Culture refers to the shared beliefs, values, customs, behaviors, and artifacts that characterize a group or society. This category includes metrics such as language diversity, cultural heritage sites, artistic and literary achievements, and tourism. Culture can be a source of national pride and identity, and can also influence economic and social development.


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Aircraft Registration by CountryDetailed list of the number of private jet aircraft registered in each of the world's countries, including which countries have the most private aircraft and which countries have the least private aircraft.
Alcohol Consumption by CountryOverview of alcohol consumption by country, showcasing both the top ten nations with the highest alcohol consumption and those with the lowest, including which country consumes the most alcohol.
Anime Popularity by CountryEverything you need to know about anime popularity by country, which country watches the most anime, and which countries in the world watch the most anime
Arab Countries / Arab League CountriesLists the 22 Arab countries, all of which are countries in the Arab League, and describes the Arab culture as well as dispelling certain incorrect stereotypes about Arab countries.
Arabic Speaking CountriesA brief overview of Arabic speaking countries including the total number of Arabic speakers across various nations.
Arranged Marriage CountriesComprehensive data on arranged marriage countries, providing insights into cultural practices and traditions related to marriage arrangements worldwide.
Average Age to Lose Virginity by CountryAverage age to lose viriginity by country, including countries in which people lose their virginity the earliest, countries in which people lose their virginity later, and countries in which people lose their virginity the youngest.
Average Bedtime by CountryList of average bedtimes by country. Find out average bedtimes for many nations all around the world. What is the average bedtime for countries around the world? Now you'll know.
Average Books Read Per Year by CountryInformation and analysis on the average books read per year by country. Includes data on which countries read the most books per year and what are the most-read books of all time.
Average Number of Languages Spoken by CountryData and analysis on the average number of languages spoken by country. Includes information on which country's citizens speak the most languages and countries whose citizens speak the most languages.
Average Number of Sexual Partners by CountryData and analysis on the average number of sexual partners by country. Includes data on which countries have the most sexual partners and which countries have the fewest sexual partners.
Average Vacation Days by CountryData on the average vacation days by country, which countries in the world get the most vacation days, countries that get the most vacation days, and average vacation days around the world.
Average Wake-Up Time by CountryList of average wake-up time by country all over the world. Answer questions including what time to people in other countries wake up? Which country wakes up the earliest? And which country wakes up the latest?
Average Workweek by CountryIncludes details on the average length of a workweek in various countries, including countries with the longest workweek and countries with the shortest workweek.
Barbary StatesData and information on barbary states declaring which states are classified as barbary states throughout history and which ones are not.
Bathing Habits by CountryDetails on bathing habits by country, including which countries bathe the most often, which countries bathe the least, which country takes the most showers, and which country takes the most baths.
Beer Consumption by CountryData and information on which countries consume the most beer, both overall and per capita. Includes additional information on beer types and beer history.
Best Countries to Start a BusinessData and analysis of the best countries to start a business in with insights into business-friendly countries including different sources with different criteria.
Best Country to Live in EuropeAnalysis on the best country to live in Europe, including which country in Europe is the best to live in, the best countries in Europe to live in, and the best place to live in all of Europe.
Black Caribbean Countries / Afro-Caribbean CountriesData on Afro-Caribbean / Black Caribbean countries, including which countries have the largest Afro-Caribbean populations and which Caribbean countries' populations are predominantly black.
Buddhist CountriesData on one of the largest religions in the world- Buddhism with the total number of Buddhists as well as percentages including the top ten most Buddhist countries.
Catholic Cardinals by CountryInformation on the number of Catholic Cardinals in each country, including Catholic Cardinals in Italy, Catholic Cardinals in the United States, and the countries with the most Catholic Cardinals.
Caucasian CountriesData on caucasian countries around the world including the history of the term caucasian and its modern definition.
Celtic NationsA brief overview of the Celtic nation with an explanation of what are the Celtic nations.
Cheese Consumption by CountryInformation on cheese consumption by country, including which countries eat the most cheese, the history of cheese, and countries with the highest cheese consumption.
Chicken Consumption by CountryInformation on chicken consumption by country, such as which countries eat the most chicken and countries with the highest chicken consumption.
Chinese Speaking CountriesList of countries where the Chinese language is spoken, whether or not it is an official language including percentages and numbers of total speakers.
Coffee Consumption by CountryComprehensive data on coffee consumption by country throughout the years, detailing the top ten countries that drink the most coffee per person.
Collectivist CountriesList of collectives countries around the world along with a cultural dimension index created by cultural psychologist Geert Hofstede.
