Pollution By Country 2020

Pollution is a big problem all around the world. Pollution can cause or exacerbate health problems such as allergies, asthma, diseases such as cancer or heart disease, and even death. Pollution is harmful to humans and animals, and it also can affect crops, which puts our food supply at risk.

In recent years, pollution has also been all over the news because of global warming. This is an increase of the earth’s atmosphere that is caused by a high level of CFCs, carbon dioxide, and other forms of pollutants. Because of the potential effects of climate change, more nations are making an effort to reduce pollutants. Cardon dioxide – CO2 -- emissions are one of the biggest problems and occur through the combustion of oil, natural gas, and coal. Some nations are cutting down on their CO2 emissions by using alternative forms of energy such as solar and wind power.

However, there are still nations where pollution is a big issue. In 2018, the European Commission and Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency released the EDGAR database, which tracks the fossil CO2 emissions by country. Based on this data, the highest emissions were from China. Next on this list was the United States, which had about half of the emissions of China but still a significant number. The nations that are part of the European Union had the third highest emissions based on this data.

The top 20 nations with the highest CO2 emissions are:

On the other end of the spectrum, we have nations that have very low CO2 emissions. Coming out on top is Faroe Islands. Anguilla and Kiribati also have very low emissions. Other nations with a low level of CO2 emissions are:

Pollution By Country 2020

* Data is for carbon dioxide emissions from fuel combustion in 2015.
Country Total CO2 Emissions (million metric tons) Per Capita CO2 Emissions (metric tons) Population 2020
United States4,997.515.53331,002,651
South Korea585.9911.5851,269,185
Saudi Arabia531.4616.8534,813,871
South Africa427.577.7759,308,690
United Kingdom389.755.9967,886,011