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GNI 2022 - Atlas (current US$)







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GNP/GNI by Country 2024

Gross national product (GNP) is one of the most commonly used measures of a country’s economy. Often evaluated alongside gross domestic product (GDP), GNP represents the value of all goods and services produced by a country’s nationals anywhere in the world. GNP's mathematical formula is nearly identical to that of gross national income (GNI) and the two metrics are functionally interchangeable. GNP is determined using the formula GNP = C + I + G + X + Z, which breaks down as follows:

  • C = Consumption: Value of all goods and services purchased by nationals and domestic businesses
  • I = Investments: Funds invested by nationals and domestic businesses both internationally and domestically
  • G = Government: Federal, state, and local government spending
  • X = Exports: The value of goods manufactured in the U.S. by domestic firms and exported for sale in another county—minus imports brought from another country for sale in the United States
  • Z = Foreign production: The value of products produced and sold internationally by a domestic company—minus the value of goods produced and sold domestically by foreign companies. (Also applies to other profit sources, such as international investments.)

Top 10 Countries with the Highest Gross National Product (United Nations 2020 GNI, current US$):

GNI 2022 - Atlas
United States$25.59 Tn
China$18.15 Tn
Japan$5.31 Tn
Germany$4.53 Tn
India$3.39 Tn
United Kingdom$3.30 Tn
France$3.08 Tn
Italy$2.25 Tn
Canada$2.06 Tn
Russia$1.87 Tn

10 Countries and Territories with the Lowest Gross National Product (United Nations 2020 GNI, current US$):

GNI 2022 - Atlas
Tuvalu$80.94 Mn
Nauru$225.54 Mn
Palau$241.93 Mn
Marshall Islands$302.10 Mn
Kiribati$368.91 Mn
Micronesia$473.14 Mn
Tonga$522.26 Mn
Sao Tome and Principe$545.29 Mn
Dominica$612.91 Mn
Samoa$813.26 Mn


Although GNI/GNP and GDP are similar (as are GNI per capita and GDP per capita), a key difference exists between the two: GDP represents the value of goods and services produced within a country’s geographical borders regardless of which country profits from that production, whereas GNP/GNI represents the value of all goods and services produced by a country's nationals regardless of where in the world they are produced. In other words, GNP/GNI focuses on a country's overall income and GDP focuses on a country's overall production.

The auto industry offers an ideal illustration of the difference between GDP and GNP/GNI. General Motors is a U.S.-based company that has several factories in other countries. Vehicles produced in these foreign factories and sold in international markets would not be part of the U.S. GDP because they were not manufactured or sold in the United States—however, they would be part of GNP/GNI because they are manufactured by a U.S.-based company and profits from their sale will ultimately funnel into the U.S. economy.

Conversely, Volkswagen is a German automaker with a U.S. assembly plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Vehicles assembled at this plant would be part of the U.S. GDP because the product is being assembled and sold in the U.S. by U.S.-based workers. But they would not be part of the U.S. GNP/GNI because the profits of that sale will ultimately go to a German company rather than an American company.

Another way to consider the difference is that GNP/GNI starts out the same as GDP, then makes one addition and one subtraction: it adds income that domestic investors or companies earn in other countries, but subtracts any income earned domestically by foreign investors or companies.

The value of comparing GNP/GNI to GDP

Economists typically examine both GDP (often alongside debt to GDP ratio and GDP growth) and GNP/GNI when evaluating a country’s economy. While GDP is a more widely followed measure of a country’s economic activity, differences between GDP and GNP/GNI can provide insight into a country’s engagement in international trade and financial operations. For example, some countries have a high GDP because numerous products are made there, but a much lower GNP/GNI because those products are being sold by international companies that are shipping the profits overseas instead of reinvesting them locally. In this circumstance, GNP/GNI is a more realistic picture of the economy's true state.

That said, GNP can be misleading when examined on its own. While GNP is a viable indicator of the economic well-being of a country's nationals and corporations, it is less adept at illustrating the health of a country's economy as a whole. GNP can be influenced by foreign exchange rates (due to its inclusion of foreign investments and production), offers incomplete insight into domestic resource usage, and does a poor job of indicating the economy's rate of growth.

  • All values courtesy of World Bank
  • Note that not every country's data updates every year. See Most Recent Data Year column to determine when a given country's data was released.