Countries that Ban Pit BullsList of countries that have banned pit bulls, including why pit bulls are banned in some countries, and countries with pit bull bans.
Countries that Celebrate ChristmasList of countries that celebrate Christmas or some Christmas-adjacent holiday.
Countries that Celebrate EasterA detailed list of countries in which Easter is a cultural or governmental holiday.
Countries that Celebrate HalloweenFully detailed list of countries where Halloween (or a Halloween-adjacent celebration such as Dia de Los Muertos) is celebrated.
Countries that Celebrate HanukkahDetails of which countries in the world celebrate the holiday Hanukkah (also apelled Chanukah, Hanukah, and several other ways).
Countries that Celebrate St. Patrick's DayDetails on how many countries celebrate St. Patty's Day, including a list of countries that celebrate St. Patrick's Day, number of countries that celebrate Saint Patrick's Day, and Saint Patrick's Day countries.
Countries that Celebrate ThanksgivingList of countries whose national holidays include a version of Thanksgiving. Interestingly, each country has its own specific reason for celebrating Thanksgiving, and some are quite unique.
Countries that Celebrate Three Kings DayAn informative list of countries that celebrate the Christmas-adjacent holiday Three Kings Day.
Countries that Celebrate Valentines DayList and details of countries in which Valentine's Day is celebrated by those with romance on their minds.
Countries that Don't Use the Metric SystemList of countries that do not use the metric system, formally known as the International System of Units, as well as details of why that list is shorter than one might imagine.
Countries that Drive on the LeftA brief overview of countries that drive on the left including an explanation of the terms connected to this topic.
Countries that Drive on the RightDetails on countries in which traffic drives on the right, following the rules of Right-Hand Traffic (RHT).
Countries that Eat Guinea PigsInformation on countries that eat guinea pigs, including countries where guinea pigs are a delicacy and countries in which guinea pigs are eaten.
Countries that Love AmericansComprehensive overview of countries that love Americans with a couple of surprises on the list, shows that even that opinion on the U.S. government's actions and history between countries doesn't mean they don't love Americans.
Countries that TipBrief overview of countries that tip, providing insights into tipping culture and practices across different nations detailing tipping for drivers, hotel tips, and restaurant tips.
Countries that Use 12-Hour TimeDetailed list of countries that use a 12-hour clock (divided into AM/PM halves) as opposed to a 24-hour clock.
Countries That Use a BidetDetails on which countries tend to use a bidet as part of their bathroom habits.
Countries That Use ASLInformation on which countries use ASL, or American Sign Language, as a form of communication with and for those with hearing disabilities.
Countries That Use Cyrllic / Countries That Use the Cyrllic AlphabetInformation on which of the world's countries utilize the cyrllic alphabet, known to many Westerners as the 'Russian' alphabet.
Countries That Use FahrenheitList of the very few countries that still officially use the Fahrenheit scale to measure temperature, either exclusively or in tandem with Celsius.
Countries that Use ImperialA brief overview of countries that use the Imperial measurement system.
Countries that Use PoundsList and details of countries and territories where the British pound sterling is the primary unit of currency.
Countries That Wear Wedding Rings on the Right HandList of countries where wedding rings are worn on the right hand, including countries that always wear wedding rings on the right hand and countries where wedding rings are worn first on the right, then on the left.
Countries Where Christianity Is IllegalDetails on countries where it is illegal to practice the Christian faith (as well as several other non-Muslim faiths in many cases).
Countries Where Proxy Marriage Is LegalList of countries in which proxy marriage is legal and countries that allow proxy marriage.
Countries Where Wearing a Burqa is MandatoryList of countries where wearing a burqa is mandatory, countries in which a burqa is mandatory, and countries in which women have to wear a burqa.
Countries with Gender Neutral BathroomsList of countries with gender-neutral bathrooms that are not designated for a specific gender, promoting inclusivity and accessibility for all individuals.
Countries with Most Beautiful WomenInformation on countries with the most beautiful women around the world, including the top ten countries based on various sources and remembering one thing, all women are beautiful.
Countries with No HomelessList of countries with no homeless people, including countries where no one is homeless and countries whose homeless population is zero.
Countries with No Official LanguageA detailed list of every country in the world that has no official language.
Countries with Single PayerList of countries with a single payer healthcare system, including an explanation of what is a single-payer healthcare system.
Countries with Space ProgramsDetailed list of every country that has a space program, including the name of every space program in the world, such as NASA, the ESA, and ROSCOSMOS.
