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Zoos by Country 2024

The American Zoo and Aquarium Association (AZA) reports a staggering 10,000 zoos worldwide, reflecting the global popularity of these wildlife sanctuaries. Major cities and national capitals around the world are home to these zoos, each offering unique insights into the animal kingdom.

In the United States, the love for zoos is particularly notable with a leading count of 350 zoos, including aquariums. Among these, California, Florida, and Texas boast the highest numbers. Highlighting ethical practices, some of the most commendable U.S. zoos include the San Diego Zoo, Austin Zoo, Indianapolis Zoo, Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, and Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park.

Germany follows closely with 316 zoos, proudly housing the world's largest zoo. The Berlin Zoo, covering over 80 acres and hosting 18,600 animals, draws over 3 million visitors annually, making it a significant attraction. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom contributes 118 zoos to the global count. Notably, the London Zoo, founded in 1826 primarily as a research center, and the ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, stand out as the largest in the UK.

In fourth place, Australia's 104 zoos, including the famous Taronga Zoo and the National Zoo and Aquarium, attract numerous tourists each year. Japan, with its 96 zoos, holds a special place in history with the Ueno Zoo, established in 1882 as the nation's first and now its largest. Brazil, home to 80 zoos and aquariums, showcases unique wildlife like the Jaguar and Brazilian tapir. The BioParque do Rio, São Paulo Zoo, and Rio de Janeiro Zoological Garden are among its most prominent.

India's 66 zoos include the renowned National Zoological Park in Delhi, the oldest in the country, housing species like the Royal Bengal tiger and Asiatic lion. Canada's zoos, over 100,000 animals strong across various species, are exemplified by the Toronto Zoo, which alone is home to 5,000 animals and 450 species.

China contributes 34 zoos and aquariums, with the Beijing Zoo in the Xicheng District being a notable mention due to its collection of 4,500 animals, including the beloved giant pandas. The Czech Republic also has 34 zoos, with the Prague Zoo (Zoo Praha) not only being the most visited in the country but also ranking as the fifth best in the world.

  • List includes traditional zoos, safari parks, aviaries, butterfly parks, reptile centers, wildlife sanctuaries, animal theme parks, and nature reserves that allow visitors.
  • The list is not intended to include aquariums unless they are part of a zoo, such as Germany's Aquazoo Lubbecke Museum.
  • The number of zoos in some countries (such as Germany and Ukraine in particular) may be inflated due to the inclusion of zoos that have ceased operations since the list was last audited.

