Soybean Production by Country 2023

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It has been grown for hundreds of years, but only found its way to the US through Asian migration and exports. Today, in the US and across the globe soybeans are used in food, products, and even as fuel components. Canada is generally given credit for cultivating soybeans, and gave birth to the rise of soybean production in North America.

How much soybean does US and Canada produce today, and how about Asia, where it has been a staple for millenniums? Here is a look at soybean production by country and how countries rank in tons of production.

Annual Soybean Production by Country (tonnage)

Soybeans: A Staple Around the World

Although countries like the US and Brazil lead the world in soybean production today, as the soybean production by country list reveals, every country does farm soybeans. That alone speaks to the usefulness and value of soybeans around the world. It is also a considerable revenue for those aforementioned major producers.

There are few agricultural products that serve as many purposes and that offer the type of versatility that soybeans do. That also explains the massive quantities of soybean production from the US and Brazil. Soybeans, they are seemingly in every kind of food and product we use and consume today, and a staple in the diets and lives of billions around the globe.

Here are the 10 countries with the highest soybean production:

  1. Brazil - 125,887,672
  2. United States - 123,664,230
  3. Argentina - 37,787,927
  4. China - 14,193,621
  5. India - 13,786,000
  6. Paraguay - 11,045,971
  7. Canada - 7,266,600
  8. Ukraine - 4,460,770
  9. Russia - 4,026,850
  10. Bolivia - 2,942,131

Soybean Production by Country 2023

Soybean Production by Country 2023

Soybean Production by Country 2023