Countries with the Most Expensive BeerList of countries with the most expensive beer, including the most expensive beer in the world and the most expensive alcohol in the world.
Countries with the Most Green EyesDemographic data on which of the world's countries have the most green-eyed residents.
Countries with the Most Handsome MenDetails and analysis on the subject of which countries have the most handsome men.
Countries with the Most HolidaysDetails on which of the world's countries have the greatest number of holidays.
Countries with the Most IKEAsList of countries with the most IKEAs, including countries where IKEAs are the most common and countries where IKEA has the most locations.
Countries with the Most Miss Universe WinnersDetailed lists of which countries have the most Miss Universe winners and which countries have won Miss Universe the most times.
Countries with the Most OrphansList of countries with a high orphan rate, which is computed by comparing the number of orphans to the number of adult residents. Orphan rate can also be expressed as a percentage and is not to be confused with a country's total number of orphans.
Countries without Coca-ColaList of countries without Coca-Cola, including countries that do not have Coca-Cola, countries where Coke is not sold, and countries in which the Coca-Cola company does not do business.
Countries without McDonald'sInformation on countries without McDonald's together with a list of countries where McDonald's is illegal and nations that had McDonald's, but do not have it anymore.
Countries' National DishesInformation on each country's national dish, including national dishes of Austria, Korea, and several other countries.
Country MottosA unique list of country mottos mostly translated into English language from their official language, including official, unofficial, and national slogans.
Creole-Speaking CountriesList of countries that speak creole languages, creole-speaking countries, and countries where creole is spoken.
Croc Countries / Countries Where Crocs Are SoldList of countries where crocs are sold, countries where people can buy crocs, and crocs countries. Includes countries that buy the most crocs and the number of countries that have crocs.
Dances from Different CountriesDetails of dances from different countries, which dances are popular in different countries, and which famous dances were invented in which countries.
Date Format by CountryDetails and analysis on date format per country, including descriptions of what the different date formats are, what date format is used by each country, and which countries use each date format.
Divorce Rates by CountryDetail information on divorce rates by country, offering a comparative overview of divorce statistics worldwide.
Dog Breeds by CountryInformation and details on dog breeds by country, including countries where dog breeds are from, which dog breeds are from each country, and dog breed countries of origin.
Dog Ownership by CountryData and statistics on dog ownership by country, including countries that own the most dogs, countries with the most dog owners, and countries with the most dogs.
Drug Use by CountryData and statistics on drug use by country, including which countries have the highest drug use, countries that use the most drugs, and which country is the drug capital of the world.
Dutch Speaking CountriesBrief overview of Dutch speaking countries providing information on language status, form, and other relevant statistics and information.
English Proficiency by CountryData and analysis on English proficiency by country, countries that speak good English, and English proficiency in countries where English is not the primary language.
English Speaking CountriesDetailed overview of English speaking countries providing information on the usage of the English language worldwide, highlighting the status of the third most spoken language globally.
EPCOT CountriesList of EPCOT countries located at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, including current countries as well as the one rumored to be added.
Facebook Users by CountryComprehensive overview of Facebook users by country with interesting details about countries that have censored or banned Facebook including the top ten countries with the highest number of Facebook users.
First NationsDetails about First Nations tribes and First Nations history, including the number of First Nations in each Canadian province and a list of every known First Nation, including both modern and historic nations.
Food Waste by CountryData on the level of food waste per country, alternately stated food waste by country and per-country food waste, including which countries waste the most food.
Freedom Index by CountryDetailed data on freedom index by country throughout the years, including scores for Human Freedom, Personal Freedom, and Economic Freedom.
Freest CountriesData on the freest countries around the world, including the top ten freest countries as well as the top ten least free countries.
French Speaking Countries | Francophone CountriesList and details of countries where French is the official language, either singularly or alongside other official languages.
Friendliest CountriesRanking of the friendliest countries worldwide, featuring a top ten list of nations known for their welcoming attitudes towards visitors.
Gay-Friendly Countries / GLBTQ+ Friendly CountriesInformation on which countries are most welcoming to and accepting of GLBTQ+ individuals, including profiles of several of the most gay-friendly countries in the world.
Gender Equality by CountryDetailed data on gender equality by country, showcasing a global gender gap index also known as GGGI through the years.
Gender Roles by CountryDetails on gender roles by country, including gender roles in western societies, gender roles in matriarchal societies, and gender roles in tribal societies.
German Speaking CountriesA brief overview of German speaking countries, highlighting nations where German is spoken as an official or secondary language, along with relevant statistics and information.
