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What Country has the Best Food in 2024?

One thing that is important to keep in mind is that it is quite difficult to determine which country has the best food. This is because people have different tastes, so they like some food better than others. However, according to data that was acquired from the rankings of Best Countries back in 2016, the country with the best food in the world is Italy. Those 2016 Best Countries rankings were based on a survey that included more than 16,000 people in total from four different regions of the world. Italy has a variety of great food, from simple dishes like spaghetti and meatballs to complicated risotto dishes.

Spain Is Ranked #2 In the World for Best Food

As previously mentioned, it is challenging to answer the question of what country has the best food. This is because taste in food is subjective. However, according to the 2016 Best Countries rankings, Spain is the country that comes in second for the best food in the world. This is not surprising given the rich diversity of food in the country of Spain. A few examples of the cuisine that Spain has to offer are gazpacho, Jamon Iberico, and churros.

France Takes The #3 Spot for Best Food in the World

The next entry on this list is also fairly unsurprising, given that France is known for its cuisine. France comes in at #3 in the world when it comes to the best food. There are a variety of excellent dishes that are part of the cuisine of France. Macarons, escargot, and baguettes are some examples of the delicious French cuisine that secures France a spot at #3 on this list. Of course, there are many other excellent dishes that originate from the country of France.

Mexico and Greece Round Out the Top Five

Another entry on this list that isn't too surprising is Mexico. Mexico is known for many popular dishes and the cuisine of the country earns it the #4 spot on the Best Countries rankings list. Tacos, burritos, and quesadillas are some of the more well-known Mexican dishes. However, there are many other delicious dishes from Mexico, though. Some of these include chilaquiles, huevos rancheros (ranch eggs), machaca (shredded dried beef), pozole de pollo o guajolete (chicken or wild turkey stew), and discada (plow disc BBQ).

Greece comes in at #5 on this list of the countries with the best food. Now, Greece is part of the answer to the question of what country has the best food because of its many excellent dishes. Moussaka, pastis (Greek lasagna), and papoutsakia (stuffed eggplants) are some of the most popular dishes in the country of Greece. Gyros, Greek meatballs, and Greek beef stew are also popular and delicious.

  • While the scores shown are compiled from hundreds of individual ratings, the notion of the "best" cuisine is highly subjective, and one person's idea of the best cuisine may differ greatly from another's.
  • The score shown for the United Kingdom is the non-weighted average of the scores for England (4.18), Scotland (3.82), Northern Ireland (3.91), and Wales (3.88).

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What is the number 1 cuisine in the world?

According to the Best Countries 2016 list, Italy has the world's top cuisine. Other nations that made the top of global cuisines included Spain, France, Mexico, and Greece.

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