Snowfall Totals by City 2024

What City in the United States Receives the Most Snow?

Given that Alaska is located very far north, it should come as no surprise that Alaska receives the most snow of any state in the country. Specifically, Valdez, located in Alaska, receives approximately 316 inches of snowfall every year. This means that Valdez gets more than 25 feet of snow every winter. Some people are wondering if the snow ever fully melts in the city. Therefore, anyone who is looking to see a tremendous amount of snow should consider going to Alaska. There are several other cities in Alaska that receive a lot of snow during the year. For example, Yakutat gets about 190 inches of snow every year. Juneau also receives about 100 inches of snow every year.

Does It Ever Snow in California?

When people think about California, they usually think about sunshine and drought conditions. For example, Southern California is warm throughout the entire year. It almost never rains, and it certainly doesn't snow. On the other hand, there are plenty of locations in California that receive snow. Specifically, cities located in the northern part of the state get a lot of snow every year.

For example, Blue Canyon, which is located in California, gets more than 240 inches of snow every year. That means that this city gets more than 20 feet of snow annually. Another city in California that gets a lot of snow is Mount Shasta. It gets about 105 inches of snow every year. There are plenty of locations throughout California that have exceptional skiing, which means that they get snow as well. There are plenty of cities in California that receive snow, it just tends to happen at higher elevations.

Does New York Get a Lot of Snow?

New York also receives a lot of snow throughout the year. Even though it doesn't necessarily snow a lot in New York City, it does snow a lot in Upstate New York. For example, Syracuse, which is located in New York, gets about 10 feet of snow every year. In addition, Rochester, which is also located in New York, gets about 94 inches of snow every year. If people go up into the Adirondack mountains of New York, they will see plenty of snow, even when it is not winter.

Does the Southeast Get a Lot of Snow During the Winter?

It is very warm in the Southeastern part of the United States, so snow is unusual. At the same time, there are some parts of the southeast that get a few inches of snow during the winter. For example, Charlotte, located in North Carolina, gets a few inches of snow every year. The Raleigh-Durham area also gets a few inches of snow during the winter. Some places in North Carolina, such as the Appalachian mountain chain, receive a lot of snow during the winter. There are even places where people can go skiing in North Carolina during the winter season.