German StatesBrief overview of German states detailing information such as state legitimacy, capital cities, and surface area in square kilometers for each state within Germany.
Gun Ownership by CountryDetailed data on gun ownership by country showcasing statistics such as the total number of firearms owned by civilians, the rate per one hundred people, and other details.
Halloween Traditions by CountryList of Halloween traditions by country, countries with unique Halloween traditions, how Halloween is celebrated around the world.
Happiest Countries in the WorldDetailed data on the happiest countries in the world ranked by World Happiness Report score throughout the years.
Hardest Working CountriesStatistics and rankings on which countries' citizens make them the hardest working countries in the world.
Hebrew-Speaking Countries / Countries that Speak HebrewList of Hebrew-speaking countries, countries that speak Hebrew, and countries where Hebrew is the primary language.
High Context CountriesData on high context countries offering insights into communication culture around the world, including the answer to which countries are considered high-context.
High Power Distance CountriesA brief overview of high power distance countries ranked by the Power Distance Index (PDI) including an answer to which countries are high power distance.
Highest Catholic PopulationDetailed data on the highest Catholic population showcasing the total number of Catholics and percentage of the population, including a top ten list of both statistics.
Hindu CountriesA brief overview of Hindu countries, offering insights into the global presence and influence of Hinduism.
Hispanic CountriesList of Hispanic countries around the world, along with an explanation of the difference between Hispanic and Latino.
Home Ownership by CountryData and analysis on home ownership by country, including countries with the highest percentage of home ownership and countries where the most people own their homes.
Homelessness by CountryStatistics on rate of homelessness by country, including countries with the most homeless people, countries with the highest rate of homelessness, and countries with the fewest homeless people.
House Size by CountryBrief overview of house sizes by country, providing insights into the average size of residential properties across different nations worldwide.
Inbreeding by Country / Consanguinuity by CountryData on the frequency of inbreeding/consanguinuity by country, including countries where inbreeding is common, countries in which inbreeding is uncommon, and the country with the highest rate of inbreeding in the world.
Individualistic CountriesDetails on individualistic countries, including the most individualistic countries in the world, the most self-sufficient countries, and characteristics of individualistic countries.
Infidelity Rates by CountryAnalysis of rates of infidelity by country, including countries with the most infidelity, countries with the least infidelity, and countries with the highest rates of infidelity.
Instagram Users by CountryStatistics on the number of Instagram users per country, including the countries with the most Instagram users and key Instagram user demographics.
Internet Users by CountryComprehensive data of internet users by country, offering insights into internet usage statistics worldwide.
Is Turkey a Muslim Country?Information on if Turkey is a Muslim country
ISS CountriesInformation, data, and analysis on the countries involved in the design, construction, deployment, and maintenance of the International Space Station, or ISS.
Italian Speaking CountriesList of Italian speaking countries together with the status of Italian as a language within each country.
Jewish Population by CountryDetailed data on the Jewish population by country, including a top ten list of the largest Jewish populations worldwide.
Kid-Friendly Countries / Most Kid-Friendly CountriesDetails on which countries are the most kid-friendly, including a list of the most kid-friendly countries and what makes a country kid-friendly.
Largest Churches in the WorldList of the largest church buildings in the world by internal area, internal seating capacity, and external area.
Last Names by CountryDetails of the most common last names by country and by continent, including each countrys' most common last names and most common surnames per country.
Latino CountriesBried overview of the nations that are considered Latino countries, along with the dominant language spoken in each nation.
Lawyers per capita by CountryStatistics on the number of lawyers per capita in every country, including each country's lawyers per capita and which countries have the most lawyers per capita.
LDS Population by Country / Mormon Population by CountryStatistics on the LDS population by country, including the population of Mormons per country, the number of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) per country, and the country with the most Mormons.
Least Racist CountriesDetailed data on the least racist countries around the world ranked by racial equality rankings through the years.
Least Religious CountriesDetailed statistics of the least religious countries from multiple sources through the years, offering insights into nations where religious affiliation and practice are less prevalent.
Least Visited CountriesData on least visited countries throughout the years detailing tourist arrivals in thousands of people, including an answer of what is a least visited country in the world.
LGBT Rights by Country / Best and Worst Countries for LGBTQI+ RightsCountry-by-country details of the rights enjoyed by LGBTQI+ individuals, including the best countries for LGBTQI+ rights and the worst countries for LGBTQI+ rights.
LGBTQ+ Population by Country / Which Country Has the Largest LGBTQI+ Population?Statistics comparing the populations of LGBTQI+ people in various countries of the world, including the United States, Canada, Israel, and the world as a whole.
