Geography is the study of the physical features and human activity on the Earth's surface. This category contains metrics such as land area, natural resources, and topography, along with groupings of countries by their location in the world.


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-Stan CountriesList of countries with the suffix “-stan” in their name, including interesting details on this suffix.
Andean CountriesBrief overview of the Andean countries, including which countries are part of the Andean Community (CAN).
APAC Countries | Asia-Pacific CountriesList of nations within the Asia-Pacific region, commonly referred to as APAC countries, including those considered as APAC nations.
APEC Countries | Asia-Pacific Economic CooperationList of countries that are members of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation also known as APEC.
Arabian Peninsula CountriesList of countries in the Arabian Peninsula, recognized as the largest peninsula globally and often referred to as Arabia.
Arctic Circle CountriesEvery country in the Arctic Circle, list of countries that touch the Arctic Circle, list of the coldest countries in the Northern Hemisphere, and list of countries that are closest to Santa's Workshop.
Arctic CountriesBrief overview of Artic countries with a short description for each one of them.
Caribbean CountriesList of the countries in the Caribbean, including sovereign states of the Caribbean, non-sovereign territories of the Caribbean, and countries that border the Caribbean.
Central American CountriesList of countries located in the region known as Central America, as well as its relation to North America, South America, Latin America, and Hispanic countries.
Central Europe CountriesInteresting list of countries considered to be a part of Central Europe, because Central Europe is not an official designation, including the list of countries considered as Central Europe from some sources.
Countries by CoastlineDetailed overview of countries by coastline, highlighting the top ten countries with the longest coastline in the world.
Countries in AfricaDetailed overview of African countries featuring data on total population, growth rate, UN membership status, and land area measured in square kilometers for each country.
Countries in AmericasList of countries in the Americas, including North America, South America, Central America, and the Caribbean.
Countries in AntarcticaDetailed overview of the nations with territorial claims in Antarctica, offering comprehensive data and information relevant to this topic.
Countries in AsiaComprehensive overview of Asian nations with information such as total population, growth rate, and land area measured in square kilometers for each country.
Countries in EuropeList of countries in Europe, highlighting the total population, growth rate, land area in square kilometers, and GNI per capita.
Countries in North AmericaBrief overview of countries in North America, including demographic data on the total population and the growth rate for each nation.
Countries in OceaniaList of countries in the continent of Oceania, which includes Australia and much of the South Pacific region.
Countries in South AmericaComprehensive list of every country in South America, as well as non-sovereign territories and details of the dividing line between North America and South America.
Countries in the Fertile CrescentList of countries in the Fertile Crescent, including a definition of the Fertile Crescent and answers to the questions what is the fertile crescent, where is the fertile crescent, and what countries are located in the fertile crescent.
Countries that are Warm in DecemberList and details on countries that are warm in December, including countries with warm Decembers and countries that are great places to visit in December.
Countries with the Most Time ZonesList of countries with the most time zones, including which two countries have the most time zones in the world.
Countries with the Most VolcanoesList of countries with the most volcanoes, including volcanoes per country and number of volcanoes in each country.
Country in All Four HemispheresDetails of the only country in the world that touches all four hemispheres, also called the country in all four hemispheres.
Country with the Most IslandsGeological details on which contries have the largest number of islands. A surprising number of countries have more than 10,000 islands as part of their territory.
Double-Landlocked CountriesList of all the world's double-landlocked countries (also known as doubly landlocked countries), Uzbekistan and Liechtenstein.
East African CountriesList of East African countries, specifying those that are official members of the East African Community.
East Asian CountriesBrief overview of nations located in East Asia, highlighting four of them: China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Macau.
Eastern Europe CountriesList of Eastern European countries, with a brief description for each of them including what are the other nations that are considered as part of Eastern Europe.
Eastern Hemisphere CountriesList of countries in the Eastern Hemisphere
Equator CountriesBrief overview of nations located along the equator.
GMT +4 Countries / UTC 4 CountriesList of countries that exist at least partially within the UTC+04:00 time zone, which is four hours ahead of Universal Time Coordinated ±00:00 (Greenwich Mean Time).
GMT +5 Countries / UTC 5 CountriesList of GMT 5 countries, also known as countries in the GMT +5 time zone.
GMT +7 Countries / UTC 7 CountriesList of GMT 7 countries, also known as countries in the GMT +7 / UTC +7 time zone.
GMT +8 Countries / UTC +8 CountriesList of GMT 8 countries, also known as countries in the GMT+8:00 or UTC+8 time zone.
GMT +9 Countries / UTC+9 CountriesList of GMT 9 countries, also known as countries in the GMT +9 or UTC+9 time zone.
