equator, Chile offers some prime skiing opportunities at higher elevations. Many professional skiers will visit this area during the summer to train for the upcoming ski season in the winter. Some of the best resorts in Chile to ski include Portillo, Santiago, and Pucon. Expect to find fantastic ski conditions that are similar to skiing located in western European countries.

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Which country is best for skiing?

Several countries have world-class ski resorts available, including Andorra, Austria, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, Switzerland and United States.

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