Reddit Users by Country 2023

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What Country Has the Most Reddit Users?

Reddit is one of the most popular online forums in the world, and people from all over the world access Reddit when they are looking for information. Reddit was created in the United States, so it should come as no surprise that the United States also has the most users. In general, the United States is responsible for approximately half of all Reddit users. At the same time, as the popularity of this website has grown across the world, the proportion of Reddit users coming from the United States has steadily declined. This does not mean that Reddit is becoming less popular in the United States, but it does mean that it is becoming more popular in other parts of the world.

What Countries Outside of the United States Have the Most Reddit Users?

There are several countries outside of the United States that also frequently visit Reddit. The United Kingdom and Canada or the two countries outside of the United States that have the most Reddit users. While the United States currently has approximately 49 percent of all Reddit users. Both the United Kingdom and Canada are responsible for approximately 7.5 percent of all Reddit users each. There are a few other countries outside of the United States that also have a lot of Reddit users. Australia is responsible for about 3.9 percent of all Reddit users, while Germany is responsible for about 3.4 percent of all Reddit users.

How Many Monthly Active Users Does Reddit Have?

Since it was founded, Reddit has seen a gradual increase in its average number of monthly active users. In 2019, Reddit had approximately 430 million people who used its services every month. This represented an increase of approximately 30 percent when compared to 2018. 2014 was the first year when Reddit had more than 100 million people use its services, on average, every month. These numbers show that Reddit has been gradually growing from year to year.

How Does Reddit Make Money?

Similar to other websites, this website makes money by selling space on its pages to people who want to advertise. The more people use Reddit, the more the ad space will be worth because companies know they will have an easier time reaching people. Furthermore, as the website has grown, advertisers have been able to target specific groups of people.

For example, now that the website has a global presence, advertisers are able to target people with ads based on their location in the world. The website is able to track someone's IP address, see where they are accessing the website for them, and deliver ad content that is relevant to them based on their geographic location.

Furthermore, Reddit is able to target ads based on user interest. Depending on the page someone is visiting, Reddit can show that person ads that are perfectly aligned with their interests. This could make that ad space more valuable to companies.

Reddit Users by Country 2023

Reddit Users by Country 2023