Meat Consumption by CountryDetailed overview of the total meat consumption by country including data for different types of meat, like beef, pork, chicken, and others.
Megadiverse CountriesA list of countries that are considered megadiverse countries with insights into what nations have high levels of biodiversity.
Mensa Members by CountryInformation on the number of Mensa members in various countries, including the country with the most Mensa members. A non-profit organization, Mensa is the largest and oldest formal group dedicated to high-IQ individuals.
Michelin Stars by Country / Michelin Star Restaurants by CountryDetails on which country has the most Michelin Star restaurants, how restaurants earn Michelin Stars, and whether Michelin Stars are awarded to chefs or restaurants.
Middle Finger in Different CountriesDetails on what the middle finger hand gesture means in different countries, from countries in which the middle finger gesture in an insult to countries in which the middle finger gesture is a compliment.
Milk Consumption by CountryComprehensive overview of milk consumption through the years, showcasing the levels of milk consumption across different nations both per capita and in total.
Millionaires by CountryInformation of the number of millionaires by country, including the country with the most millionaires in the world and the total number of millionaires in the world.
Moonshine by CountryData on moonshine by country with the local name of the beverages including an answer on what country makes the most moonshine.
Most Atheist CountriesComprehensive overview of most atheist countries offering detailed statistics on atheism's prevalence across various nations globally.
Most Beautiful Countries in the WorldRanking of the most beautiful countries in the world based on various sources, including an answer to a top ten most beautiful countries worldwide.
Most Charitable CountriesData of the most charitable countries around the world over the years, showcasing the nation's generosity including a description of the top ten most charitable countries.
Most Christian CountriesComprehensive overview of the most Christian countries giving insights into the biggest religion worldwide with the total number of Christians and other relevant statistics.
Most Cocaine Use by CountryDetails on the percentage of people in each country who use cocaine, an illegal, yet widely available drug.
Most Conservative CountriesA brief overview of the most conservative countries based on various factors, providing insights into conservatism around the world.
Most Diverse CountriesDetailed data on the most diverse countries, where African countries often rank highly because of many tribal groups and languages including which country is the most diverse in the world.
Most Feminist CountriesA brief overview of the most feminist countries including an answer to which country is most feminist.
Most Hated CountryDetails on the most hated country in the world, including the world's most hated country and answering the question: Which country is the most hated in the world?
Most Homophobic Countries[Details and data regarding which of the world's countries are the most homophobic and least welcoming to LGBTQI+ people.]
Most Innovative CountriesComprehensive overview of the most Innovative countries around the world, ranked by the Global Innovation Index (GII) along with seven categories such as Institutions, Human Capital and Research, Infrastructure, and many others.
Most Introverted CountriesInformation on most introverted countries, with data collected from over 40 million individuals over a three-year period.
Most Liberal CountriesComprehensive data on the most liberal countries which are characterized by their openness to new opinions and behaviors beyond traditional beliefs and values, including a list of the top ten most liberal countries by MoveHub.
Most McDonald's by CountryDetails of which countries have the most McDonald's restaurants, which country has the most McDonald's restaurants, which countries outside the U.S. have the most McDonald's restaurants, and which countries have no McDonald's at all.
Most Overworked CountriesInformation on the most overworked countries around the world, featuring data on yearly working hours over several years, including what is the most overworked country.
Most Peaceful CountriesDetails on which countries are the most peaceful in the world based upon the Global Peace Index, published each year by the Institute for Economics and Peace.
Most Popular Pets by CountryDetails of the most popular pets in various countries, including identifying the most popular pet in the world, the number of dogs in the United States and Asia, and a ranking of the most popular pets in the world.
Most Promiscuous CountriesInteresting information on the most promiscuous countries, showcased by The Global Promiscuity Index (GPI), analyzing the promiscuity by six indicators.
Most Racially Diverse CountriesComprehensive overview of the most racially diverse countries, showcasing interesting perspectives on multiculturalism and inclusivity across different societies.
Most Racist CountriesComprehensive overview of the most racist countries worldwide, giving insights into societal attitudes, discriminatory practices, and incidents of racism across different nations for one of the hardest things to measure - Rasizam.
Most Visited CountriesDetailed data on most visited countries, providing insights into which nations are the most popular tourist destinations, including the top ten nations that attract the highest numbers of tourists.
Mother's Day by CountryInformation on the way Mother's Day is celebrated throughout the world, including when Mother's Day takes place, International Mother's Day, and the history of Mother's Day in the United States.