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# of Zoos
Top Zoos
List of Zoos
Zoos Links
United States350San Diego Zoo, Bronx Zoo, Brookfield Zoo, Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme ParkAll zoosSource
Germany316Berlin Zoological Garden, Hellabrunn Zoo, Wilhelma ZooAll zoosSource
United Kingdom118Chester Zoo, ZSL London Zoo, ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, Edinburgh ZooAll zoosSource
Australia104Melbourne Zoo, Australia Zoo, Adelaide Zoo, Rockhampton Zoo, Taronga Zoo SydneyAll zoosSource
Japan96Ueno Zoo, Asahiyama Zoo, Zoorasia Yokohama Zoological GardensAll zoosSource
Brazil80Gramado Zoo, Sao Paulo Zoo, Belo Horizonte Zoological Park and Botanical GardenAll zoosSource
India66National Zoological Park, Mysore Zoo, Indira Gandhi Zoological ParkAll zoosSource
Canada40Toronto Zoo, Granby Zoo, Assiniboine Park ZooAll zoosSource
China34Beijing Zoo, Shanghai Zoo, Guangzhou Zoo, Shenzhen Safari ParkAll zoosSource
Czech Republic34Plzeň Zoo, Prague Zoo, Ostrava ZooAll zoosSource
Italy31Bioparco di Roma, Zoosafari, Zoom TorinoAll zoosSource
France27ZooParc de Beauval, Zoo de la Flèche, Réserve Africaine de SigeanAll zoosSource
Poland24Wrocław Zoo and Africarium, Lodz Zoo, Poznan ZooAll zoosSource
Russia23Moscow Zoo, Novosibirsk Zoo, Leningrad ZooAll zoosSource
Philippines21Cebu Safari, Zoobic Safari, Avilon ZooAll zoosSource
Malaysia20Zoo Negara Malaysia, Zoo Melaka, Taiping ZooAll zoosSource
Spain19Madrid Zoo, Faunia Madrid, Loro ParqueAll zoosSource
Pakistan17Lahore Zoo, Changa Manga Forest and Wildlife Park, Rani BaghAll zoosSource
Netherlands17ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo, Diergaarde Blijdorp, Beekse Bergen Safari ParkAll zoosSource
Indonesia15Bali Zoo, Lombok Wildlife Park, Batu Secret Zoo,All zoosSource
Argentina15Zoo Lujan, Temaiken Biopark, Arca de NoeAll zoosSource
Romania15Targu Mures Zoo, La Gradina Zoo, Zoo BrazovAll zoosSource
Hungary15Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden, Szeged Zoo, Veszprém ZooAll zoosSource
Sweden14Skånes Djurpark, Nordens Ark Zoo, Soderasens Algpark (moose park)All zoosSource
Mexico13Guadalajara Zoo, Zoomat, Chapultepec ZooAll zoosSource
Thailand13Safari World Bangkok , Khao Kheow Open Zoo, Korat ZooAll zoosSource
Israel12Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, Safari Ramat Gan, Haifa Educational ZooAll zoosSource
Costa Rica12Zoo Ave, Arenal Eco Zoo, Santa Ana Conservation CentreAll zoosSource
Bangladesh11Dhaka Zoo, Dulahazra Safari Park, Bangladesh National ZooAll zoosSource
South Africa11Johannesburg Zoo, National Zoological Gardens of South Africa, Kwantu Private Game ReserveAll zoosSource
Switzerland11Natur-und Tierpark Goldau, Zoo Zurich, Zoo BaselAll zoosSource
Finland11Ranua Zoo, Helsinki Zoo, Ahtari ZooAll zoosSource
Ireland11Dublin Zoo, Belfast Zoo, Secret Valley Wildlife Park and ZooAll zoosSource
Ukraine9Nikolaev Zoo, Cherkasy Zoo, Rivne ZooAll zoosSource
Denmark9Odense Zoo, Copenhagen Zoo, Givskud Zoo ZootopiaAll zoosSource
Nigeria8UI Zoo, National Children's Park and Zoo, OOPL Wildlife ParkAll zoosSource
Turkey8Ormanya, Gaziantep Zoo, Izmir Dogal Yasam ParkiAll zoosSource
Portugal8Zoo Santo Inácio, Parque Zoológico de Lagos, Jardim ZooAll zoosSource
New Zealand8Brooklands Zoo, Auckland Zoo, Wellington ZooAll zoosSource
Colombia7Parque Explora, Zoologico de Cali, Biopark GuatikaAll zoosSource
Taiwan7Taipei Zoo, Hsinchu Zoo, Shousan ZooAll zoosSource
Belgium7Planckendael Zoo, Pairi Daiza, vzw De Zonnegloed SanctuaryAll zoosSource
United Arab Emirates7Al Ain Zoo, Emirates Park Zoo and Resort, Arabian Wildlife Center,All zoosSource
Austria7Vienna Zoo, Salzburg Zoo, Tierwelt HerbersteinAll zoosSource
Egypt6Giza Zoo, Alexandria Zoo, Fayoum ZooAll zoosSource
Chile6Buin Zoo, Chilean National Zoo, Parque ZooAll zoosSource
Serbia6Palić Zoo, Belgrade Zoo, Ekopark BeogradAll zoosSource
Norway6Dyreparken in Kristiansand, Bjorneparken, Den Lille DyrehageAll zoosSource
Hong Kong5Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens, Hong Kong Wetland Park, Ocean ParkAll zoosSource
Bulgaria5Gorica Zoo, Zoopark, Zoo Centre DobrichAll zoosSource
Slovakia5Bojnice Zoo, Košice Zoo, Kontakt ZooAll zoosSource
Croatia5Maksimir Park, Zagreb Zoo, Osijek ZooAll zoosSource
Iran4Tehran Zoological Garden, Vakil Abad Zoo, Bandar Abbas Bird GardenAll zoosSource
South Korea4Dalseong Park, Everland Zoo-topia, Seoul Grand Park ZooAll zoosSource
Peru4Parque de las Leyendas, Zoológico de Quistococha, Parque Zoológico de HuachipaAll zoosSource
