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Testosterone Levels by Country 2024

When considering testosterone levels by country, there are a number of factors studied to determine what countries have the highest levels of testosterone. Overall, however, it is a difficult factor to quantify and generalize to as individuals need to be tested to determine this factor conclusively. That typically does not happen, but some studies do find consent for such research.

Males are typically the highest population studied in testosterone levels by country, although females will have some levels of testosterone. All females have some level of testosterone, and some also do have supplementation of the hormone when sexual identity disparity is in place.

Prostate cancer is one thing that researchers examine when looking at testosterone levels by country. High levels of testosterone can be an indicator of risk for prostate cancer, with Asian males being the least likely to develop this cancer when compared to European and American males.

That could indicate that Americans and Europeans have higher levels of testosterone than Asian males.

Countries with the Highest Testosterone Levels

Testosterone Levels
Saudi Arabia605

Developed Countries Have Higher Testosterone

It is postulated that the countries with the highest levels of testosterone are developed countries. The United States is said to have the largest levels of testosterone in the world. Sweden and Trinidad and Tobago come in second and third in most studies of countries with high testosterone levels. Japan also has a high level of testosterone and is one of the most developed countries in the world, second probably to the United States.

Overall, males in Asian countries outside of Japan typically tend to have lower levels of testosterone than the Japanese. Their body stature may have something to do with this, and occupation types may as well. Body size may have nothing to do with it, as there have been some declines in testosterone rates in the United States and obesity is considered a cause of that.

When an individual gains fat, their testosterone production is going to decrease as other hormones function to maintain new weight gain. Muscle growth is going to lead to an increase in testosterone production, and many people will even supplement with testosterone in order to improve muscle growth.

Other Factors Impacting Testosterone Levels

Job type and region are predictors of testosterone levels in some cases. Males that work shifts at desks or cashiers or do not work in manual labor, such as farms or factories, are likely to have lower levels of testosterone than males in jobs with manual labor. Lower rates of testosterone may also be connected to lower rates in smoking cigarettes with tobacco as well.

  • Testosterone levels are measured in nanograms per deciliter of fluid (ng/dL).
  • Data compiled from multiple studies dated 2010-2022.

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What country has the highest testosterone levels?

In 2023, Mongolia had the world's highest testosterone levels.

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