Military refers to the armed forces of a country and their role in protecting national security and interests. This category includes metrics such as military spending, troop strength, equipment and technology, and readiness for combat. It also includes military alliances, foreign military presence, and history of conflict.


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Aircraft Carriers by Country
Countries Currently at War / Countries at WarList of countries currently engaged in armed conflict with one another or, in the case of civil wars, with non-government forces within their own borders.
Countries Obama BombedA complete list of countries bombed by the United States during President Barack Obama's two terms in office.
Countries that Recognize the Armenian GenocideList of countries that recognize and acknowledge the Armenian Genocide, which took place in the Ottoman Empire during World War I and wiped out more than 1 million Armenians.
Countries with Mandatory Military ServiceDetails about countries that require their citizens to serve in the military.
Countries with Nuclear Weapons
Countries Without a Military
Defense Spending by Country
DFARS CountriesList of countries currently compliant with DFARS (Defense Regulation Acquisition Supplement) cybersecurity regulations, which clears them to act as subcontractors for the United States Department of Defense.
ISIS Recruits by CountryData on which countries provide the most recruits to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), alternately called ISIL, Daesh, Daish, or simply the Islamic State.
Largest Air Forces in the World
Largest Navies in the World
Military Satellites by CountryData on the number of military satellites each country has sent into orbit, including details on which country has the most military satellites and which country launched the first military satellite.
Military Size by Country
Military Spending by Country
Military Uniform by CountryDetailed descriptions of the military dress uniforms of various countries, including the kilt-wearing Scottish military and the Swiss Guard, which handles security for Vatican City / Holy See.
Missle Defense Systems by Country
Most Powerful CountriesAnalysis of the most powerful countries around the world, based on various factors such as military strength, economic influence, and diplomatic power.
NATO CountriesList of countries who are members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), we well as the next countries that are planning to join NATO in the near or distant future.
Nuclear Weapons by Country
Number of Heliports by Country
Overseas Military Bases by Country
Submarines by Country
Tanks by Country
UN Peacekeepers by CountryInformation on the number of United Nations peacekeepers contributed to UN forces by various countries. Includes data on the largest UN peacekeeping operation to date.
US Troop Presence by CountryData on the countries in which US troops have been deployed, as well as which foreign countries have the most US troops.
What Countries has ISIS Attacked as of ?Details on countries that have been attacked by the terrorist group ISIS/ISIL in recent years.
Which Countries have Hypersonic Missiles in ?Details on the countries whose military arsenals include hypersonic missiles. Includes analysis of the purpose of hypersonic missiles and the advantages of hypersonic missiles.
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