Countries with No Homeless 2022

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Are there any countries with no homeless? While there is no definitive answer, some reports have claimed that Japan has a homelessness rate of 0%.

We can't state with absolute certainty that those numbers are true and accurate, but if they are, then Japan stands alone in that feat. What that also means for the rest of the world is that there are homeless who need help.

In some cases, the issue of homelessness is overwhelming, while other countries don't experience the same level of concerns. Here is a look at some of the homeless rates around the globe.

Homeless Rates Around the World

There is a wide range of variance between countries that have a great number of homeless people and countries that have very few.

The Netherlands

Homeless issues in the Netherlands is a growing and relatively new concern. With approximately 40,000 homeless, the country is working to find answers to the problem and to slow this unwelcome trend.


The homeless problem in Germany is well-documented, and with more than a half million people seeking help, there is good reason for it. There is no immediate answer to the homeless issue in Germany, and part of the problem fixing the homeless issue is the number of different causes propelling it.


Like many countries dealing with homelessness, Spain is witnessing a disproportionate number of homeless among the migrant population. Another concerning issue in Spain is the high number of youth (18-29) that are dealing with homelessness.

The United States

Despite its success, wealth, and status as a world power, the US still struggles to find answers to its homelessness problem. 2020 census reports show that more that a half million homeless people live within the United States. While there are many initiatives and programs in place, there has been little accomplished by way of fixing the homeless problem in America.


The poverty level and issues plaguing Mexico are the major reasons for the nearly 500,00 homeless in the streets of Mexico. Along with drugs, gang warfare, and lack of a viable government infrastructure, the country of Mexico has long fought the battle of poverty and homelessness.


The country of Syria is on the extreme end of the homeless spectrum, with more than 6 million people. Other countries like Somalia also face daunting homeless numbers and remind everyone that the battle of homelessness faces us all.

Countries with No Homeless 2022

Countries with No Homeless 2022