Safest Cities in America 2024

According to the Global Peace Index, the United States ranks 128 on the list of safest countries. One of the factors to determine these rankings is the rate of violent crimes.

The media especially can make living the United States feel very unsafe, as stories involving violence are often given the most attention. Many parts of the United States, are experiencing lower violent crime rates than they were in the past couple of decades. According to the FBI, the nation’s violent and property crime rates fell between 2016 and 2017. Violent crime has dropped 49% between 1993 and 2017.

When deciding where to relocate, safety is a large concern, especially for families.

Safe cities and neighborhoods have some common characteristics. Safe cities typically have successful economies, good school systems, neighborhood watch programs, well-maintained homes and housing, and social engagements.

Safewise ranked the 100 safest cities in the United States based on their property crime and violent crime rates. After compiling the top 100, multiple trends can be seen in the list. A large part of the nation’s 100 safest cities are located in the northeast with New Jersey having 30 cities make the list. Additionally, 42 cities on the list had populations less than 20,000 and 59% of the safest cities have a median income of over $100,000.

The ten safest cities in the US are:

  1. Hopkinton, MA
  2. Ridgefield, CT
  3. Madison, CT
4. Harrison Town, NY 5. Bernards Township, NJ 6. Norton, MA
7. Broadview Heights, OH 8. Denville Township, NJ 9. Pequannock Township, NJ
10. Bergenfield, NJ

The top three cities, Hopkinton, Massachusetts; Ridgefield, Connecticut; and Madison, Connecticut all have violent crime rates of 0 per 1000 people. All three cities are located in the northeast and have median incomes above $100,000.

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Safest Cities in America 2024