Cloudiest Cities in the Us 2024

What is the Cloudiest City in the United States?

Some cities in the United States are significantly cloudier than others, and the cloudiest city in the United States is Anchorage, which is located in Alaska. Of all the major cities in the United States, this one is certainly the cloudiest. On average, it has close to 240 cloudy days every year. As a result, it has also been labeled as one of the gloomiest cities in the United States. Because of the number of cloudy days, the city of Anchorage spends approximately two-thirds of every year under the clouds. While it can get sunnier during the summer, it is exquisitely dark during the winter.

What Is the Cloudiest City in the Lower 48?

Anchorage is the cloudiest city in the United States, but there are also cities in the Lower 48 that are relatively cloudy. One example is Portland, Oregon. Given that the Pacific Northwest is known for its frequent rainfall, it should come as no surprise that there are a lot of cloudy days in the area. On average, Portland spends approximately 222 days under the clouds, making it the cloudiest city in the Lower 48. While it might sound a bit gloomy, many people who live in Portland like the rainy, cloudy weather. Therefore, if you enjoy a limited amount of sunshine, you might be interested in moving to Portland.

What Is the Sunniest City in the USA?

Just as there are plenty of cities in the United States that are cloudy, there are also lots of cities in the United States that are sunny. Arguably, the sunniest city in the United States is Phoenix, Arizona. Phoenix only has approximately 70 days of clouds every year. The rest of the time, Phoenix is baked in the sunshine. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Phoenix also has very hot weather. While Phoenix has dry heat, the heat can get oppressive. Therefore, there is definitely a balance between cloudy days and sunny days. Some of the other cities in the United States that have lots of sunshine include El Paso, Las Vegas, and Long Beach.

Does Weather Relate To Mental Health?

There are a lot of people who are concerned about the weather because they believe it will have an impact on their mental health. Indeed, the weather can have a direct impact on your mental health, but it can impact different people in different ways. For example, there are some people who like living in the clouds, while other people enjoy the sunshine. There are some parts of the world that have dramatic shifts in terms of the number of daylight hours during the year. This is particularly true for cities that are closer to the poles. If there is a limited amount of sunshine outside, it can cause people to develop mental health issues; however, this is something that is best addressed on an individualized basis. Weather and mental health can go together.