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GNI 2022 - Atlas (current US$)
GNI 2022 (PPP, 2017 INT$)
Gni Per Capita (Atlas) (current US$)
GNI 2021 (Atlas, current US$)
GNI 2021 (PPP, 2017 INT$)
GNI 2020 (Atlas, current US$)
GNI 2020 (PPP, 2017 INT$)
Most Recent Data Year
United States$25.59 Tn$21.54 Tn$76,770$23.54 Tn$21.54 Tn$21.43 Tn$20.41 Tn2021
China$18.15 Tn$25.41 Tn$12,850$16.88 Tn$24.77 Tn$14.84 Tn$22.81 Tn2022
Japan$5.31 Tn$5.35 Tn$42,440$5.46 Tn$5.35 Tn$5.16 Tn$5.25 Tn2021
Germany$4.53 Tn$4.57 Tn$54,030$4.33 Tn$4.58 Tn$3.99 Tn$4.45 Tn2022
India$3.39 Tn$9.88 Tn$2,390$3.02 Tn$9.21 Tn$2.66 Tn$8.50 Tn2022
United Kingdom$3.30 Tn$3.07 Tn$49,240$3.05 Tn$3.07 Tn$2.60 Tn$2.77 Tn2021
France$3.08 Tn$3.13 Tn$45,290$2.97 Tn$3.12 Tn$2.65 Tn$2.89 Tn2022
Italy$2.25 Tn$2.54 Tn$38,200$2.15 Tn$2.54 Tn$1.93 Tn$2.38 Tn2022
Canada$2.06 Tn$1.97 Tn$52,960$1.86 Tn$1.88 Tn$1.67 Tn$1.72 Tn2022
Russia$1.87 Tn$3.94 Tn$12,750$1.72 Tn$4.02 Tn$1.58 Tn$3.80 Tn2022
South Korea$1.87 Tn$2.21 Tn$36,190$1.82 Tn$2.23 Tn$1.71 Tn$2.15 Tn2022
Brazil$1.75 Tn$3.15 Tn$8,140$1.68 Tn$3.06 Tn$1.69 Tn$2.95 Tn2022
Australia$1.58 Tn$1.37 Tn$60,840$1.47 Tn$1.32 Tn$1.38 Tn$1.25 Tn2022
Spain$1.53 Tn$1.89 Tn$32,090$1.43 Tn$1.83 Tn$1.29 Tn$1.72 Tn2022
Mexico$1.38 Tn$2.52 Tn$10,820$1.26 Tn$2.42 Tn$1.13 Tn$2.27 Tn2022
Indonesia$1.26 Tn$3.32 Tn$4,580$1.14 Tn$3.16 Tn$1.06 Tn$3.05 Tn2022
Netherlands$1.07 Tn$1.03 Tn$60,230$1.02 Tn$1.02 Tn$875.07 Bn$915.88 Bn2022
Saudi Arabia$1.01 Tn$1.85 Tn$27,680$863.72 Bn$1.71 Tn$807.30 Bn$1.64 Tn2022
Turkey$904.19 Bn$2.24 Tn$841.96 Bn$2.24 Tn$763.86 Bn$2.24 Tn2017
Switzerland$838.00 Bn$623.52 Bn$95,490$790.42 Bn$602.76 Bn$706.06 Bn$555.04 Bn2022
Poland$695.82 Bn$1.33 Tn$18,900$638.15 Bn$1.26 Tn$579.90 Bn$1.19 Tn2022
Sweden$665.93 Bn$596.16 Bn$63,500$632.27 Bn$586.99 Bn$567.62 Bn$550.11 Bn2022
Belgium$629.74 Bn$607.40 Bn$53,890$591.61 Bn$607.46 Bn$531.94 Bn$573.89 Bn2022
Argentina$535.91 Bn$1.02 Tn$11,590$457.38 Bn$969.86 Bn$408.63 Bn$870.16 Bn2022
Israel$527.02 Bn$430.22 Bn$55,140$462.48 Bn$400.85 Bn$397.39 Bn$366.48 Bn2022
Norway$521.26 Bn$393.14 Bn$95,520$449.92 Bn$393.14 Bn$422.88 Bn$336.55 Bn2021
Thailand$518.44 Bn$1.15 Tn$7,230$507.38 Bn$1.15 Tn$494.29 Bn$1.15 Tn2017