Motorcycles by CountryData on the total number of motorcycles by country, giving an answer to where is this vehicle most common.
Muslim Majority CountriesDetailed overview of Muslim majority countries, giving each nation's total number and percentage of Muslim population.
Muslim Population by CountryDetailed overview of Muslim population by country, giving insights into Islam, the world's second-largest religion, including data on the total number of Muslims and the percentage of the population.
Mythical Creatures by CountryProfiles of creepy mythical creatures in various countries, from Russia's Baba Yaga to Latin America's chupacabra.
Netflix Users by CountryA brief overview of Netflix users by country, offering insights into the popularity of the streaming platform across different nations.
Nobel Prizes by CountryA brief overview of Nobel Prizes by country, detailing the total number of awards given to citizens of each nation including the top ten countries with the most Nobel winners.
Number of Federal Holidays by CountryDetails on which countries have the most Federal holidays, including the difference between Federal and Religious holidays and the surprising reason why the United States does not want to add any more Federal holidays.
Offensive Gestures in Other CountriesInteresting details on which hand gestures are considered offensive in various countries, including countries in which simply pointing one's finger can be viewed as an insult.
Oscar Winners by CountryComprehensive overview of Oscar winners by country, giving insights into which nations have produced the most Oscar winners including various statistics.
Out of Wedlock Births by CountryData on the percentage of children who are born out of wedlock in various countries, as well as the number of single-parent families and social programs designed to assist them.
Peace Corps CountriesA brief overview of Peace Corps countries with information on the years they activated, the number of volunteers, and the projects.
Persian CountriesInformation on Persian countries with information on what countries are considered as geographically Persian, Linguistically Persian, and some additional details.
Personal Savings Rate by CountryInformation on the saving habits of people in various countries, including countries in which families save most of their income and why some people have trouble saving money.
Personal Space by CountryInformation on how much personal space people have in various countries, from the countries that give the most personal space to countries that give the least amount of personal space.
Pet Ownership Statistics by CountryWhich country has the most pets? How abou the most exotic pets? The most dogs and cats? Learn these details and more as we explore the data behind pet ownership in different countries.
Pizza Varieties by CountryDelicious details on pizza varieties by country featuring the names of different pizzas, their toppings, and other relevant details.
Plastic Surgery by CountryStatistics on which countries have the most plastic surgery around the world, from the country with the most rhinoplasties (nose jobs) to the country with the most breast implants.
Popes by CountryWhich country has raised the most popes? Which popes hailed from Africa? Explore the details of the home countries of each pope, unmcovering interesting trivia along the way.
Portuguese Speaking CountriesA brief overview of Portuguese speaking countries around the world highlighting nations where Portuguese is a significant language, providing insights into the cultural and linguistic influence of Portuguese-speaking communities globally.
Protestant CountriesDetailed overview of Protestant countries around the world providing information where Protestantism has a large influence including a short description of the top ten Protestant countries.
PS4 Sales by Country / PlayStation 4 Sales by CountryAnalysis of PlayStation 4 (PS4) sales per country, including the United States and Japan, as well as the continent of Europe.
Public Broadcasters by CountryData on public broadcasters by country with a broadcasting organization and the name of the channel or station.
Pyramids by CountryDetailed data on pyramids by country, offering information such as the number of pyramids, the era of construction, names of notable pyramids, and additional details.
Reddit Users by CountryDetails on countries with the most users of Reddit, the social media site that bills itself as 'the front page of the internet.' Also includes info on Reddit's monthly users and business plan.
Religion by CountryDetailed overview of religion by country, showcasing the diversity of religious beliefs and practices worldwide, including insights into the predominant religions practiced in different nations.
Retirement Age by CountryComparisons of retirement age in various countries. Retirement age varies depending upon factors such as labor supply, life expectancy, and profession.
Russian Speaking CountriesA brief overview of Russian speaking countries including information on where Russian is spoken as a significant language with the total number of speakers and the percentages of population.
Salt Consumption by CountryData on salt consumption by country is showcased in daily salt consumption per capita in grams, including which country eats the most salt and which eats the least amount of salt
School Lunches in Other CountriesDetails on school lunch programs in various countries, including Japan, France, Nigeria, China, and more.
Scouting in Other CountriesA brief overview of scouting in various countries, including information on the presence of scouting organizations worldwide, including an answer to which country doesn't have scouting.
Secular CountriesDetailed overview of secular countries, providing data from various sources over the years, including secularism scores, and identifying the most secular country.
