Armenian Alphabet

The Armenian alphabet was developed around 405 AD by Mesrop Mashtots, an Armenian linguist and leader. It is believed the script was developed for the Armenian language and is still in use. It was likely derived from the Pahlavi alphabet of Persia with Greek influences, shown by the presence of letters for vowels and its writing direction. The oldest surviving documents in Armenian script date around the 9th or 10th century AD.

The Armenian alphabet originally had 36 letters. Armenian script is a system of 38 letters— 31 consonants and seven vowels. The Armenian word for "alphabet" is այբուբեն (aybuben), named after the first two letters of the Armenian alphabet: ⟨Ա⟩ Armenian: այբ ayb and ⟨Բ⟩ Armenian: բեն ben. Armenian is written horizontally from left to right.

Armenian Alphabet
English Sound
ԱɑLike the 'ah' in 'father'
Բblike the 'b' in 'boat'
Գɡlike the 'k' in 'key' or 'g' in 'goat'
Դdlike the 'd' in 'dog'
Ե(j)ɛlike the 'ye' in 'yet' or 'eh' in 'bet'
Զzlike the 'z' in 'zebra'
ԷɛLike the 'e' in 'end'
ԸəLike the 'u' in 'but'
ԹLike the 't' in 'tomorrow'
ԺʒLike the 's' in 'measure'
ԻiLike the 'ee' in 'meet'
ԼlLike the 'l' in 'lily'
ԽχLike guttural 'ch' in 'Bach'
ԾtsLike the 'tz' in 'Mitzi'
ԿkLike the 'ck' in 'Micky'
ՀhLike the 'h' in 'hello'
ՁdzLike the 'ds' in 'kids'
ՂʁLike a guttural French 'r'
ՃLike a hard, clipped 'j'
ՄmLike the 'm' in 'mom'
ՅjLike the 'y' in 'year' or 'y' in 'buy'
ՆnLike the 'n' in 'number'
ՇʃLike the 'sh' in 'shower'
Ո(v)oLike the 'vo' in 'vocal' (beginning) or 'o' in 'low' (within a word)
ՉtʃʰLike the 'ch' in 'church'
ՊpLike the 'p' in 'pizza'
ՋLike the 'j' in 'jeans'
ՌrLike the rolled Spanish 'r'
ՍsLike the 's' in 'sand'
ՎvLike the 'v' in 'Victor'
ՏtLike a hard 't' in 'but'
ՐɾLike the 'r' in 'red' or 'rh' in 'bother' (word endings)
ՑtsʰLike the 'ts' in 'bits'
Ւvlike the 'oo' in 'cool'
Փlike the 'p' in 'pear'
Քlike the 'k' in 'kite'
Օolike the 'o' in 'bone'
Ֆflike the 'f' in 'life'
Ուulike the 'oo' in 'cool'
և(j)ɛvCombination of sounds 'ye' and 'v'
::Full stop or period.