Austria$503.84 Bn$490.96 Bn$55,720$475.97 Bn$486.55 Bn$436.79 Bn$466.40 Bn2022
Bangladesh$483.36 Bn$1.11 Tn$2,820$435.53 Bn$1.05 Tn$385.22 Bn$974.86 Bn2022
Nigeria$471.25 Bn$968.70 Bn$2,160$461.01 Bn$968.70 Bn$440.49 Bn$968.70 Bn2017
United Arab Emirates$464.11 Bn$625.53 Bn$49,160$408.25 Bn$625.53 Bn$386.39 Bn$625.53 Bn2020
Philippines$457.02 Bn$1.05 Tn$3,950$404.20 Bn$953.05 Bn$375.81 Bn$937.08 Bn2022
Egypt$455.14 Bn$1.37 Tn$4,100$384.94 Bn$1.29 Tn$323.68 Bn$1.25 Tn2022
Denmark$434.00 Bn$379.59 Bn$73,520$408.70 Bn$364.92 Bn$364.69 Bn$336.97 Bn2022
Ireland$408.77 Bn$378.91 Bn$79,730$383.11 Bn$378.91 Bn$325.19 Bn$339.03 Bn2021
South Africa$406.04 Bn$809.89 Bn$6,780$388.63 Bn$807.87 Bn$359.56 Bn$761.87 Bn2022
Malaysia$401.46 Bn$930.37 Bn$11,830$360.48 Bn$862.12 Bn$342.79 Bn$837.84 Bn2022
Hong Kong$399.38 Bn$463.78 Bn$54,370$403.08 Bn$481.77 Bn$363.19 Bn$442.58 Bn2022
Vietnam$393.94 Bn$1.06 Tn$4,010$350.21 Bn$982.96 Bn$333.83 Bn$966.99 Bn2022
Venezuela$392.92 Bn$13,010$392.92 Bn$392.92 Bn2014
Singapore$378.81 Bn$497.81 Bn$67,200$343.56 Bn$497.81 Bn$314.21 Bn$497.81 Bn2017
Pakistan$368.93 Bn$1.25 Tn$1,560$340.95 Bn$1.20 Tn$321.90 Bn$1.12 Tn2022
Iran$352.59 Bn$1.37 Tn$3,980$308.91 Bn$1.32 Tn$285.44 Bn$1.26 Tn2022
Colombia$336.94 Bn$776.76 Bn$6,500$320.38 Bn$741.97 Bn$295.51 Bn$673.29 Bn2022
Finland$305.18 Bn$277.16 Bn$54,930$295.59 Bn$276.13 Bn$276.64 Bn$267.89 Bn2022
Chile$301.19 Bn$478.94 Bn$15,360$288.48 Bn$464.97 Bn$251.28 Bn$415.14 Bn2022
Romania$296.59 Bn$598.90 Bn$15,570$271.40 Bn$579.13 Bn$244.85 Bn$551.04 Bn2022
Czech Republic$278.57 Bn$409.10 Bn$26,100$257.71 Bn$413.78 Bn$233.18 Bn$396.15 Bn2022
Portugal$270.09 Bn$360.89 Bn$25,950$248.24 Bn$345.96 Bn$225.00 Bn$327.18 Bn2022
New Zealand$251.52 Bn$221.34 Bn$49,090$233.93 Bn$221.34 Bn$211.68 Bn$212.34 Bn2021
Iraq$234.69 Bn$378.27 Bn$5,270$203.51 Bn$378.27 Bn$198.65 Bn$373.11 Bn2021
Peru$229.50 Bn$403.70 Bn$6,740$216.35 Bn$388.05 Bn$199.90 Bn$362.83 Bn2022
Greece$227.41 Bn$316.29 Bn$21,810$211.54 Bn$304.45 Bn$191.70 Bn$285.32 Bn2022
Qatar$188.98 Bn$241.22 Bn$70,120$167.76 Bn$241.22 Bn$161.31 Bn$241.22 Bn2020
Kazakhstan$188.69 Bn$446.15 Bn$9,620$168.69 Bn$430.07 Bn$163.28 Bn$437.08 Bn2022
