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Fresh water by Country 2023

How is Total Renewable Freshwater Calculated?

The data contained in the table has largely been collected in a consensus by the World Bank (excluding Brazil, which was collected in 2021). Fresh water is extremely precious, as it is estimated that only 2.5-2.75% of the water on the planet is fresh and able to be consumed after some sort of filtration. Most of the fresh surface water can be found in the African Great Lakes, the Baikal Lake in Russia, and the North American Great Lakes. As such, the data may be skewed, but a separate tracker named the Index Mundi estimates the amount of renewable freshwater per capita. So far, Greenland is number one in its freshwater renewability per capita - and Brazil is number one in kilometers (cubed) of surface area.

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Fresh water by Country 2023

What country has the most fresh water?

Per person, Greenland has the most renewable fresh water. However, Brazil has the most square footage of surface fresh water available.

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