Greater Antilles CountriesData and information on the Greater Antilles countries, including which countries are in the Greater Antilles and what are the Greater Antilles countries.
Gulf CountriesDetailed overview of Gulf countries, providing insights into this significant region of the world.
Highest Point by CountryDetailed overview of highest point by country, including information on maximum elevation in both meters and feet and the highest point location.
How Many Countries are there in ?Comprehensive overview of the total number of countries around the world, including information on population, land area, continent, subregion, and UN membership.
How Many States are in Mexico in ?Detailed information on states in Mexico, presenting data such as the state name, capital city, largest city, and other relevant details.
Iberian Peninsula CountriesBrief overview of Iberian peninsula countries or simply Iberia, providing percentages of land located within the peninsula area for each nation.
India StatesList of India's 28 states and 8 territories and their size, populations, capitals, and founding dates, as well as details regarding former states.
Island CountriesDetailed overview of the islands' countries, including the total number of islands for each nation.
Landlocked African CountriesBrief overview of the landlocked African countries including the list of bordering countries for each African landlocked nation.
Landlocked Asian CountriesList of landlocked countries in Asia, alternately stated as landlocked Asian countries
Landlocked CountriesDetails of landlocked countries, including which countries are landlocked, what makes a country landlocked, and how many landlocked countries exist.
Landlocked European CountriesList of European landlocked nations accompanied by brief descriptions, detailing the count of neighboring countries along with their respective names.
Landlocked South American CountriesBrief overview of landlocked South American countries, including interesting information on the impacts of being landlocked and why being landlocked matters.
Largest Countries in AfricaDetailed lists of Africa's most expansive countries in terms of total land area, measured in both square kilometers (km²) and square miles (mi²).
Largest Countries in AmericasList of largest countries in both North America and South America, presenting various data on their respective land areas.
Largest Countries in AsiaLists and details of Asia's largest countries in terms of both land area and population.
Largest Countries in EuropeDetails on the largest European countries by land area, with areas listed in both square kilometers and square miles.
Largest Countries in North AmericaList of North America's largest countries by area in both km² and mi², including the percentage of the world's total area each country in North America occupies.
Largest Countries in OceaniaBrief overview of the largest countries in Oceania, including statistics on their land area and the country's subregion.
Largest Countries in South AmericaA brief overview of the largest countries in South America, including information on their land area in both square miles and kilometers.
Largest Countries in the WorldDeatailed overview of the largest countries in the world, highlighting, the top then largest counties by total land area in square kilometers.
Latin American CountriesList of Latin American countries with their official languages and confirmation of their status as Latin American nations.
Latitude by CountryDetailed data on latitude by country, providing insights into their geographical positioning relative to the equator and some additional details if needed.
List of Countries by ContinentDetailed list of countries by continent, offering an organized overview of nations across the globe.
Low CountriesBrief overview of low countries including the explanation for the term low countries or low lands as they are often known.
Mediterranean CountriesList of located around the Mediterranean Sea, including the countries in the Mediterranean Basin.
MENA CountriesList of the Middle East and North Africa countries, commonly referred to as MENA countries.
Mexican States / List of States of MexicoList of the current states of Mexico, including each state's full name, largest and capital cities, total area, population, and number of municipalities within.
Middle East CountriesList of countries in the Middle East region, including data on their total population, land area (in square kilometers), and population density.
Most Cities by CountryInteresting information on most cities by country, including statistics for cities ranging from 100,000 to a million inhabitants and those surpassing one million residents within each nation.
Most Mountainous CountriesInteresting topic on the most mountainous countries, featuring statistics on the percentage of land covered by mountains and the average elevation above sea level, presented in both meters and feet.
Nordic CountriesList of Nordic countries, a region located in Northern Europe and the North Atlantic.
North African CountriesBrief overview of North African countries including countries that are sometimes or rarely considered as North African nations.
North America StatesComprehensive overview of the North American states, providing details for each state such as the total population, land area in both square kilometers and square miles including many other interesting details.
Northern Hemisphere CountriesList of countries in the Northern Hemisphere, as well as non-sovereign territories in the Northern Hemisphere.
Northern Triangle CountriesDetails on the Northern Triangle, a group of countries in Central America, including full profiles of the countries that make up the Northern Triangle.
Number of Islands by CountryDetailed data on the number of islands by country, including information on inhabited islands and interesting additional details.
Obscure CountriesList of obscure or “relatively unknown” countries worldwide, including what are the tiny countries no one knows about.
Official Names of CountriesThe official name of every country in the world, as well as the common name of every country in the world.
