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Average Hair Length by Country 2024

How a person styles their hair, including the length they choose, is a highly personal decision that's influenced by a variety of personal and social factors. However, there are some interesting trends when it comes to average hair length from one country to another.

To begin, it's vital to define what's considered "long hair." For women, this generally includes hair below the shoulders, while for men, it's typically somewhat shorter. Short hair can typically be considered under 2 inches for men and 3-4 inches for women. However, acceptable hair lengths can vary significantly by country based on culture, religion, and other lifestyle factors.

The world's longest hair is generally accepted to belong to women who are members of China's Red Yao Tribe. Most women traditionally only cut their hair once in their lifetimes at age 18. Some can grow hair up to six feet long. Other nearby countries in Southeast Asia, like India, may also encourage women to grow longer-than-average hair. In addition, Mbalantu women from the African nation of Angola have been noted for their long, healthy hair.

Some countries likely on the shorter side of the average hair length list are those with compulsory military service, like Israel and South Korea. Culturally, nations in the Americas and Western Europe tend to have shorter hair (particularly among men), though this has relaxed somewhat in recent decades. Some interpretations of Islamic customs also dictate shorter hair.

Overall, it's vital to remember that these are all estimates, as there's no definitive data on hair length. Hair length is a private decision, and neither those giving nor receiving haircuts typically have an authoritative record of how long the hair is. While there are notable trends and tendencies in some nations and regions, this is likely one of the characteristics with lower-than-average variation around the world.

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Average Hair Length
Women's Hair Length (in)
Men's Hair Length (in)
Common Hair Types
South Sudan11148Curly, Coily
Republic of the Congo11148Curly, Coily
India10.75156.5Straight, Wavy, Curly
Vietnam10.5138Straight, Wavy
Turkey10.5147Straight, Wavy
Afghanistan10.5138Straight, Wavy
Saudi Arabia10.5147Straight, Wavy
Uzbekistan10.5138Straight, Wavy
Yemen10.5138Straight, Wavy
Sri Lanka10.5147Straight, Wavy
Zambia10.5138Curly, Coily
Cambodia10.5147Straight, Wavy
Sierra Leone10.5147Curly, Coily
Libya10.5138Straight, Wavy
Kyrgyzstan10.5147Straight, Wavy
Mauritania10.5138Curly, Coily
United States10137Straight, Wavy, Curly
Brazil10137Curly, Wavy, Straight
Russia10146Straight, Wavy
Iran10128Straight, Wavy
Germany10137Straight, Wavy, Thick
United Kingdom10137Straight, Wavy, Curly
Myanmar10146Straight, Wavy
Colombia10137Wavy, Curly, Straight
Spain10137Wavy, Curly, Frizzy
Argentina10137Straight, Wavy, Curly
Poland10137Straight, Curly, Thick
Canada10137Straight, Thick, Wavy
Peru10137Wavy, Curly, Straight
Malaysia10128Straight, Wavy
Madagascar10137Curly, Coily
Australia10137Straight, Wavy, Curly
Syria10128Straight, Wavy
Mali10137Curly, Coily
Kazakhstan10146Straight, Wavy
Romania10137Straight, Wavy, Thick
Senegal10128Curly, Coily
Sweden10137Straight, Thick, Wavy
Greece10137Curly, Thick, Wavy
Israel10137Straight, Wavy
Switzerland10137Straight, Wavy, Thick
Denmark10137Straight, Wavy, Thick
Slovakia10137Straight, Thick, Wavy
Finland10137Straight, Thick, Wavy
Norway10137Straight, Thick, Wavy
New Zealand10137Straight, Wavy, Curly
Lebanon10146Straight, Wavy
Ireland10137Straight, Wavy, Curly
Oman10146Straight, Wavy
Qatar10137Straight, Wavy
Slovenia10137Straight, Wavy, Curly
Cyprus10128Straight, Wavy
Mexico9.912.96.9Wavy, Curly, Thick
Portugal9.912.96.9Wavy, Curly, Thick
Austria9.912.96.9Wavy, Curly, Thick
Bulgaria9.912.96.9Wavy, Curly, Thick
Chile9.812.86.8Straight, Wavy, Curly
Netherlands9.812.86.8Straight, Wavy, Thin
Czech Republic9.812.86.8Wavy, Thick, Curly
Hungary9.712.76.7Straight, Curly, Thick
Belgium9.612.66.6Straight, Curly, Thin
Croatia9.612.66.6Straight, Curly, Wavy
Indonesia9.5127Straight, Wavy
Pakistan9.5136Straight, Wavy
Nigeria9.5136Curly, Coily
Ethiopia9.5145Curly, Coily
Philippines9.5127Straight, Wavy
Egypt9.5127Straight, Wavy, Curly
DR Congo9.5127Curly, Coily
France9.512.56.5Straight, Curly, Frizzy
South Africa9.5145Curly, Coily
Kenya9.5136Curly, Coily
Sudan9.5145Curly, Coily
Iraq9.5136Straight, Wavy
Algeria9.5136Straight, Wavy, Curly
Angola9.5145Curly, Coily
Ghana9.5127Curly, Coily
Nepal9.5127Straight, Wavy
Ivory Coast9.5118Curly, Coily
Cameroon9.5145Curly, Coily
Niger9.5145Curly, Coily
Malawi9.5145Curly, Coily
Chad9.5127Curly, Coily
Somalia9.5136Curly, Coily
Rwanda9.5127Curly, Coily
Burundi9.5136Curly, Coily
Azerbaijan9.5136Straight, Wavy
Tajikistan9.5127Straight, Wavy
Togo9.5127Curly, Coily
Turkmenistan9.5127Straight, Wavy
Central African Republic9.5136Curly, Coily
Kuwait9.5118Straight, Wavy
Eritrea9.5145Curly, Coily
Georgia9.5118Straight, Wavy
Mongolia9.5136Straight, Wavy
Gambia9.5145Curly, Coily
Armenia9.5127Straight, Wavy
Botswana9.5145Curly, Coily
Gabon9.5136Curly, Coily
Lesotho9.5136Curly, Coily
Equatorial Guinea9.5118Curly, Coily
Bahrain9.5127Straight, Wavy
Eswatini9.5127Curly, Coily
Djibouti9.5127Curly, Coily
Comoros9.5118Curly, Coily
Bhutan9.5136Straight, Wavy
Seychelles9.5145Curly, Coily
Bangladesh9126Straight, Wavy
Morocco9117Straight, Wavy
Mozambique9126Curly, Coily
Burkina Faso9126Curly, Coily
Zimbabwe9117Curly, Coily
Tunisia9126Straight, Wavy
Jordan9117Straight, Wavy
United Arab Emirates9126Straight, Wavy
Singapore9117Straight, Wavy
Liberia9126Curly, Coily
Namibia9117Curly, Coily
Maldives9126Straight, Wavy
Thailand8.5116Straight, Wavy
South Korea8.5116Straight, Wavy
Benin8.5116Curly, Coily
Laos8.5116Straight, Wavy
Palestine8.5116Straight, Wavy
Italy7.596Straight, Wavy
Western Sahara48Straight, Wavy
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What is considered long hair for a woman?

It's considered long hair if the hair touches the shoulders.

Which country has the longest average hair?

The longest average hair length belongs to the women of the Red Yao Tribe in China.

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