Hungary$183.35 Bn$308.57 Bn$19,010$172.22 Bn$310.63 Bn$156.33 Bn$299.75 Bn2022
Algeria$176.17 Bn$490.88 Bn$3,920$162.52 Bn$478.15 Bn$156.90 Bn$462.11 Bn2022
Kuwait$173.30 Bn$243.59 Bn$40,600$148.11 Bn$243.59 Bn$137.50 Bn$243.59 Bn2019
Ukraine$150.81 Bn$403.54 Bn$4,260$169.97 Bn$516.49 Bn$149.17 Bn$530.14 Bn2022
Morocco$139.60 Bn$303.26 Bn$3,670$136.14 Bn$299.40 Bn$121.24 Bn$278.39 Bn2022
Ethiopia$126.13 Bn$292.46 Bn$1,020$113.58 Bn$277.50 Bn$102.64 Bn$262.55 Bn2022
Slovakia$119.86 Bn$166.86 Bn$112.58 Bn$168.72 Bn$105.08 Bn$165.54 Bn2022
Kenya$117.31 Bn$259.75 Bn$2,170$110.03 Bn$247.31 Bn$98.66 Bn$229.76 Bn2022
Ecuador$113.43 Bn$192.22 Bn$6,300$106.04 Bn$186.81 Bn$97.33 Bn$176.12 Bn2022
Dominican Republic$101.62 Bn$209.34 Bn$9,050$90.00 Bn$197.74 Bn$78.82 Bn$175.93 Bn2022
Cuba$100.93 Bn$8,920$100.93 Bn$100.93 Bn2019
Guatemala$92.84 Bn$156.03 Bn$5,350$84.38 Bn$149.13 Bn$75.71 Bn$138.92 Bn2022
Oman$91.62 Bn$144.69 Bn$20,020$81.18 Bn$144.69 Bn$77.66 Bn$140.40 Bn2021
Bulgaria$86.29 Bn$168.28 Bn$13,350$75.97 Bn$160.67 Bn$66.09 Bn$150.13 Bn2022
Sri Lanka$80.08 Bn$263.94 Bn$3,610$88.60 Bn$287.12 Bn$85.07 Bn$275.96 Bn2022
Ghana$79.64 Bn$181.02 Bn$2,380$74.96 Bn$172.14 Bn$71.86 Bn$170.62 Bn2022
Puerto Rico$79.14 Bn$71.89 Bn$24,560$73.29 Bn$68.38 Bn$69.57 Bn$72.57 Bn2022
Uzbekistan$78.15 Bn$225.89 Bn$2,190$69.15 Bn$225.89 Bn$60.50 Bn$225.89 Bn2017
Tanzania$75.94 Bn$163.74 Bn$1,200$69.03 Bn$156.63 Bn$62.81 Bn$149.79 Bn2022
Croatia$75.57 Bn$133.43 Bn$19,600$68.85 Bn$125.45 Bn$59.51 Bn$112.04 Bn2022
Panama$74.75 Bn$121.93 Bn$16,960$63.47 Bn$121.93 Bn$55.53 Bn$121.93 Bn2017
Ivory Coast$73.65 Bn$151.40 Bn$2,620$67.98 Bn$141.69 Bn$61.37 Bn$132.41 Bn2022
Myanmar$68.90 Bn$236.45 Bn$1,270$66.00 Bn$236.45 Bn$70.19 Bn$236.45 Bn2017
Lithuania$67.60 Bn$97.82 Bn$23,870$61.19 Bn$102.00 Bn$55.07 Bn$101.12 Bn2022
Angola$67.00 Bn$191.68 Bn$1,880$56.61 Bn$184.66 Bn$56.33 Bn$183.42 Bn2022
Costa Rica$66.93 Bn$101.96 Bn$12,920$63.81 Bn$100.62 Bn$58.90 Bn$95.61 Bn2022
Belarus$66.55 Bn$169.22 Bn$7,210$65.48 Bn$177.63 Bn$60.15 Bn$172.88 Bn2022
Slovenia$62.49 Bn$81.91 Bn$29,590$59.81 Bn$82.60 Bn$53.56 Bn$78.10 Bn2022
Serbia$61.94 Bn$132.24 Bn$9,290$57.87 Bn$130.39 Bn$51.30 Bn$122.09 Bn2022
