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UNESCO Sites by Country 2024

The world is full of incredible landmarks, monuments, structures, and other sites of exceptional historical and cultural significance. It’s critical to the legacy of humanity that these places and their artifacts are preserved and protected.

Established in 1972, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Program fulfills this purpose by not only identifying but actively preserving the integrity of these sites, which can be human-created, nature-based, or both.

Here’s a closer look at which of the world’s countries have the most UNESCO sites, as well as a few contributing factors that could influence these stats. In some cases, UNESCO sites can belong to more than one country.


With 58 total UNESCO sites to its credit, Italy tops the list for a variety of possible reasons. These include Italy’s rich, extensive cultural heritage, especially that associated with the Roman Empire. Examples of key UNESCO sites in Italy include the city of Rome, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the archeological sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum.


As of 2023, China is right behind Italy with a total count of 56 UNESCO sites. China’s diverse landscape, large size, and storied cultural heritage all contribute to this number with examples like the Great Wall of China, the Mogao Caves, and the Temple of Heaven.


Germany also comes attached to a rich cultural heritage reaching back thousands of years, a heritage that is reflected in its total tally of 51 UNESCO sites. Examples include the city of Berlin, Cologne Cathedral, and Muskau Park.


Modern French culture is derived from a combination of ancient cultural sources, including early Celtic and Germanic peoples. France also has the UNESCO sites to prove it – 49 total as of 2023. Examples include the Pont du Gard, Notre-Dame Cathedral, and Versailles. Additional countries that possess a significant number of UNESCO sites include Spain, India, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Russia, Iran, Japan, the United States, Brazil, and Canada.

Factors That Can Contribute to Total National UNESCO Sites

Countries with long-standing, fabled cultural traditions or natural landscapes of exceptional beauty are more likely to have many UNESCO-protected sites. Size is also a factor, as larger countries are naturally more likely to contain more sites of cultural significance.

However, additional factors like political stability (or the lack thereof) and economic dynamics can affect conservation efforts, as well as a country’s ability to navigate the nomination process.

  • Excluded from the table below is the city of Jerusalem, which UNESCO lists independently from any country in observance of ongoing territorial disputes in West Bank, Palestine, where Jerusalem is located.

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Total Sites
Cultural Sites
Mixed Sites
Natural Sites
Shared Sites
Italy585356Europe and North America
China56384141Asia and the Pacific
Germany514838Europe and North America
France4943155Europe, North America
Spain4943244Europe and North America
India4032171Asia and the Pacific
Mexico352726Latin America and the Caribbean
United Kingdom3328141Europe and North America
Russia3019114Europe and North America
Iran26242Asia and the Pacific
Japan251961Asia and the Pacific
United States24111122Europe and North America
Brazil2315171Latin America and the Caribbean
Canada2091102Europe and North America
Australia204412Asia and the Pacific
Turkey19172Europe and North America
Greece18162Europe and North America
Poland171523Europe and North America
Portugal171611Europe and North America
Czech Republic16162Europe and North America
South Korea15132Asia and the Pacific
Belgium151415Europe and North America
Sweden1513112Europe and North America
Peru139221Latin America and the Caribbean
Switzerland131034Europe and North America
Netherlands121112Europe and North America
Austria121114Europe and North America
Argentina11653Latin America and the Caribbean
South Africa105141Africa
Bulgaria10731Europe and North America
Denmark10731Europe and North America
Croatia10823Europe and North America
Indonesia954Asia and the Pacific
Colombia96121Latin America and the Caribbean
Morocco99Arab States
Romania9721Europe and North America
Cuba972Latin America and the Caribbean
Israel99Europe and North America[5]
Vietnam8512Asia and the Pacific
Ukraine8713Europe and North America
Sri Lanka862Asia and the Pacific
Tunisia871Arab States
Hungary8712Europe and North America
Slovakia8622Europe and North America
Norway8711Europe and North America
Egypt761Arab States
Algeria761Arab States
Chile771Latin America and the Caribbean
Bolivia7611Latin America and the Caribbean
Finland7612Europe and North America
Pakistan66Asia and the Pacific
Philippines633Asia and the Pacific
Thailand633Asia and the Pacific
Iraq651Arab States
Saudi Arabia66Arab States
Syria66Arab States
Jordan651Arab States
Lebanon66Arab States
DR Congo55Africa
Uzbekistan5411Asia and the Pacific
Yemen541Arab States
Ivory Coast5231Africa
Kazakhstan5322Asia and the Pacific
Ecuador5321Latin America and the Caribbean
Serbia551Europe and North America
Libya55Arab States
Oman55Arab States
Panama5231Latin America and the Caribbean
Mongolia5322Asia and the Pacific
Slovenia5323Europe and North America
Malaysia422Asia and the Pacific
Nepal422Asia and the Pacific
Belarus4312Europe and North America
Costa Rica4131Latin America and the Caribbean
Georgia431Europe and North America
Bosnia and Herzegovina4312Europe and North America
Albania42112Europe and North America
Lithuania442Europe and North America
Montenegro4312Europe and North America
Bangladesh321Asia and the Pacific
Sudan321Arab States
Venezuela321Latin America and the Caribbean
Burkina Faso3211Africa
Guatemala321Latin America and the Caribbean
Cambodia33Asia and the Pacific
Azerbaijan33Europe and North America
Laos33Asia and the Pacific
Kyrgyzstan3212Asia and the Pacific
Turkmenistan33Asia and the Pacific
Palestine33Arab States
New Zealand312Asia and the Pacific
Uruguay33Latin America and the Caribbean
Armenia321Europe and North America
Bahrain33Arab States
Cyprus33Europe and North America
Malta33Arab States
Iceland312Europe and North America
Myanmar22Asia and the Pacific
Afghanistan22Asia and the Pacific
North Korea22Asia and the Pacific
Honduras211Latin America and the Caribbean
Tajikistan211Asia and the Pacific
Nicaragua22Latin America and the Caribbean
Central African Republic221Africa
Ireland22Europe and North America
Mauritania211Arab States
North Macedonia2112Europe and North America
Latvia221Europe and North America
Estonia221Europe and North America
Suriname211Latin America and the Caribbean
Vatican City221Europe and North America
Haiti11Latin America and the Caribbean
Dominican Republic11Latin America and the Caribbean
Papua New Guinea11Asia and the Pacific
United Arab Emirates11Arab States
Paraguay11Latin America and the Caribbean
El Salvador11Latin America and the Caribbean
Singapore11Asia and the Pacific
Moldova111Europe and North America
Jamaica11Latin America and the Caribbean
Qatar11Arab States
Fiji11Asia and the Pacific
Solomon Islands11Asia and the Pacific
Luxembourg11Europe and North America
Cape Verde11Africa
Belize11Latin America and the Caribbean
Vanuatu11Asia and the Pacific
Barbados11Latin America and the Caribbean
Saint Lucia11Latin America and the Caribbean
Kiribati11Asia and the Pacific
Micronesia11Asia and the Pacific
Antigua and Barbuda11Latin America and the Caribbean
Andorra11Europe and North America
Dominica11Latin America and the Caribbean
Saint Kitts and Nevis11Latin America and the Caribbean
Marshall Islands11Asia and the Pacific
San Marino11Europe and North America
Palau11Asia and the Pacific
showing: 166 rows

Which country has most Unesco sites?

With 58 total sites, Italy is the country that has the most UNESCO sites in the world.

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