UN Peacekeepers by Country 2023

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What Do UN Peacekeepers Do?

As the name suggests, peacekeepers from the United Nations are responsible for keeping the peace. In a lot of situations, peacekeepers are responsible for enforcing treaties that countries may have signed to bring an end to an armed conflict. In modern militaries, most people wear uniforms that are designed to blend in with the background. That is not the case with the United Nations peacekeepers, as they want to be spotted and immediately recognized as peacekeepers. That way, they are not mistakenly fired upon by soldiers. United Nations peacekeepers are also responsible for protecting civilians, particularly if there's an armed conflict happening in the local area.

Which Country Has Contributed the Highest Number of United Nations Peacekeepers?

Overall, Pakistan has contributed the highest number of United Nations peacekeepers, contributing more than 8,000 people to the cause. This is followed closely by Bangladesh and India, both of whom have contributed just under 8,000 peacekeepers. Other countries that have contributed a lot of peacekeepers are mostly from Africa. Examples include Ethiopia, Rwanda, Nigeria, Nepal, Ghana, and Egypt. All of these countries have contributed several thousand peacekeepers to the cause.

It is not surprising to see a lot of African nations contributing peacekeepers to the United Nations, as there are a lot of armed conflicts that have broken out in Africa. Therefore, many of the countries in Africa are interested in contributing peacekeepers in an effort to stop violence on the continent.

Does the United States Contribute Peacekeepers?

Yes, the United States does contribute peacekeepers. As the unofficial leader of the United Nations, the United States plays a significant role in orchestrating peacekeeping operations all over the world. On the other hand, the United States has only contributed a few dozen peacekeepers. People coming from the United States are often required to have at least five years of professional law enforcement experience before they are allowed to join peacekeeping operations. The bar is also relatively high because the United States often contributes armed personnel to various conflicts around the world. Therefore, the United States is hesitant to contribute peacekeepers because it can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference between someone who has joined as a peacekeeper and someone who has joined as a soldier.

What Is the Largest United Nations Peacekeeping Operation in History?

By far, the largest United Nations peacekeeping operation in history took place in South Sudan. More than 15,000 military personnel were contributed by the United Nations to this operation in an effort to protect the sovereignty of an independent South Sudan. African countries have sprung up all over the place after European countries left the area, and borders were fuzzy. As a result, numerous armed conflicts broke out, with one of the biggest ones taking place in South Sudan. This turned out to be a bloody war that ended in a rocky peace resolution. The United Nations went in to try to enforce the peace treaty that had been signed.

UN Peacekeepers by Country 2023

UN Peacekeepers by Country 2023