Countries with the Most Serial Killers 2022

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1. United States — 3,204

When it comes to serial killers, the United States leads the way, and the race isn't even close. Not only did the US write the book on serial killers there are also about a billion books covering the more than 3,000 serial killers from the US.

Names like Bundy, Dahmer, Manson, Gacy, Ramirez, and Gein still haunt dreams and have been etched in history as the world's most heinous of killers. The US doesn't monopolize the market on serial killers, however, as other countries have their own diabolical personas.

2. England — 166

Running a distant second is England, but that doesn't mean that England hasn't been home to some of history's most terrifying serial killers, because it has. First and foremost, and arguably the most famous killer of all time, was Jack the Ripper. Even his tales for horror, however, must pale in comparison to the reported 400 victims claimed by Amelia Dyer.

Yes, England has had its share of serial killers, including other names such as Sutcliffe, Fred and Rosemary West, and Mary Ann Cotton, to name a deadly few.

3. South Africa — 117

Also not immune to serial killers, with more than 100 on record. The most famous of those was probably the ABC killer, Moses Sithole.

4. Canada — 106

Canada is the other country with more than 100 serial killers on record. Although Canada can't rival the thousands of serial killers from the US, it does have its own history of killing machines.

5. Italy — 97

The tales of Italy's most infamous serial killers leave us wanting for nothing. What Italy may lack in sheer numbers it may make up for in brutality. Some of the most violent serial killers on record in Italy include names like Andrea Volpe And Pietro Guerrieri, Wolfgang Abel, Giorgio Vizzardelli, Roberto Succo, and Ferdinand Gamper.

6. Japan — 96

The country of Japan has had more than its fair share of serial killers, and given the size of the country, it is a scary impressive feat.

Honorable Mentions

The following countries get honorable mention for being on the list of countries with the most serial killers:

  1. Germany — 85
  2. Australia — 81
  3. India — 80
  4. Russia — 73
  5. France — 71
  6. China — 57
  7. Mexico — 37
  8. Brazil — 27
  9. Austria — 22
  10. Hungary — 20
  11. Spain — 17
  12. Poland — 15
  13. Scotland — 15
  14. Netherlands — 12

Countries with the Most Serial Killers 2022

Countries with the Most Serial Killers 2022