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Homelessness by Country 2023

The problem of homelessness knows no barriers and countries all over the world struggle to combat this awful problem. The chart below not only highlights the sheer size and scope of the homelessness issue, it also reveals that the problem is truly in virtually every town, city, state, and territory around the globe.

Here is a look at those daunting numbers and the reach of homelessness all over the world. While some of this data may be estimated, it doesn't deter us from the fact that the problem of homelessness is real, and it is considerable.


One of the largest issues in India is homelessness. India is one of the two most populated countries in the world, with a natural birth rate that is much higher than China, which holds the record for the highest population in the world. Homelessness is often described at face value, that is, those who do not have an abode to call home. However, homelessness is a much larger issue that plagues India and the rest of the world. Of course, it is not enough just to have a few walls and a roof, as anything can be made into a quick shelter for emergencies. Having a home should be an adequate abode that provides the proper heating and cooling for the residents, as well as access to essential and some other needed services.

Homelessness in India is largely due to poverty, which is exacerbated by its large population. Many Indians choose to work overseas or even migrate outside of the country to look for any job opportunities that may be present, as there is a huge issue of unemployment in the country. This has created a stereotype for Indian freelancers, who are looking to work at any job that they can find. In reality, this displays the root issue, which is equal access to resources, currency, and shelter within the country.


Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa, and this presents an epidemic of homelessness throughout the nation. Over 24 million people are considered homeless, with many more not having appropriate access to a proper dwelling that has access to some of the most basic services. With this being said, Nigeria is not as deep in poverty as others may think, as there are a lot of resources contained within the country. Much of the issue is due to access to wealth, which is often exploited by other countries or even their state.

Furthermore, because of its large size, Nigerians experience a huge influx of both immigration and emigration, which changes the ownership of houses frequently. This could be a good thing, in theory, but usually, this also means that natural gentrification occurs, as investors are looking to build more elaborate and expensive houses to procure a higher rental income or to flip into a more profitable business venture. With this being said, Nigeria also has a lot of land for sale, so philanthropic and charitable organizations could take advantage of this to create a more acceptable situation.

United States

While it is considered the leader of the world stage, the United States still has one of the biggest problems with homelessness, even when compared to more impoverished countries. With a homeless population per night of over half a million souls, the numbers are concerning. The volume of homeless increases every year - with many more living in makeshift tents and other dwellings that do little more than offer some brief respite from the harsh outdoor conditions, such as at nighttime or during the winter.

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Homelessness by Country 2023

Which country has the highest rate of homelessness?

Nigeria has the world's greatest number of homelessness. Within the nation, 24 million people don't have homes.

Which country has the lowest rate of homelessness?

Granada has the fewest homeless people in the world, with only 68 homeless people in 2023.

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