Forest Cover by Country 2023

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Which Country Has the Greatest Forest Area Coverage?

There are few countries that have a tremendous amount of forest area coverage per capita. It might surprise people to know that Canada actually has the greatest forest area coverage. Canada has close to 95,000 square meters of its territory covered by forest. This is far more than the second greatest country in terms of forest area coverage, which is Russia. Russia has approximately 56,000 square meters covered in forest per capita. There are a few other countries that are relatively high on this list as well. For example, Brazil has close to 24,000 square meters of forest coverage per capita. The United States lags behind all of these countries, with approximately 10,000 square meters of forest coverage per capita.

Which Country Has the Least Amount of Forest Coverage?

There are a few countries that have a very low amount of forest coverage as well. For example, there are some countries situated near the Sahara Desert that have very low amounts of forest coverage. Less than 11 percent of South Sudan has any forest coverage at all. Without any forest coverage, it can be very difficult for countries to access the wood they need to construct buildings. The severe lack of shade can also cause crops to dry out, making it very difficult for people to farm. That is why some degree of forest coverage is important for countries that would like to develop.

What Makes Forest Coverage So Important?

There are several reasons why it is important for countries to protect their forest coverage. One of the biggest reasons why forest coverage is so important is that it provides habitats for a lot of animals that live in the local area. There are many animals that depend on trees to make their homes, and it can be devastating when these trees are removed.

Another reason why forest coverage is important is that it provides a way to capture carbon in the atmosphere. Trees are responsible for catching atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2), processing it, and releasing it as oxygen (O2). Therefore, trees are very important in an effort to combat global warming. Without adequate forest coverage, global warming could get worse.

Forest coverage is also important because it provides a regular source of wood for construction companies to build buildings. There are a lot of countries that are struggling to provide enough wood to construct houses. The United States is no different. With adequate forest coverage, it is easier to collect wood to build buildings.

Finally, forest coverage is also important as a source of shade. There are lots of crops that have a difficult time growing if they are constantly in the sun. There are also a lot of animals that have a difficult time surviving if there is nowhere to hide from the sun. Forest coverage provides a source of shade, which can make it easier for other plants and animals to survive in the local region.

Forest Cover by Country 2023

Forest Cover by Country 2023