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Average Age of Having First Child by Country 2023

Age of Motherhood in the World

The age of first-time motherhood in the world is influenced by a number of factors within each country. Some countries have traditions where motherhood is encouraged and encouraged early, and they will have very low ages for the age of first-time motherhood in the world. Other countries with booming economies and more progressive social statuses will have a higher age of first-time motherhood on average.

These factors will influence the average age of having a first child by country. Still, by examining many reports, it appears that the mean or the average age of having first child by country is 28 years old. Some women are still having their first child in their forties, in developed countries where a career prevails as a priority. Other women have their first baby in their teens when they live more traditional lifestyles where men are the providers.

Greece Has a High Birth Rate

Greece is an affluent country with a high birth rate, and a government that wants as many future taxpayers in the birth rolls as possible. Still, mothers are working mothers here, and the average age of having a first child is 31 years old. Later in life appears to be a key period of time for women to start having children. Marriage rates do not have anything to do with this, as women in Greece are not waiting for marriage to have children.

Another key factor influencing Greece’s age for first-time motherhood is child-care. There is not as much affordable child-care in Greece as there is in other countries. This contributes significantly to the later onset of first-time motherhood. Work and other family factors are key influencers as well. Many women in Greece are successful and career-minded, and put their priorities there.

Australia Has Babies Early

Australia is a good example of a country with an average age of first-time motherhood that compares well with the average age of having first child by country. In Australia, the average age for having a first child is 30 years old. The range of age for first-time motherhood in Australia is 25-45 years old.

Late motherhood is very common in Australia, with work and financial considerations being key factors here. Educational considerations are also key when it comes to motherhood in Australia, with lower levels of education contributing to low birth rates in those age brackets. Although career plays an important role in the age of first-time motherhood in Australia, it is for the greater good of the children born there. When careers are established, women are more likely to have children.

- For countries for which official data was unavailable, CIA estimates have been used.

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Average Age of Having First Child by Country 2023

What is the average age of first time mothers globally?

Even though women have their first babies at a variety of ages around the globe, 28 is the average age when women become first-time mothers.

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