Sharia Law CountriesList of countries that follow Sharia Law, categorizing countries based on the type of Sharia law that people are following including an answer to what Sharia law is.
Sikhism by CountryStatistics on Sikhism by country, showcasing the total number of Sikhs in each nation as well as percentages including which country has the highest Sikh population.
Slavic CountriesList of Slavic countries with short descriptions of the history of Slavic people including the total population of each Slavic nation.
Slot Machines by CountryComprehensive overview of slot machines by country including not only slot machines but also video lottery terminals, video gaming machines, and many more.
Snapchat Users by CountryDetails on the number of Snapchat users in various countries, including the country with the most Snapchat users, uses for Snapchat, and whether companies use Snapchat.
Social Media Users by CountryStatistics and analysis on the number of social media users in various countries, including the number of social media users worldwide, social media growth statistics, and popular social media platforms in each region.
Social Progress Index by CountryData on social progress index by country, ranked by social progress index score including the country that has the highest social progress index.
Soda Consumption by CountryInformation on the consumption of carbonated sodas in various countries, including the top 6 soda-consuming countries in the world.
Spanish Speaking CountriesDetailed data on Spanish speaking countries, providing information such as the total number of Spanish speakers, official language status, variants, and many others.
Spanish Speaking Country in AfricaList of Spanish-speaking countries in the world, including the sole Spanish-speaking country in Africa: Equatorial Guinea.
Spicy Food CountriesList of countries that are known for their love for spicy food with the names of their spicy food dishes.
Sugar Consumption by CountryData outlining sugar consumption in various countries, as well as discussion of WHO guidelines of daily sugar intake and details on the country with the highest sugar consumption in the world: the United States.
Sunni CountriesA brief overview of Sunni countries, the largest sect of Islam that is followed by as many as 90 percent of Muslims, including percentages for Sunni and Shia.
Tea Consumption by CountryData on the consumption of tea in various countries, including the four leading consumers of tea in the world: Turkey, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Russia.
Teetotalisnm by CountryData on teetotalism by county, which refers to the practice of abstaining from alcohol consumption including statistics for both males and females.
Tesla Sales by CountryData on the sales of Tesla electric vehicles by country, including the top 3 countries whose citizens buy the most Teslas: the United States, China, and Norway.
Tinder Users by CountryPer-country user data for the dating app Tinder, including total Tinder users in each country, as well as profiles of countries with the most Tinder users.
Top YouTubers by CountryViewership data for the top content creators on the video website YouTube in various countries. Identifies the most popular YouTuber in the world and explains the most popular YouTube categories and the content creators' business model.
Top-Selling Soft Drinks by CountrySales data on soft drinks for various countries, including information on the most popular soft drink in the world and the difference between soft drinks and hard drinks.
Trans Population by Country / Transgender Population by CountryDemographic data on the number of transgender individuals in various countries. Includes information on the global trans population and the country with the highest rate of trans people.
Trust in Government by CountryDemographic details on public trust in the government throughout various countries. Includes profiles of the country with the highest level of trust in government and the level of government trust in the United States.
UFO Sightings by CountryDetails on the number of UFO sightings in various nations, as well as profiles of several famous sightings, including Russia's Tunguska event.
UNESCO Sites by CountryComprehensive overview of UNESCO ( United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) by country including the total sites, cultural, and mixed sites, along with additional data on this topic.
Veganism by CountryInformation on the prevalence of veganism and the number of vegans and vegan dietary options in various countries.
Vegetable Consumption by CountryComprehensive data on vegetable consumption trends across different countries over time, detailing relative changes and identifying the nation with the highest vegetable consumption.
Vegetarianism by CountryInformation on the prevalence of vegetarianism and the number of vegetarians in various countries, including the percentage of vegetarians in many countries.
Vodka Consumption by CountryDemographics on which country drinks the most vodka, which countries consume the most alcohol overall, and the most popular type of alcohol in the world.
Weird CountriesA comprehensive, verifiable, yet somewhat subjective list of weird countries, with detailed analysis of what qualifies them as weird, unusual, or out of the ordinary.
What Countries Celebrate Krampus / Countries that Celebrate KrampusDetails on countries that celebrate Krampus, as well as the history of Krampus, how Krampus is celebrated, and how Krampus is different from Christmas and Santa Claus.
What Countries Celebrate Reyes Magos / Countries that Celebrate Reyes MagosDetails on the holiday Reyes Magos and a list of countries that celebrate it. Reyes Magos is a Latin American holiday that takes place shortly after Christmas and the New Year.
