Peanut Production by Country 2023

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In 2020, worldwide peanut production was 47 million tons, with China accounting for the largest produce. It produced 17.77 million tons, nearly half of the world’s total production, and most of the nuts were sourced from Henan, Jiangsu, Guangdong, and Shandong provinces. Besides China, other major peanut-producing countries include:

1. India

The country produces 6.3 million tons of peanuts annually, making up 21% of the world’s total production. It’s the second-highest producer of peanuts in the world. In India, the crop is planted in two cycles in areas with hot and subtropical climates like Orissa, Karnataka, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu.

Karnataka and Tamil Nadu produce 15% of India’s total peanut production, while Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh produce 24% and 28%, respectively. As a result, the nuts are produced in different varieties, including red nata, Spanish, and bold. India exports most of its nuts to Pakistan, Malaysia, and Indonesia before selling them to the world.

2. Nigeria

Nigeria is the world's third-largest producer of peanuts, accounting for 30% of Africa’s peanut production. Most of its plantations are located in the dry areas of the country. They include Kaduna, Kano, Bauchi, Sokoto, Kwara, and Zamfara.

3. Senegal

Senegal is another great peanut producer in the world. The country has just the right conditions for groundnut production, making large companies set up large peanut businesses. Senegal mainly exports most of its produce to China.

4. Chad

Chad grows peanuts on a large scale. In fact, peanuts are the country’s main source of income and make up the country’s agricultural foundation. Most of the produce is exported to other countries through international trade routes.

5. USA

The United States of America produces 3.7 million tons of peanuts annually and in 2021, it produced 6.4 million pounds. Only 13 states cultivate groundnuts thanks to their favorable climate. They include Alabama, Texas, Virginia, Oklahoma, Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia, to mention a few. Alabama has the highest production nationwide, with nearly 185,000 acres of peanut plantation.

6. Indonesia

The country adds to the top peanut-producing countries in Asia making up 4% of the world’s peanut production. Peanuts are widely used to produce peanut oil exported to other countries.

7. Argentina

The country is famous for producing high-quality groundnuts, often referred to as the Golden peanuts. It has more than 35,000 hectares of land, which produce up nearly two million tons of peanuts. Renowned peanut-production companies like Olega, Olam Argentina, and Sol Argentina are based here and have expanded their operations over the years due to the high-quality peanuts grown here.

8. Ghana

Ghana adds to the few West African countries known for growing peanuts. Peanut is the country's main cash crop, with most farmers earning a livelihood by farming peanuts. The northern region of Ghana is most suitable for growing peanuts as it’s warm and temperate.

9. Burma

The country ranks as the fifth largest producer of peanuts, albeit its political and economic instability. It produces up to 2 million tons of peanuts annually, making peanut production a huge source of income for the country.

Peanut Production by Country 2023

Peanut Production by Country 2023