Uruguay$61.59 Bn$75.87 Bn$18,000$55.42 Bn$71.57 Bn$55.14 Bn$71.57 Bn2022
DR Congo$60.65 Bn$106.28 Bn$610$53.92 Bn$98.18 Bn$49.89 Bn$94.43 Bn2022
Luxembourg$58.26 Bn$53.05 Bn$89,200$56.07 Bn$53.91 Bn$51.05 Bn$50.34 Bn2022
Azerbaijan$57.39 Bn$133.89 Bn$5,660$49.74 Bn$133.89 Bn$45.21 Bn$133.89 Bn2017
Turkmenistan$57.12 Bn$78.39 Bn$6,970$52.02 Bn$78.39 Bn$43.86 Bn$78.39 Bn2017
Libya$49.47 Bn$157.38 Bn$7,260$53.06 Bn$157.38 Bn$49.21 Bn$157.38 Bn2017
Jordan$49.14 Bn$97.88 Bn$4,350$46.90 Bn$97.88 Bn$44.22 Bn$97.88 Bn2017
Tunisia$47.35 Bn$127.27 Bn$3,830$43.68 Bn$124.11 Bn$39.21 Bn$118.05 Bn2022
Cameroon$45.91 Bn$102.37 Bn$1,640$43.31 Bn$98.70 Bn$40.28 Bn$94.89 Bn2022
Uganda$43.94 Bn$105.56 Bn$930$39.20 Bn$100.28 Bn$36.39 Bn$97.40 Bn2022
Bolivia$42.67 Bn$97.84 Bn$3,490$39.80 Bn$94.77 Bn$37.21 Bn$90.62 Bn2022
Latvia$41.06 Bn$61.73 Bn$21,850$37.51 Bn$59.88 Bn$34.03 Bn$57.79 Bn2022
Nepal$40.94 Bn$122.97 Bn$1,340$36.94 Bn$116.37 Bn$34.58 Bn$111.68 Bn2022
Bahrain$40.80 Bn$68.42 Bn$27,720$36.18 Bn$68.42 Bn$33.93 Bn$66.16 Bn2021
Paraguay$40.13 Bn$89.20 Bn$5,920$38.45 Bn$88.49 Bn$36.69 Bn$85.17 Bn2022
Estonia$36.58 Bn$43.46 Bn$27,120$34.96 Bn$43.46 Bn$31.21 Bn$43.46 Bn2017
Sudan$35.82 Bn$164.75 Bn$760$29.87 Bn$162.27 Bn$28.18 Bn$162.58 Bn2022
Yemen$30.66 Bn$1,000$30.66 Bn$30.66 Bn2018
Macau$30.36 Bn$69.81 Bn$31.82 Bn$69.81 Bn$30.04 Bn$69.81 Bn2017
El Salvador$29.90 Bn$56.30 Bn$4,720$27.55 Bn$55.04 Bn$23.81 Bn$49.56 Bn2022
Cyprus$28.77 Bn$38.12 Bn$31,520$26.56 Bn$35.78 Bn$23.98 Bn$33.22 Bn2022
Honduras$28.67 Bn$55.29 Bn$2,750$25.49 Bn$52.52 Bn$21.72 Bn$47.32 Bn2022
Cambodia$28.37 Bn$71.51 Bn$1,690$26.27 Bn$68.19 Bn$25.14 Bn$67.24 Bn2022
Senegal$28.07 Bn$59.45 Bn$1,620$26.38 Bn$57.66 Bn$24.15 Bn$54.73 Bn2022
Zimbabwe$27.91 Bn$35.00 Bn$1,710$24.44 Bn$32.88 Bn$22.86 Bn$30.40 Bn2022
Lebanon$27.77 Bn$67.91 Bn$4,970$27.77 Bn$67.91 Bn$36.23 Bn$75.40 Bn2021
Papua New Guinea$27.41 Bn$34.47 Bn$2,700$24.13 Bn$34.47 Bn$23.63 Bn$34.47 Bn2017
Iceland$26.23 Bn$18.52 Bn$68,660$23.53 Bn$18.52 Bn$22.77 Bn$18.52 Bn2017
Zambia$24.88 Bn$56.13 Bn$1,240$22.28 Bn$56.13 Bn$21.38 Bn$56.13 Bn2017
Trinidad and Tobago$24.79 Bn$39.23 Bn$16,190$22.66 Bn$39.23 Bn$20.75 Bn$39.23 Bn2017