What Countries Celebrate the Lunar New Year / Countries That Celebrate the Lunar New YearDetails on which countries celebrate the Lunar New Year holiday, including a list of common Lunar New Year traditions and similarities between the Lunar New Year and the traditional New Year.
What Countries Eat Bugs / What Countries Eat InsectsList of countries where insects are a common food item and are eaten regularly.
What Countries Eat Dogs in ?List of countries where the consumption of dog meat occurs, a practice often considered taboo with details like slaughter and sale, the legality of consumption, purchase & import, and additional details.
What Countries Eat Monkeys?Information on countries in which humans eat monkeys, including countries where such activity is illegal, such as the United States.
What Countries Have a National Religion / National Religion by CountryList of countries that have a national religion, including countries whose national religion is Roman Catholic, countries whose national religion is Islam, and more.
What Countries Have Daylight Savings Time in ?A brief overview of what countries have daylight savings time with a first year of observation.
What Countries Speak Swahili in ?Data on what countries speak Swahili also known as Kiswahili, including details where is spoken and official language status.
What Country has the Best Food in ?Opinions and survey results regarding which countries have the best food. Includes the top five countries with the best food: Italy, Spain, France, Mexico, and Greece.
What Country Invented Ice Cream?Details about which country invented ice cream, including where ice cream comes from, what ingredients are needed to make ice cream, and when ice cream was invented.
What Country is Transylvania In?Details on the real-world location of Transylvania, the famous homeland of so many spooky myths and legends, such as Bram Stoker's Dracula.
What Country Speaks Tagalog?Details on what country speaks the Tagalog language, as well as where in the world the 14 million people who speak Tagalog live.
Wheat Consumption by CountryComprehensive data on total wheat consumption by country, including average wheat consumption per capita.
Which Countries Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in ?A list of countries that celebrate Cinco de Mayo including where it is celebrated on a local personal scale.
Which Countries Celebrate Day of the Dead in ?A brief overview of countries that celebrate the Day of the Dead also known by its Spanish name, Dia de los Muertos with additional details for each of the listed countries.
Which Countries Celebrate Ramadan in ?Information on which countries celebrate Ramadan, a month-long Muslim holiday, and ways Ramadan is celebrated in different countries.
Which Countries Eat Cats in ?Another controversial topic on countries that eat cats, giving insight into their cultural practices even that being legal or not.
Which Countries Eat Cockroaches in ?List of countries that eat cockroaches with a brief description of countries where it is common to consume cockroaches.
Which Countries Eat Horse Meat in ?A brief overview of countries where consumption of horse meat is common and legal, including an answer on how many countries eat horses.
Which Countries Practice Female Circumcision in ?List and information on countries in which the practice of female circumcision, also called female genital mutilation, is still followed. Includes details on the four types of female circumcision.
Which Countries Speak Farsi in ?Details about countries where Farsi, also referred to as modern Persian is spoken, including information on the number of speakers, dialectical variations, and other relevant details about the language's usage in different regions.
Which Countries Spoke Latin?Details on which countries historically spoke Latin and ways in which Latin is still in use today.
Which Countries Use 24 Hour Time in ?Comprehensive overview of countries that use 24-hour time as well as the countries that use 12-hour time.
Which Country Consumes the Most Turkeys per Capita?Demographic data on annual turkey consumption per capita per country. Which country consumes the most turkey per capita? Find out here.
Which Country Eats the Most Chocolate in ?Information on which country eats the most chocolate in the world, which country eats the second-most chocolate in the world, which country makes the most popular chocolate, and the amount of chocolate the US consumes each year.
Which Country has the Most Miss Universe Winners as of ?Details on the country with the most wins in the Miss Universe beauty pageant. Includes information on how the Miss Universe pageant is judged, as well as details of other major beauty pageants such as Miss World, Miss Earth, and Miss International.
Which Country Invented Tea?Historic details about the origins of tea, including which country invented tea, how tea spread to other countries, and profiles of tea in Europe, Britain, and Japan.
Wine Consumption by CountryData on wine consumption in various countries, including the countries that consume the most wine in the world. Leading wine consuming countries include Portugal, Italy, France, and more.
World Heritage Sites by CountryDetails on the number and variety of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in each country, including the definition of a World Heritage Site, explanation of the different types of World Heritage site (natural, cultural, mixed), and the total number of World Heritage Sites.
Worst Countries To VisitDetails on the countries that are the worst choices to visit, based largely upon the U.S. Department of State's travel advisories.
Zoroastrian Population by CountryComprehensive overview of Zoroastrian population by country, one of the oldest known religions in the world a religion that got its start in Iran.
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