Countries with Flags that Look Alike 2022

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There are many symbols that clearly represent a certain country. One of those symbols is the country's national flag. It is usually easy to tell which flag represents which country, since there are typically significant differences between the national flags of two different countries. However, sometimes you will find flags that share a great deal of similarities and it might not be so easy to tell which flag belongs to which country. Here are some flags that look similar to one another.

The Romanian Flag and the Chadian Flag Are Similar

Two flags from countries that are vastly different but share quite a few similarities are the flag of Romania and the flag of the country of Chad in Africa. The flags of both of these countries consist of blue, yellow, and red stripes. In fact, the order of the colors is also exactly the same, as well, since both flags feature blue stripes, then yellow stripes, and finally red stripes.

Of course, these two flags had very different origins. The current Romanian flag is based on earlier flags that included horizontal stripes and the Chadian flag originally had a green stripe, but a blue stripe replaced the green stripe since the Chadian flag looked too similar to the flag of Mali. The main difference between the Chadian flag and the Romanian flag is that the shades of the stripes are somewhat different.

The Malian and Senegalese Flags Look Alike

Two more flags that are similar in many ways are the flag of the country of Mali and the flag of the country of Senegal. These two flags are quite similar. They both have green, yellow, and red stripes, and these stripes are in the same order, as well. However, as with the flags of Chad and Romania, you can notice some differences between the shades of the colored stripes. The most obvious difference between the two flags is that the Senegalese flag includes a green star in the center of its yellow stripe, making the star the center of the flag as a whole.

Australia and New Zealand Feature Similar Flags

Considering that both Australia and New Zealand were originally British colonies, it is not that surprising that the two countries have similarly designed flags, even to this day. The British Blue Ensign is the basis for both flags and this flag has a blue field along with a Union Jack located in the top inner corner. Both the New Zealand and Australian flags include a Union Jack in the top left corner and feature a blue field, as well. However, the Southern Cross constellation featured on both flags includes some differences, such as the fact that it has five seven-pointed white stars for the Australian flag and four five-pointed red-and-white stars for the New Zealand flag. You can notice some differences in the shades in the blues and reds of the flags, as well.

Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) and Ireland Have Comparable Flags

Unlike New Zealand and Australia, it is more difficult to figure out why the countries of Ireland and Cote d'Ivoire use similar flags. Nevertheless, the two flags are indeed similar. Both the Irish flag and the flag of Cote d'Ivoire feature green, white, and orange stripes. However, there are some differences that are more obvious, even though the shades of the stripes are the same. The Irish flag features a green stripe, then a white stripe, and finally an orange stripe from left to right. On the other hand, the flag of Cote d'Ivoire includes an orange stripe, then a white stripe, and finally a green stripe from left to right. As a result, you can fairly easily tell the difference between the two flags, even though they are similar.

Countries with Flags that Look Alike 2022

Countries with Flags that Look Alike 2022