Pacific Island NationsList of Pacific island nations, including subregions for each nation in the region of the Pacific Ocean.
Pacific Rim CountriesBrief overview of Pacific Rim countries, a term used to describe land located along the rim of the Pacific Ocean.
Patagonia CountriesBrief overview of Patagonia countries, a region at the southern tip of South America.
Polynesian CountriesList of Polynesian countries, a region in the central and southern Pacific Ocean consisting of over a thousand islands.
Rainforest CountriesList and details of countries with rainforests, including Brazil, DR Congo, and India.
Saharan CountriesList of countries in the Sahara region of Africa, along with climate data for the Sahara and a larger list of sub-Saharan countries and their qualities.
Sahel CountriesList and details of countries located in the Sahel region of Africa, just south of the Sahara Desert.
Scandinavian CountriesLists and details of which countries are part of Scandinavia, which are part of the Scandinavian peninsula, and which are Nordic countries, but not Scandinavian countries.
Smallest CountriesList and details of the world's smallest countries, including countries with the smallest populations and the countries with the smallest land area.
Southeast Asian CountriesList of Southeast Asian countries with a brief description of several Southeast Asian countries.
Southern European CountriesInteresting overview of Southern Europe, highlighting its composition of nineteen countries including brief descriptions of three Southern European countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, and North Macedonia.
Southern Hemisphere CountriesLists the Southern Hemisphere countries and territories, categorizing them by continent and indicating whether they are entirely or partially located in the Southern Hemisphere.
Southernmost Point by CountryComprehensive list of the southernmost points by country, detailing the geographical coordinates of each location.
Time Zones by CountryList of the world's countries and the time zones each country crosses. Large countries like the United States and Russia span across multiple time zones, and countries such as France and the UK, which have many overseas territories, may also touch several time zones.
Transcontinental CountriesList of transcontinental countries, which are countries that have territory spanning more than one continent including continents they touch and interesting additional details.
Triple Landlocked CountriesA definition of triple-landlocked countries and a list of triple-landlocked countries.
Tropical CountriesBrief overview of tropical countries, which are nations located within the tropical zone highlighting the top five most surprising tropical countries.
True Size of CountriesComprehensive overview of true size by country, providing various statistics such as the total area in both square kilometers and miles, total land area, total water area, and additional data.
United States TerritoriesList of United States territories, including places like Puerto Rico and Guam with interesting information for each territory.
Unknown CountriesBrief overview of unknown countries around the world, mentioning places like South Ossetia, which is controversial and not recognized by many countries.
Unrecognized CountriesInteresting overview of the unrecognized countries worldwide, providing various information such as official country names, other claimants to territory, UN member status, level of recognition, and additional details.
Waterways Length by CountryComprehensive overview of waterway lengths by country, presenting data on the total length of waterways in kilometers for each nation.
West African CountriesList of West African countries, highlighting nations of Niger, Mali, Mauritania, Senegal and Gambia.
West Indies CountriesList and details of countries that are part of the West Indies, including definition of the West Indies and how it differs from the Caribbean.
Western CountriesComprehensive overview of the concept of the Western World, commonly known as "the West" exploring the historical origins of the term, and its evolution over time highlighting their diverse geographic locations and cultural influences.
Western European CountriesDetailed overview of Western European countries highlighting the seven countries commonly recognized as part of Western Europe by various sources.
Western Hemisphere CountriesList of the Western Hemisphere countries including those fully or partially located within the Western Hemisphere.
What Countries Does the Prime Meridian Run Through / Countries the Prime Meridian Runs ThroughList of countries intersected by the Prime Meridian of longitude, including the UK, France, Spain, Ghana, Burkina Faso, and more. The current prime meridian is the IERS Reference Meridian, which runs through Greenwich, England.
What Country has the Most Lakes?Details on what country has the most lakes, including country with the most lakes, lakes around the world, and most lakes in a country.
What Country is Mount Everest In?Geological information on which country Mount Everest is located in, plus data on the first people to climb Mount Everest and what makes Mount Everest so dangerous.
What Country is Transylvania In?Details on the real-world location of Transylvania, the famous homeland of so many spooky myths and legends, such as Bram Stoker's Dracula.
What Is the Smallest Country in Europe?Data and details on the smallest country in Europe, including what is the smallest country in Europe, which European country is the smallest, and Europe's smallest country.
Which Country Celebrates the New Year First?Details on which countries have the earliest New Years' celebrations thanks to their geographical locations (and the resultant earlier time zones).
Yugoslavia CountriesComprehensive overview of the former country in Southeast Europe, Yugoslavia, detailing their populations, demographics, and other relevant statistics.
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