Military Uniform by Country 2023

Scotland's military uniforms are as Scottish as one would expect, with a full kilt in military dress. This is a very distinct plaid pattern for the kilt. For battle, the Scots would wear camouflage and khaki or tan, depending on their battalion and the service they are in.

Scotland is home to approximately 10 thousand troops in total, with some regular and others reserves. These services work to support the United Kingdom military missions in the UK. Additionally, the British Army has a little home in Scotland's defense and would wear the same thing. English military dress includes wide-legged trousers with a sharp red stripe and a white belt, with a snappy beret.

Brazil Military Uniforms

When you compare military uniforms by country, Brazil's military uniforms in dress are very similar to many others. The uniform is dark for both the coat and the pants, and both pieces have white accents on the belt and stripes on the legs. This is matched by white gloves, and the coat is put together with white buttons.

The headgear for the Brazilian military uniform is fez-style, with a bright blue and yellow plume on the top. The headgear is black with gold across the front. In combat, the Brazilian army wears traditional camouflage.

Vatican City Military Uniforms

The Vatican City Swiss Guard has a very flamboyant dress gear for its military uniforms, and perhaps the most flamboyant when comparing military uniforms by country. Here, the service members wear blue and gold pantaloon-style trousers with matching socks. The breast and arms are in full armour, with historical-style knight adornment in the sleeves of the same yellow and gold.

The headgear is a full armored hat with a spray of red plumage along the top like a traditional knight would wear in the army. Service members would wear attire such as this for days such as their swearing-in.

Iran Stands Out

Even with their military wear, Iran is a country that stands out. In its military dress, Iran is wearing blue and white camouflage on the battle. The uniform is blue camouflage with white underneath. The white is a long-sleeved white shirt and white gloves. The combat uniform comes with a blue and white camouflage hat.

The dress uniform is almost as blue, but a darker blue that is almost azure. The blue dress is accented by gold and white with captain-style hats and gold trim.

Which country has the best military uniform?

Scotland has one of the most unique military uniforms, a full kilt, making soldiers stand out in their plaid dress uniforms. Battle uniforms adopt a more practical camouflage color.

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