English Proficiency by Country 2023

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1. Netherlands

Based on the EF EPI test, the Netherlands scored 663, indicating a very high proficiency in English. Anything above 600 is considered proficient. Narrowing down the test results further, Amsterdam earned the highest score of 683, suggesting the most proficient English speakers are centered in major urban cities.

2. Austria

According to the EF EPI test, Austria scored 641, earning the title of the second-most English proficient country. In the previous report, Austria was listed as the sixth most proficient, indicating a pretty drastic jump to the top of the list. Vienna was in the top five countries for English proficiency when examining individual cities.

3. Denmark

The third most English-proficient country is Denmark, scoring a 636. Although lower than other countries, this score still makes the country extremely proficient. The top three most English-proficient countries are all in Europe, which collectively earned a 552 score.

4. Singapore

The first non-European country on the list ranking the highest English proficient countries is Singapore. Based on the EF EPI test, Singapore earned a 635, denoting it a very high proficiency country. This most recent test is the highest Singapore has ever placed for English proficiency.

5. Norway

The 5th most English proficient country is Norway, another European country. Norway earned a 632 on the exam, still qualifying it as an extremely proficient English-speaking country. Norway rounds out the top five most English-proficient countries.

6. Belgium

Belgium makes the list to continue the trend that European countries are more proficient in English than other countries. Belgium scored a 629, indicating it has a very high proficiency in English.

7. Portugal

Portugal is a very high English-proficient country scoring an average score of 625 on the EF EPI proficiency test. This score is in line with other European countries, and it follows that the most proficient areas of Portugal are in the central city regions.

8. Sweden

Rounding out the top 8 countries, Sweden scored a 623 proficiency score. Although lower on the list, Stockholm was in the top five cities worldwide for English proficiency.

What Age Group Is Most Proficient in English?

The age group most proficient in English is between 26 and 40. This age range earned an average of 529 on the EF EPI test. The next most proficient age group was the 21 to 25-year-olds, scoring a 517, and the group of people aged 41 and older scored a 500. Alarmingly, the 18-20 year age group was the least proficient in English. A perfect score on the test is a 700.

What Industries Are Most Proficient?

Although younger age groups did not test as well for English proficiency, it makes sense when the test takers’ occupation is considered. The most proficient industries were those surrounding engineering, consulting, or information technology. Generally, the 26 to 40-year age range coincides with experienced working professionals.

English Proficiency by Country 2023

English Proficiency by Country 2023