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Global Terrorism Index by Country 2024

The Global Terrorism Index (GTI) comes from the Institute of Economics and Peace. Nations on the GTI have rankings based on their scores. These index values from reflect the level of terrorism's influence on the country.

What the Global Terrorism Index Means

In 2023, the GTI measured terrorism's impact on 163 countries. Values on the index range from 0 to 10, and scores at the bottom of the list reflect no terrorism impact on a country. As scores increase closer to 10, the impact terrorism has on life in a country also goes up. Therefore, countries at the bottom of the index have lower terrorism problems than those at the top of the list.

Data Used for the Global Terrorism Index

The index values come from a weighted average of four indicators from the last five years. These indicators include hostages, fatalities, injuries, and incidents of terrorist activity. Each year, a new GTI comes out with recalculated values for countries.

Findings of the 2023 Global Terrorism Index

The GTI found a rise in the fatality of terrorism, going up 26% compared to 2022. Additionally, the report discovered the world's most impacted region as The Sahel. This region has the Sahara Desert to the north and more tropical environments to the south. This part of the world saw 43% of all terrorism deaths in the world. It also had an increase in its share of fatalities of 7% from the previous year.

Lastly, the report uncovered terrorism as proliferating in places that had ecological issues or severe impacts from climate change.

Nations Ranking Highest on the Global Terrorism Index

The country at the top of the Global Terrorism Index based on the 2022 report was Afghanistan. Its score of 8.822 indicates a very strong impact on the country by terrorist actions. The second highest on the list from 2022 was Burkina Faso, which had a GTI score of 8.564. The other countries in the top five scores were Somalia, Mali, and Syria. In line with the most recent report, both Burkina Faso and Mali are in the Sahel region.

Countries at the Bottom of the Global Terrorism Index

Seventy out of 163 countries tied for 93rd place on the GTI because they all had scores of 0. This score indicates no terrorism impacts on the country. Some of these 70 countries included Albania, Cuba, Eritrea, Panama, Kuwait, Laos, Singapore, and El Salvador.

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