Best Places to Retire in Arizona 2024

The state of Arizona is just as beautiful and charming as other retirement hubs, such as Colorado. However, the cost of living is significantly cheaper, and you are still going to be able to enjoy some amazing local nature. The Grand Canyon State is home to some fascinating desert landscapes, and it is possible to buy large homes for a song! It’s amazing to see just how much bang for your buck you can get by living here, and the possibilities are truly endless. Another thing that makes retirement in Arizona quite awesome is the fact that it suits the needs and pace of different people. Not all retirees want to sit in their front yard all day long! If you are not the kind of homebody who just likes to relax in your home and surroundings, you’d be delighted to enjoy what this amazing state has to offer. You can take frequent excursions in the beautiful natural parks (which are plentiful in this state), and you can also make the most out of the charming and pleasant social life in some of the cities mentioned below. Without further ado, let us dive in! Keep reading to learn more about the ten best places where to spend your retirement in Arizona!

1) Douglas

Douglas is a bit of a busier town, but it doesn’t feel chaotic or hectic. Instead, this is a charming historic city, with many beautiful buildings. If you are a history buff and love architecture, you’ll love to spend your days strolling through the beautiful streets of Douglas! The climate is pretty pleasant as well, with low rates of humidity, and it is not even too arid! If you are a lover of nature and wildlife, you’d be delighted to know that Douglas is actually not too far from the charming San Bernardino Wildlife Refuge, as well as the breathtaking Leslie Canyon, another stunning National Wildlife Refuge that is going to make you feel like you’re back in the old west!

2) Somerton

Many retirees who dream of beach-side life often choose California or Florida. However, one of the most obvious downsides is that those places are usually super crowded! Somerton is an amazing alternative because it offers the same kind of beautiful natural benefits but in a more desert-like setting that is just as stunning, warm, and welcoming, minus the crazy humidity and alligators!

3) San Luis

San Luis is a small yet lively town along the mighty Rio Grande river. It is not too far from Yuma, and it is a great place for nature lovers since it is near a popular camping site, Lake Martinez. It’s a perfect retirement place if you do enjoy day trips and adventures in nature!

4) Nogales

Nogales is a suburb of Tucson, which means that it has something to offer in terms of being a rather relaxed residential hub in close proximity to one of the largest cities of the state. Home value is a bit higher, but so is the quality of life in this amazing area. In conclusion, Nogales is a great community that combines close proximity with some lively urban areas, but it is still quite relaxed, offering a nice pace and an opportunity to tailor your lifestyle according to your personal preferences and needs. It really doesn’t get any better than this.

5) Bullhead City

If you are a fan of waterfront housing, this is the place where you should consider retiring! Bullhead City has a charming, old-fashioned style, and it is traditionally beautiful yet active and fun. As far as nature goes, this is definitely one of the most appealing destinations on this particular list, and it is not surprising to see that Bullhead City is starting to attract more visitors as well!

6) Kingman

If you still love to stay active and be involved in the community, Kingman is a great place to consider if you are looking to retire in Arizona. The crime rates are fairly low, and the local culture is very colorful, diverse, and fun, combining historical buildings and heritage sites with a modern approach to life.

7) Yuma

This city is rather popular among retirees because it has relatively affordable housing opportunities, yet is also a rather active town, which is perfect for those people who love to stay engaged socially, go out and enjoy what the community has to offer.

8) Apache Junction

Apache Junction is an amazing place for any retiree who wants to be in close touch with nature. If you like to stay active and revel in the beautiful desert landscapes, this is an amazing choice. Hike, enjoy strolling through the mountain trails, and marvel at the striking sunset that blesses this town at dusk all year long.

9) Coolidge

This is desert heaven, a town located in a very private, quiet, and relaxing environment that’s perfect to start a new, chilled-out life as a retiree! If you like to relax, this place is going to be absolutely perfect for you. However, this is also a great retirement destination for those people who love to stay active and spend a lot of time outdoors. In addition to that, the cost of homes is relatively low, with values in the 90-95 thousand dollar range.

10) Eloy

Eloy is an amazing place to retire if you want to enjoy the benefit of being able to purchase or rent a relatively large home without spending too much money. In fact, the average value of homes there is roughly 80-85 thousand dollars, and there is a relatively low crime rate. If this wasn’t enough, Eloy is not too far from some of the best natural landmarks in the state of Arizona. The climate is quite amazing, too, showcasing really low levels of humidity. As you know, high humidity is not great for your health, so this place has a perfect climate for any retirement age individual!

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Best Places to Retire in Arizona 2024