Sunniest Cities in the United States 2024

Does The United States Get a Lot of Sunshine?

There are lots of people who love living in an area that gets a lot of sunshine. There are even some people who say that living in an area with a lot of sunshine can stave off depression. After all, sunshine is one of the factors that drives seasonal depression across the world. If you are looking for a place with a lot of sunshine, the United States is a great place to live, as the country does receive a lot of sunshine during the course of the year; however, because the country is so large, some areas of the country receive more sunshine than others. In general, the West Coast receives a lot of sunshine, while the Northeast tends to have more cloudy weather.

What is the Sunniest City in the USA?

The sunniest city in the United States is Yuma, Arizona, which is located in the desert Southwest. This is an area of the country that does not receive a lot of rain at all, but Yuma might be the sunniest city of them all. On average, the city gets more than 330 days of sunshine per year. There are a few other cities in AZ that can be found on this list as well. For example, Phoenix and Tucson both receive sun more than 85 percent of the time. If you are someone who likes a lot of sunshine, these might be the best cities in which to live.

What Is the Sunniest City on the West Coast?

It should come as no surprise that California gets a lot of sunshine as well. In particular, Southern California rarely gets any rain. Two cities in California that get a lot of sunshine during the year are Redding, CA, and Fresno, CA. Redding gets sunshine approximately 88 percent of the year, while Fresno gets sunshine approximately 79 percent of the year. Some of the biggest cities in California also receive sunshine the vast majority of the time. For example, Los Angeles also gets a lot of sun during the course of the year. California gets so much sun that the state is actually dealing with a severe drought.

What Is the Sunniest City on the East Coast?

Even though a lot of people associate the desert climate of the western United States with sunshine, there are some cities on the east coast that get a lot of sun as well. For example, Florida receives a lot of sun during the course of the year because of its tropical climate. It is called the Sunshine State for a reason. For example, Fort Lauderdale is known for the tremendous amount of sun it gets during the course of the year. Fort Myers is another city in Florida that gets a lot of sun during the year. Even though these are also cities that get quite a bit of rain, when it isn't raining outside, it is generally very sunny.