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Countries that Tip 2024

United States

The United States is leading in the countries that tip category, every single time. Tipping is called a gratuity here, where servers or those in customer service ask for a thank you in the form of money. Standard tip amounts range from 15 to 20 percent. You might see it added to your bill in a restaurant, a tip jar at a donut shop, or you may be invited by your conscience to leave one when you are served food or drink by a stranger. Most in the service industry are paid less as they rely on tips as a large source of their income. Follow your instinct here, Americans have a long memory when it comes to those who don't tip.


Canadians are renowned in the world for their polite manners and nice smiles, and you will usually see this reflected in their customer service. Their mindset behind tipping is very similar to America, with a standard tip range from 15 to 20 percent being acceptable. It might be added to your bill in some locations, or you may want to simply follow the country's mindset of offering money as a token of gratuity for service that usually is paid at the rate of minimum wage. This is the case in most countries that tip.

Canadians also typically don't like it and find it inappropriate when they are asked if they want change from a bill. They will decide if and how much they tip. Follow suit. Don't tip too little if you tip. If you don't have enough, don't tip. Pennies or a dollar or two on a $100 bill will be considered an offense that Canadians will not smile over.


Belgium is a little different in Canada in that they do have a "keep the change" policy. That is their standard of tipping, and you might see a bill rounded up to the next dollar value. You can leave that as your tip, or add more if you have found your service experience particularly enlightening.


In Brazil, a tip is a standard practice as it is in America and Canada. It's expected. When you go out, have enough for the meal and the tip. Brazil standards are around the 10 percent mark. What makes this country a little easier to budget for is that their menu prices will already reflect the cost of sales tax. That may make it easier for you to budget your tip. In other countries that tip, customers will tip 15 to 20 percent on the pre-sales total. In Brazil, it is up to you if you want to go above the 10 percent rate.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean is a common place for North Americans to travel as it is often short in travel time and an easy getaway to a location with an ideal climate. The Caribbean is also home to a number of countries that tip and expect tipping in return. The local mindset is very service oriented due to the number of tourists this region sees annually. Often a 10 to 15 percent charge is added to your bill in a restaurant and hotel. Anything additional is up to you, but good tipping will be remembered and rewarded with exceptional service for the entirety of your stay while you are visiting in this region.

  • Countries marked 'included' are those where a tip/gratuity is traditionally added automatically to the bill, often in the form of a 'service charge'.
  • Listed tips are common ranges. Individual service providers may suggest rates that are higher or lower than listed.

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Driver Tip
Hotel Tip
Restaurant Tip
United States152-520
MexicoNo tip1-515
BelizeNo tip2-515
IsraelNo tip1.5-312
Dominican Republic101-210-20
SerbiaRound up1-510-20
NorwayNo tipNo tip10-20
ArmeniaNo tip110-20
ArgentinaNo tip0.5-110-15
PolandNo tip210-15
Saudi Arabia101-210-15
HondurasNo tip2-310-15
United Arab EmiratesRound up1-210-15
North MacedoniaNo tip0.510-15
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines10-15
Antigua and Barbuda10210-15
PhilippinesRound upNo tip10
EgyptNo tip0.25-0.5010
TurkeyRound up1-210
TanzaniaNo tip1-210
United KingdomNo tip2-310
South Africa101-210
ItalyNo tip1-510
KenyaRound up1-510
UgandaNo tip10
UkraineNo tip110
AngolaNo tip10
PeruNo tip110
Ivory Coast1010
Sri LankaNo tip0.5-110
GuatemalaRound up1-210
SenegalNo tip210
BoliviaNo tip0.5-110
SwedenRound upNo tip10
Czech RepublicNo tip210
GreeceNo tip110
NicaraguaNo tip1-210
ParaguayNo tip2-510
Republic of the Congo10
SlovakiaRound up1-210
IrelandNo tip1-210
PanamaNo tip1-210
KuwaitNo tip0.9-1.810
Croatiaround tip2-2.510
UruguayNo tip110
Bosnia and Herzegovina8-201-310
AlbaniaNo tip1-210
BotswanaNo tip0.510
NamibiaNo tip0.5-110
GabonNo tip10
SloveniaNo tip1-210
LatviaNo tipNo tip10
Equatorial Guinea10
EstoniaNo tip2-310
Cyprusround tip1-310
MontenegroNo tip210
MaltaNo tip1-310
Saint Lucia101-210
GrenadaRound up1-210
GambiaNo tip1-27.5
IndiaRound up1-27-10
LithuaniaNo tipNo tip5-15
San MarinoRound up1-55-15
VietnamRound up1-25-10
GermanyNo tip3-55-10
GhanaNo tip0.1-0.25-10
MadagascarNo tip0.5-15-10
VenezuelaNo tip15-10
NetherlandsNo tipNo tip5-10
JordanRound up3-75-10
BelarusNo tipNo tip5-10
Cape VerdeNo tip15-10
Marshall Islands5-10
LiechtensteinNo tipNo tip5-10
TuvaluRound up1-25-10
BangladeshRound up0.2-0.32-10
TaiwanNo tip1No tip
CambodiaNo tip1-2No tip
Costa Ricaround tip2No tip
BrazilNo tip1-2Included
IranNo tip2-3Included
ThailandRound up0.5-1Included
ColombiaNo tip1-2Included
MalaysiaNo tipNo tipIncluded
NepalRound upNo tipIncluded
KazakhstanNo tipIncluded
ChileNo tip1-2Included
EcuadorNo tip1Included
BelgiumNo tipNo tipIncluded
AzerbaijanNo tipNo tipIncluded
SwitzerlandNo tip1-2Included
El SalvadorIncluded
GeorgiaNo tip0.5-1.5Included
Trinidad and TobagoNo tip1-2Included
BhutanNo tipIncluded
LuxembourgNo tip1.5-2Included
BruneiNo tipNo tipIncluded
Bahamasround up1-2Included
IcelandNo tipNo TipIncluded
SeychellesNo tip1Included
Saint Kitts and Nevis102-3Included
MonacoNo tip1-2Included
showing: 140 rows

Which countries tip?

Of all the countries in the world, the United States tips the most, but other countries that tip include Canada, Belgium, Brazil, and the Caribbean.

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