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Coca Cola Consumption by Country 2024

In 1971, the Coca-Cola Company released a TV commercial that promoted quite lofty goals for a soft-drink company. At a tense time globally, “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” invited everyone on our planet to put aside their differences and come together to enjoy friendly music and a friendly beverage.

The commercial is still used in advertising circles as a perfect model of selling the experience of a product vs. the features of the product. It created warm, happy feelings for this particular brand vs. other cola brands that look and taste fairly similar.

Coca Cola Consumption
United States39,300
United Kingdom4,900

Modern cola wars are now more about flowcharts and aggressive marketing methods than peace and harmony, but Coca-Cola still remains the dominant soft drink worldwide.

Looking at total consumption figures by country, the number varies from year to year, but Mexico holds the honor as of 2023, with an average of 634 8-ounce servings consumed per year by the 128 million residents, slightly down from 665 reported in 2016.

With three exceptions – Cuba, North Korea, and Russia -- Coca-Cola is everywhere. You can still likely find it on the street of these countries, but the company either officially doesn’t do business or has been told it isn’t welcome.

North America is the strongest market for Coca-Cola and other products created and distributed by the company, representing about 20 percent of the company’s overall sales.

From Canada to the U.S. to Mexico, the company reports 320 million consumers purchasing $350 billion of products, with Coca-Cola brands representing about 44 percent of this share. (The rest include sparkling flavors, waters, sports drinks, and juices.)

Business Insider reports that 3.1 percent of all soft drinks consumed around the world are Coca-Cola- products, and 1.7 billion have a Coca-Cola label, such as Diet Coke, Coke Zero, and Caffeine-Free Coke.

The average person drinks one Coca-Cola product every four days, and 92 a year. The average U.S. resident drinks 403 a year, up from 399 in 2009.

Consumption in other countries include China, which drinks 32 a year and India, which drinks 9 a year.

Great Britain, which drinks 202 a year, also has a 97 percent awareness rate. About 12 million Brits indicate they prefer standard Coca-Cola, and 9.1 million prefer Diet Coke.

Coca-Cola is the top soft drink brand in Chile, where it has 10 percent of the market, and is also the top brand in Brazil.

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Which country drinks the most coca cola?

Even though Coca-Cola originated in the US, it's Mexico that drinks the most of it. An average of 634 8-ounce servings are consumed per year.

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