Education is the process of acquiring knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes through formal or informal means. This category includes metrics such as literacy rates, enrollment rates, teacher-to-student ratio, and educational attainment. Other metrics like education spending, curriculum quality, and technological readiness are also included.


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Average School Day Length by CountryInteresting details on the average school day length by country, showcasing the amount of time students spend in school on average.
Biggest Colleges in the World by CountryDetails on the biggest colleges in the world by country, including which country has the biggest colleges, what is the biggest college in the world, and which are the biggest colleges in the U.S.
Biggest Schools in the World by CountryDetails on the biggest schools in the world by country, including which countries have the biggest schools, ways to determine the biggest school in the world, and which country's schools are the largest.
Education Index by CountryDetailed data on the Education Index by country over several years, offering insights into the quality of education within each nation.
Education Rankings by CountryOverview of educational rankings by country through the years, based on various factors including the top ten countries with the lowest adult literacy rates.
Education Speanding by CountryDetailed information on education spending by country, providing information on the investment each nation allocates towards its education system.
EF English Proficiency Index by CountryComprehensive overview of EF English Proficiency Index by country, showcasing a comparative overview of English language skills worldwide, including what country has the highest English proficiency.
Grading Systems by CountryDetailed overview of grading systems by country highlighting the best grading systems around the world.
Human Development Index (HDI) by CountryListings and analysis of the HUman Development Index (HDI) score for more than 180 countries.
Literacy Rate by CountryDetailed overview of literacy rate by country including percentages for both male and female literacy rates as well as the overall rates.
Math Rankings by CountryInformation on the rankings of math education in various countries, including countries with the highest math rankings.
Mensa Members by CountryInformation on the number of Mensa members in various countries, including the country with the most Mensa members. A non-profit organization, Mensa is the largest and oldest formal group dedicated to high-IQ individuals.
Most Educated CountriesList of the most educated countries highlighting the global importance of education, including the top ten most educated countries.
PhD Percentage by Country / Number of Doctorate Degrees per CountryData and analysis exploring the number of PhD (doctorate) degrees earned by the citizens of various countries, including the top 8 countries with the most PhDs achieved.
PISA Scores by CountryComparison on national scores on the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), which measures students' skills in math, science, and reading.
School Buses by CountryData on school buses by country around the world, offering estimates of both the minimum and maximum number of school buses per country.
School Lunches in Other CountriesDetails on school lunch programs in various countries, including Japan, France, Nigeria, China, and more.
School Uniforms by CountryInteresting details on one of the hot topics of global discussion for many years, including details of school uniform requirements and additional details.
Smartest CountriesDetailed data on the smartest countries worldwide, highlighting the top smartest countries based on math, science, and reading with many more interesting details.
Teacher Salary by CountryDetails and comparisons on the salaries earned by teachers in various countries, including Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Germany (complete with pay scale).
Tertiary Education Attainment by CountryData and analysis on tertiary education attainment by country with percentages for different age groups.

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