Cyprus4Limassol Zoo, Paphos Zoo, Melios ZooAll zoosSource
Myanmar3Naypyidaw Zoological Gardens, Yadanabon Zoological Gardens – Mandalay, Yangon ZooAll zoosSource
Algeria3Algiers Zoo, Jijel Zoo, Oran ZooAll zoosSource
Morocco3Rabat Zoo, Dream Village Zoo, Parc Sindibad ZooAll zoosSource
Nepal3Central Zoo, Banbatika Zoo, Pokhara Zoological parkAll zoosSource
Madagascar3Tsimbazaza Zoo – Antananarivo, Lemurs' Park – near Antananarivo, Parc Ivoloina – near ToamasinaAll zoosSource
Sri Lanka3National Zoological Gardens of Sri Lanka, Pinnawala Open Zoo, Ridiyagama Safari ParkAll zoosSource
Kazakhstan3Almaty Zoo, Karaganda Zoo, Shymkent ZooAll zoosSource
Ecuador3Bioparque Amaru – Cuenca, Guayabamba Zoo – Quito, Parque Condor – OtavaloAll zoosSource
Papua New Guinea3Port Moresby Nature Park, Adventure Park PNG – Port Moresby, Rainforest Habitat – LaeAll zoosSource
Singapore3Night Safari, River Wonders, Singapore ZooAll zoosSource
Latvia3Latgales Zoo – Daugavpils, Minizoo "Dobuļi" – Iecava Municipality, Riga ZooAll zoosSource
DR Congo2Parc Zoologique de Lubumbashi, Zoo National de KinshasaAll zoosSource
Vietnam2Thu Le Park zoo – Hanoi, Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens – Ho Chi Minh CityAll zoosSource
Iraq2Baghdad Zoo, Erbil ZooAll zoosSource
Uzbekistan2Toshkent Zoo, Termiz ZooAll zoosSource
Yemen2Sana'a Zoo, Ta'izz ZooAll zoosSource
Ghana2Kumasi Zoo, Accra ZooAll zoosSource
Guatemala2Auto Safari Chapin – Escuintla, La Aurora Zoo – Guatemala CityAll zoosSource
Tunisia2Tunis Zoo, Friguia Park– BoufichaAll zoosSource
Greece2Attica Zoological Park – Athens, Zoological Park of Thessaloniki – ThessalonikiAll zoosSource
Belarus2Hrodna Zoo, Minsk ZooAll zoosSource
Libya2Benghazi Zoo, Tripoli ZooAll zoosSource
Uruguay2Parque Lecocq – Montevideo, Zoológico Municipal Villa Dolores – MontevideoAll zoosSource
Bosnia and Herzegovina2Pionirska dolina – Sarajevo, Zoo vrt Bingo – TuzlaAll zoosSource
Qatar2Al Khor Family Park and Zoo, Al Dosari Zoo and Game ReserveAll zoosSource
North Macedonia2Bitola Zoo – Bitola, Skopje Zoo – SkopjeAll zoosSource
Estonia2Elistvere Animal Park – Elistvere, Jõgeva County; Tallinn Zoo – TallinnAll zoosSource
Mauritius2Casela Nature Park, La Vanille Nature ParkAll zoosSource
Macau2Jardim da Flora, Macau Giant Panda Pavilion – Parque de Seac Pai VanAll zoosSource
Ethiopia1Addis Ababa Lion ZooAll zoosSource
Tanzania1Dar es Salaam ZooAll zoosSource
Kenya1Haller Park – Bamburi, MombasaAll zoosSource
Uganda1Uganda Wildlife Education CentreAll zoosSource
Afghanistan1Kabul ZooAll zoosSource
Saudi Arabia1Riyadh ZooAll zoosSource
Mozambique1Maputo ZooAll zoosSource
Ivory Coast1Abidjan ZooAll zoosSource
Venezuela1Bararida ZooAll zoosSource
Cameroon1Mvog-Betsi ZooAll zoosSource
North Korea1Korea Central Zoo – PyongyangAll zoosSource
Mali1Bamako ZooAll zoosSource
Burkina Faso1Ouagadougou ZooAll zoosSource
Malawi1Lilongwe Wildlife CentreAll zoosSource
Zambia1Munda Wanga Environmental ParkAll zoosSource
Senegal1Hann Zoological Park – DakarAll zoosSource
Azerbaijan1Baku ZooAll zoosSource
Paraguay1Botanical Garden and Zoo of Asunción – AsunciónAll zoosSource
Turkmenistan1Ashgabat ZooAll zoosSource
Republic of the Congo1Brazzaville ZooAll zoosSource
Palestine1Qalqilya Zoo – West BankAll zoosSource
Panama1Parque Municipal Summit – Panama CityAll zoosSource
Georgia1Tbilisi ZooAll zoosSource
Moldova1Chişinău Zoo, ChişinăuAll zoosSource
Albania1Tirana ZooAll zoosSource
Armenia1Yerevan ZooAll zoosSource
Lithuania1Lithuanian Zoo – KaunasAll zoosSource
Slovenia1Ljubljana Zoo – LjubljanaAll zoosSource
Fiji1Kula Wild Adventure Park – SigatokaAll zoosSource
Guyana1Guyana ZooAll zoosSource
Suriname1Paramaribo Zoo – ParamariboAll zoosSource
Belize1Belize ZooAll zoosSource
French Guiana1French Guiana Zoo – MontsinéryAll zoosSource
New Caledonia1Parc Forestier de Nouméa – NouméaAll zoosSource
Guam1Guam Zoo – TumonAll zoosSource
Bermuda1Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and ZooAll zoosSource
Monaco1Zoological Garden of MonacoAll zoosSource
Gibraltar1Alameda Wildlife Conservation ParkAll zoosSource
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Which country has the most zoos?

Worldwide there is an estimated 10,000 zoos of all types and definitions. The United States of America has the most zoos (350), of any single country. Within the European Union, Germany ranks first with 316 zoos and zoo parks.

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