Bosnia and Herzegovina$24.78 Bn$53.71 Bn$7,660$22.56 Bn$51.20 Bn$20.32 Bn$48.14 Bn2022
Palestine$23.25 Bn$34.98 Bn$21.00 Bn$33.37 Bn$17.76 Bn$30.12 Bn2022
Georgia$20.79 Bn$58.96 Bn$5,600$17.42 Bn$53.74 Bn$15.86 Bn$49.51 Bn2022
Botswana$19.56 Bn$39.46 Bn$7,430$17.85 Bn$38.02 Bn$15.61 Bn$34.33 Bn2022
Burkina Faso$19.37 Bn$45.76 Bn$850$18.33 Bn$45.76 Bn$16.65 Bn$43.32 Bn2021
Mali$19.22 Bn$46.21 Bn$850$17.98 Bn$44.26 Bn$16.87 Bn$43.09 Bn2022
Albania$18.82 Bn$40.49 Bn$6,770$17.15 Bn$40.49 Bn$14.95 Bn$37.09 Bn2021
Benin$18.64 Bn$45.48 Bn$1,400$17.25 Bn$42.95 Bn$15.51 Bn$39.87 Bn2022
Haiti$18.62 Bn$32.46 Bn$1,610$16.50 Bn$33.01 Bn$15.07 Bn$33.64 Bn2022
Gabon$17.99 Bn$26.72 Bn$7,530$15.08 Bn$22.84 Bn$15.65 Bn$29.86 Bn2022
Malta$17.45 Bn$23.21 Bn$32,860$15.95 Bn$21.69 Bn$13.65 Bn$19.27 Bn2022
Laos$17.37 Bn$47.80 Bn$2,310$18.65 Bn$47.80 Bn$18.11 Bn$47.80 Bn2017
Armenia$16.57 Bn$42.82 Bn$5,960$13.55 Bn$38.59 Bn$12.54 Bn$36.98 Bn2022
Guinea$16.50 Bn$33.28 Bn$1,190$13.41 Bn$30.56 Bn$12.53 Bn$31.23 Bn2022
Jamaica$16.27 Bn$28.02 Bn$5,760$14.69 Bn$28.02 Bn$13.83 Bn$28.02 Bn2019
Afghanistan$15.39 Bn$75.54 Bn$380$15.39 Bn$75.54 Bn$19.24 Bn$75.54 Bn2017
Madagascar$15.16 Bn$43.38 Bn$510$14.20 Bn$42.06 Bn$12.94 Bn$39.32 Bn2022
Niger$15.14 Bn$33.63 Bn$580$14.81 Bn$30.52 Bn$13.30 Bn$29.81 Bn2022
Nicaragua$14.50 Bn$37.71 Bn$2,090$13.48 Bn$36.60 Bn$11.86 Bn$32.96 Bn2022
Mongolia$14.47 Bn$36.06 Bn$4,260$12.47 Bn$33.36 Bn$12.27 Bn$34.80 Bn2022
Mozambique$14.40 Bn$35.71 Bn$440$14.43 Bn$35.71 Bn$14.31 Bn$35.71 Bn2017
Brunei$14.10 Bn$25.72 Bn$31,410$13.50 Bn$27.04 Bn$13.79 Bn$28.02 Bn2022
Moldova$13.97 Bn$33.92 Bn$5,500$13.68 Bn$36.28 Bn$11.50 Bn$32.31 Bn2022
North Macedonia$13.71 Bn$33.71 Bn$6,660$12.97 Bn$32.98 Bn$11.87 Bn$31.45 Bn2022
Republic of the Congo$13.70 Bn$20.73 Bn$2,290$12.97 Bn$21.20 Bn$12.99 Bn$21.86 Bn2022
Malawi$13.13 Bn$25.57 Bn$640$12.26 Bn$25.57 Bn$11.15 Bn$25.57 Bn2017
Mauritius$13.08 Bn$28.30 Bn$10,360$13.01 Bn$27.86 Bn$12.93 Bn$26.78 Bn2022
Bahamas$12.92 Bn$13.53 Bn$31,520$11.37 Bn$11.90 Bn$9.37 Bn$10.06 Bn2022
Namibia$12.86 Bn$24.28 Bn$5,010$11.79 Bn$22.67 Bn$11.56 Bn$22.44 Bn2022
Rwanda$12.77 Bn$31.91 Bn$930$11.24 Bn$29.52 Bn$10.01 Bn$26.55 Bn2022
