Whitest Cities in America 2022

“White” is a racial classification used often exclusively for people of European descent but recently also encompasses persons of Middle Eastern and North African descent. White people are defined by their light skin among other physical characteristics, contrasting with “people of color.”

The concept of being white resonates in racially diverse countries with large majority or minority populations of European ancestry, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Whiteness has various social constructs that are significant to national identity, religion, white privilege, affirmative action, racial segregation, and public policy.

White Americans comprise about 76.5% of the United States population, according to the US Census. White Americans include both white Hispanics and non-Hispanic whites; the former have Spanish, Hispanic, or Latin American descent and the latter do not have Hispanophone ancestry. Non-Hispanic whites total about 60.4% of the population.

The ten whitest cities in the United States, including white Hispanics, are:

  1. Hialeah, FL (92.6%)
  2. Lincoln, NE (88%)
  3. Boise, ID (87.9%)
  4. Gilbert, AZ (87.9%)
  5. Laredo, TX (87.7%)
  6. Spokane, WA (85.3%)
  7. Corpus Christi, TX (80.9%)
  8. El Paso, TX (80.8%)
  9. Scottsdale, AZ (80.1%)
  10. Madison, WI (78.8%)

Colorado Springs, Colorado (78.8%); Denver, Colorado (68.9%); and Seattle, Washington (68.63%) are runner-ups on the list.

Hialeah, Florida is the whitest city in the United States with 92.6% of its population identifying as White. The non-Hispanic white population, however, is only 2.57%.

By 2045, the United States will become minority white according to the Census. The share of the white race will likely fall below 50% in the next 25 years, following the falling trend since the 1950s.

Whitest Cities in America 2022 by Population 2022