History is the study of past events and their impact on human societies. This category includes metrics such as historical landmarks, museums, and archaeological sites.


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Allies During WWIInformation on the countries that made up the Allied Powers during World War I. The Allied countries in WWI fought against the Central Powers of WWI and were also known as the Entente Powers of WWI. The Allies consisted of many of the countries involved in World War I.
Allies During WWIIInformation on the countries that made up the Allied Powers during World War II. The Allies of World War II fought against the Axis Powers of World War II and included many of the countries involved in WWII.
American Revolution Countries InvolvedHistoric information and profiles of the countries involved in the American Revolutionary War, which could also be considered the countries that helped found the United States, including England, France, and Spain.
Axis Powers of World War II (WWII)List of Axis Powers during World War II, offering insights into the countries that were part of the Axis alliance including the one that started on the side of the Axis Powers but ended up siding with the Allies by the end of the war.
Countries Involved in World War 1 (WWWI)List of nations involved in World War I, including a brief description of the opposing factions during the conflict.
Countries Involved in World War Two (WWII)Comprehensive overview of the countries involved in World War II, highlighting the global scale and impact of the conflict and outlining the formation of the Allies and the Axis Powers, including lists of countries that joined each side, along with their respective dates of entry into the conflict.
Countries Obama BombedA complete list of countries bombed by the United States during President Barack Obama's two terms in office.
Countries that have Landed on the MoonDetails of the countries whose space programs have achieved a moon landing. Includes both manned and unmanned moon landings, including the country that has landed on the moon the most.
Countries that Recognize the Armenian GenocideList of countries that recognize and acknowledge the Armenian Genocide, which took place in the Ottoman Empire during World War I and wiped out more than 1 million Armenians.
Countries the United States Has OverthrownDetails of every country the United States has overthrown, list of countries overthrown by the U.S., list of countries overthrown by the United States.
D-Day Casualties by CountryDetailed overview of D-Day casualties by country, offering insights into the losses suffered by various nations during the Allied invasion of Normandy on June 6, 1944, during World War II.
Eastern Bloc CountriesBrief overview of Eastern Bloc countries, offering insights into the nations that comprised this geopolitical alliance during the Cold War era with an explanation of the term "Eastern Bloc".
Failed StatesDetails on the various failed states and fragile states of the world, including the definition of a failed state and the
Former USSR CountriesThe Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, also known as the Soviet Union or the USSR, was a vast Eurasian country that existed from 1922 to 1991.
Greek City-StatesList of Greek city-states. During its earliest years, Greece was not a single country as it is today. Instead, Ancient Greece was comprised of city-states.
How Long Does a Country Last?Information about how long countries last, including the oldest countries in the world, the youngest countries in the world, the average age of a country and how long countries usually last.
How Many Countries has the US Invaded as of ?Information on the number of countries the United States has invaded throughout its history, featuring data on the primary type of interaction, the year of the invasion, a specific role undertaken, and additional details.
Last Country to Abolish SlaveryDetails on the last country to abolish slavery, including countries in which slavery still exists and when slavery was abolished in the United States (US).
Neutral Countries in World War IIData and information regarding countries that remained neutral in World War II rather than allying with either the Axis powers or the Allies.
Oldest CountriesList of the oldest countries in the world, highlighting the top ten oldest countries by date of self-sovereignty, and by date of earliest known organized government as well as the ten youngest countries in the world.
Oldest Country in EuropeDetails and analysis on the oldest country in Europe, Europe's oldest country, and which country is the oldest in Europe.
Papal StatesDetails of the Papal states, a group of territories located in the Italian peninsula that existed from 756-1870 and was also known as 'The State of the Church.'
Past Life Expectancy by CountryDetailed overview of past life expectancy by country through the years, including which country has the oldest life expectancy in the world.
Shilings CountriesList of countries that use the shilling as their currency, including details on its current status and historical usage dates.
Soviet Union CountriesList of countries that were part of the Soviet Union, including a brief overview of the early history of the Soviet Union and many more details about this former geopolitical entity.
Spanish Flu Deaths by CountryDetails of the number of Spanish Flu deaths by country, including number of deaths from Spanish Flu and Spanish Flu fatalities per country.
Triple Alliance CountriesBrief overview of Triple Alliance countries, offering insights into the historical military and diplomatic alliance.
Triple Entente CountriesBrief overview of Triple Entente countries, a coalition formed in response to the rising power of the Triple Alliance.
Trucial StatesInformation on the Trucial states, a group of Middle Eastern sheikdoms that were allied with the British Empire from 1820 to 1971 and have since become independent countries.
United States Involvement in Other CountriesHistoric list of scenarios in which the United States became involved, either politically, economically, or militarily, in the affairs of another nation.
US Date of Recognition by CountryDetailed information on the dates when various countries officially recognized the United States as an independent and sovereign nation.
Viking CountriesBrief overview of Viking countries, detailing both the original homelands of the Vikings and the countries where they permanently settled.
War Torn Countries
Warsaw Pact Countries
What Countries Had Concentration Camps? / Countries with Concentration CampsDetails of which countries had concentration camps during World War II, as well as the locations of the largest and most extensive concentration camps.
What Countries were Involved in the Holocaust?Details on which countries were involved in the Holocaust, including countries that executed the Holocaust, countries that were victimized during the Holocaust, and countries in which the Holocaust took place.
Which Countries Did Germany Invade During World War 2?
Which Countries Spoke Latin?Details on which countries historically spoke Latin and ways in which Latin is still in use today.
World War II Casualties by Country
Yugoslavia CountriesComprehensive overview of the former country in Southeast Europe, Yugoslavia, detailing their populations, demographics, and other relevant statistics.
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