Chad$12.18 Bn$24.61 Bn$690$11.28 Bn$24.13 Bn$11.06 Bn$24.46 Bn2022
Guyana$12.07 Bn$9.28 Bn$14,920$7.51 Bn$9.28 Bn$6.47 Bn$9.28 Bn2017
Tajikistan$12.04 Bn$44.30 Bn$1,210$11.28 Bn$44.30 Bn$10.04 Bn$40.13 Bn2021
Syria$12.02 Bn$560$12.02 Bn$16.15 Bn2021
South Sudan$11.67 Bn$1,040$11.67 Bn$11.67 Bn2015
Somalia$10.49 Bn$23.07 Bn$600$9.86 Bn$23.07 Bn$8.98 Bn$23.07 Bn2017
New Caledonia$10.11 Bn$37,370$10.11 Bn$9.92 Bn2021
Kyrgyzstan$10.06 Bn$29.77 Bn$1,440$8.70 Bn$29.77 Bn$8.17 Bn$29.77 Bn2017
Mauritania$9.84 Bn$25.07 Bn$2,080$8.59 Bn$23.28 Bn$7.93 Bn$23.18 Bn2022
Togo$8.95 Bn$19.53 Bn$1,010$8.23 Bn$18.44 Bn$7.52 Bn$17.48 Bn2022
Equatorial Guinea$8.78 Bn$18.38 Bn$5,240$8.49 Bn$18.38 Bn$8.22 Bn$18.38 Bn2019
Bermuda$7.95 Bn$5.29 Bn$125,210$7.65 Bn$5.22 Bn$7.14 Bn$5.00 Bn2022
Isle of Man$6.66 Bn$79,300$6.66 Bn$6.66 Bn2020
Montenegro$6.47 Bn$13.91 Bn$10,480$5.80 Bn$13.09 Bn$4.91 Bn$11.52 Bn2022
Maldives$5.70 Bn$8.37 Bn$10,880$4.88 Bn$8.37 Bn$3.54 Bn$8.37 Bn2017
Barbados$5.49 Bn$4.33 Bn$19,490$4.70 Bn$4.33 Bn$4.61 Bn$4.33 Bn2017
Sierra Leone$5.20 Bn$13.40 Bn$600$4.29 Bn$13.40 Bn$4.06 Bn$12.79 Bn2021
Fiji$5.01 Bn$10.85 Bn$5,390$4.15 Bn$10.85 Bn$4.28 Bn$10.85 Bn2017
French Polynesia$4.66 Bn$18,560$4.66 Bn$4.66 Bn2000
Eswatini$4.51 Bn$10.00 Bn$3,750$4.46 Bn$9.99 Bn$3.96 Bn$8.77 Bn2022
Cayman Islands$4.22 Bn$2.96 Bn$62,000$4.22 Bn$2.96 Bn$3.86 Bn$2.96 Bn2017
Liechtenstein$4.16 Bn$116,600$4.16 Bn$4.16 Bn2009
Faroe Islands$3.95 Bn$74,420$3.69 Bn$3.38 Bn2022
Djibouti$3.71 Bn$5.52 Bn$3,310$3.49 Bn$5.52 Bn$3.21 Bn$5.22 Bn2021
Liberia$3.59 Bn$6.70 Bn$680$3.25 Bn$6.70 Bn$3.04 Bn$6.70 Bn2017
Aruba$3.56 Bn$3.87 Bn$33,410$3.22 Bn$3.87 Bn$2.49 Bn$3.87 Bn2017
Andorra$3.50 Bn$44,350$3.50 Bn$3.28 Bn2021
Burundi$3.12 Bn$9.17 Bn$240$2.82 Bn$8.99 Bn$2.70 Bn$8.75 Bn2022
Suriname$3.07 Bn$9.29 Bn$4,970$2.75 Bn$9.29 Bn$2.73 Bn$9.29 Bn2017
Lesotho$2.83 Bn$6.31 Bn$1,230$2.68 Bn$6.05 Bn$2.63 Bn$6.06 Bn2022
Curacao$2.75 Bn$3.93 Bn$18,060$2.75 Bn$3.93 Bn$2.53 Bn$3.93 Bn2017
Belize$2.69 Bn$3.67 Bn$6,630$2.42 Bn$3.43 Bn$2.02 Bn$2.92 Bn2022
Central African Republic$2.67 Bn$4.87 Bn$480$2.61 Bn$4.91 Bn$2.45 Bn$4.81 Bn2022
Bhutan$2.56 Bn$8.51 Bn$3,290$2.56 Bn$8.51 Bn$2.34 Bn$8.14 Bn2021
