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Camel Population by CountryInformation on camel population by country, which countries have camels, countries with the most camels, and camel population in every country of the world.
Carbon Footprint by Country
Carbon-Negative CountriesList of carbon-negative countries, as well as a list of carbon-neutral countries, accompanied by definition of the terms and analysis of how countries achieve their carbon goals.
Cleanest Countries in the World
CO₂ Emissions by CountryData and information on CO2 emissions by country, including the countries with the highest CO2 emissions in the world and countries with the highest CO2 emissions per capita in the world.
Coal Consumption by CountryData and analysis on the countries with the highest and lowest total coal usage, usage per capita, production, and reserves in the world.
Countries with Coral ReefsList of countries that have coral reefs, including countries with the biggest coral reefs and locations of coral reefs around the world.
Countries with ElephantsList of countries with elephants and information about which countries have elephants, countries where elephants live, and which countries have the most elephants.
Countries with RainforestsList of countries with rainforests, including countries with the biggest rainforests, countries touched by the Amazon, and rainforest countries.
Countries with Water ScarcityList of countries where water is scarce, including countries with water scarcity and countries with too little water.
Countries without MosquitoesList of countries with no mosquitoes, including countries that do not have mosquitoes and countries without mosquitoes.
Deforestation Rates by CountryData on the rate of deforestation in various countries of the world. Includes list of countries with the most deforestation, countries where deforestation is the worst, and percentage of forest lost per country.
Ecological Footprint by Country
Elephant Population by CountryData about the elephant population by country, including which country has the most elephants, which continent has the most elephants, and elephant populations on Earth.
Energy Consumption by CountryEnergy consumption data and information for the world's countries, including electricity consumption by country, oil consumption by country, and per-country consumption of coal, nuclear, hydroelectric, and renewable energy sources.
Environmental Performance Index by Country
EV Sales by CountrySales of electric vehicles (EVs) per country, including EV sales by country, which country has the highest EV sales, and which company has sold the most EVs.
First Country to Discover Water on the MoonInformation on countries that have claimed to discover water on the moon, including the first countries to discover water on the moon, and countries that thought there was water on the moon.
Forest Cover by CountryData on forest cover by country, including countries with the most forest area and country with the least forest coverage.
Fresh water by CountryData on the amount of total fresh water per country and fresh water per capita per country, which countries have the most fresh water, and which countries have the least amount of fresh water.
Greenest Countries / Most Eco-Friendly CountriesA list of the world's greenest and most Earth-friendly countries as measured by Environmental Performance Index, an aggregated metric specifically designed to measure environmental conversation factors.
Greenhouse Gas Emissions by CountryData and details about the total and per-capita greenhouse gas emissions of 190+ countries, including which countries emit the most and least greenhouse gases.
Hottest Countries in the World
Hummingbird Population by Country
Jaguar Population by Country
Koala Population by Country
Komodo Dragon Population by Country
Lion Population by Country
Manatee Population by Country
Methane Emissions by CountryData and statistics regarding methane emissions in various countries, including the world's biggest methane emitters (countries that emit the most methane). Methane is a leading greenhouse gas.
Most Biodiverse CountryStatistics on the most biodiverse countries in the world—including the single most biodiverse country in the world—including plants, birds, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and fish.
Most Environmentally Friendly CountriesDetails on which countries are the most environmentally friendly countries in the world according to the Environmental Protection Index (EPI). Also outlines the least environmentally friendly countries in the world.
Most Polluted Countries
Natural Disaster Risk by Country
Natural Disasters by Country
Oil Consumption by Country
Oil Consumption by Country
Otter Population by Country
Panda Population by Country
Panther Population by Country
Paris Climate Agreement Countries
Pesticide Usage by CountryStatistics on pesticide use per country throughout the world, including countries with the highest pesticide usage and concerns about excess pesticide usage.
Piranha Population by Country
Plastic Pollution by Country
Platypus Population by Country
Poaching by Country
Polar Bear Population by Country
Pollution by Country
Protected Land by Country
Raccoon Population by Country
Rainforest CountriesList and details of countries with rainforests, including Brazil, DR Congo, and India.
Recycling Rates by CountryDetails on the rate of recycling in various countries, including the country with the highest recycling rate in the world and the rates of recycling in the United States and select Asian countries.
Red Panda Population by Country
Reindeer Population by Country
Renewable Energy by Country
Resource Consumption by CountryData comparing each country's per-capita consumption of oil and electricity.
Safe Drinking Water by CountryData on the level of contaminants in drinking water around the globe. Includes information on which countries have the safest drinking water and which countries have the least access to clean drinking water.
Shark Population by Country
Snake Population by Country
Snow Leopard Population by Country
Solar Power by CountryData and analysis including a list of solar power in every country in the world, countries with the most solar power, and countries that generate the highest percentage of their electricity from solar power.
Tiger Countries / Countries in Which Tigers LiveDetails on countries in which tigers still live in the wild, including countries attempting to increase their populations of wild tigers.
Trees by Country
Water Quality by CountryData on water quality in all the world's countries, including countries with the highest water quality (safest drinking water) and countries with the worst water quality.
Water Stress by CountryDetails on which countries are suffering the greatest amount of water stress and have the least amount of accessible fresh water.
What Countries Have Tornadoes?Comprehensive list of countries that have tornadoes, including countries that have the most tornadoes, which country has the most tornadoes overall, and which country has the most tornadoes by area.
Wind Power by CountryData and analysis covering each country's ability to generate electricity using the wind, such as via turbines or windmills. Also includes information on each country's actual yearly production of wind-generated electricity, as well as the amount of electricy generated in offshore wind farms as compared on onshore farms.
Wolf Population by Country
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