Cape Verde$2.34 Bn$4.32 Bn$3,950$1.97 Bn$3.68 Bn$1.81 Bn$3.46 Bn2022
Saint Lucia$2.23 Bn$2.54 Bn$12,400$1.85 Bn$2.54 Bn$1.57 Bn$2.54 Bn2017
Gambia$2.16 Bn$5.63 Bn$800$1.95 Bn$5.34 Bn$1.80 Bn$5.18 Bn2022
Greenland$1.97 Bn$34,800$1.97 Bn$1.97 Bn2007
Eritrea$1.94 Bn$610$1.94 Bn$1.94 Bn2011
Antigua and Barbuda$1.79 Bn$1.88 Bn$19,050$1.53 Bn$1.88 Bn$1.40 Bn$1.88 Bn2017
Solomon Islands$1.60 Bn$1.75 Bn$2,210$1.62 Bn$1.75 Bn$1.62 Bn$1.75 Bn2020
San Marino$1.59 Bn$1.86 Bn$47,120$1.59 Bn$1.86 Bn$1.41 Bn$1.73 Bn2021
Sint Maarten$1.51 Bn$1.71 Bn$35,260$1.32 Bn$1.71 Bn$1.21 Bn$1.71 Bn2017
Seychelles$1.44 Bn$2.86 Bn$12,010$1.31 Bn$2.57 Bn$1.33 Bn$2.47 Bn2022
Comoros$1.35 Bn$2.73 Bn$1,610$1.30 Bn$2.67 Bn$1.23 Bn$2.61 Bn2022
Vanuatu$1.19 Bn$1.06 Bn$3,650$1.09 Bn$1.03 Bn$1.01 Bn$998.93 Mn2022
Turks and Caicos Islands$1.15 Bn$1.01 Bn$25,240$1.04 Bn$1.01 Bn$897.56 Mn$1.01 Bn2017
Grenada$1.14 Bn$1.60 Bn$9,070$1.05 Bn$1.60 Bn$972.46 Mn$1.60 Bn2017
Saint Kitts and Nevis$954.33 Mn$1.34 Bn$20,020$877.61 Mn$1.34 Bn$913.54 Mn$1.34 Bn2017
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines$947.31 Mn$1.43 Bn$9,110$885.71 Mn$1.43 Bn$871.76 Mn$1.43 Bn2017
Samoa$813.26 Mn$1.12 Bn$3,660$835.38 Mn$1.19 Bn$864.65 Mn$1.26 Bn2022
Dominica$612.91 Mn$813.27 Mn$8,430$564.09 Mn$813.27 Mn$514.31 Mn$813.27 Mn2017
Sao Tome and Principe$545.29 Mn$699.66 Mn$2,400$493.62 Mn$699.66 Mn$440.49 Mn$699.66 Mn2017
Tonga$522.26 Mn$686.07 Mn$4,930$522.26 Mn$686.07 Mn$546.98 Mn$725.45 Mn2021
Micronesia$473.14 Mn$441.90 Mn$4,140$454.78 Mn$441.90 Mn$454.11 Mn$441.90 Mn2017
Kiribati$368.91 Mn$438.72 Mn$2,810$353.14 Mn$438.72 Mn$339.54 Mn$453.14 Mn2021
Marshall Islands$302.10 Mn$282.86 Mn$7,270$274.26 Mn$272.70 Mn$281.25 Mn$292.31 Mn2022
Palau$241.93 Mn$333.95 Mn$13,420$241.93 Mn$333.95 Mn$271.87 Mn$333.95 Mn2017
Nauru$225.54 Mn$152.78 Mn$17,800$225.35 Mn$152.78 Mn$203.22 Mn$152.78 Mn2017
Tuvalu$80.94 Mn$63.58 Mn$7,160$76.52 Mn$63.58 Mn$71.59 Mn$63.58 Mn2017
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Which country has the highest GNP?

The United States has a GNP of $25.59 Tn, which is the world's highest gross national product (GNP).

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