Drug Use by Country 2022

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What Are the Most Commonly Consumed Drugs in the World?

Globally, drug use is a significant concern. There are countless people who suffer drug overdoses every day, and some people put themselves in the hospital. There are even some situations where people could die of a drug overdose.

The most commonly consumed drugs in the world include alcohol and marijuana. Even though these substances are legal in the vast majority of countries, they can still lead to a number of side effects. For example, alcohol is incredibly addictive. Alcohol poisoning can lead to liver damage. It is also possible for people who consume too much alcohol to develop brain issues. Even though marijuana might not have the same side effects, marijuana does slow the reflexes. It can make it more likely for someone to be involved in a motor vehicle accident.

Which Country Consumes the Most Illicit Drugs?

The United States consumes more illicit drugs than any other country. When compared to other countries, the USA has a very high rate of illegal drug use. It is estimated that approximately six percent of people in the United States use illegal drugs. There are a few other countries that also have rates of illegal drug use over five percent. They include Greenland, the United Kingdom, and Mongolia. There are a few reasons why the United States has a high rate of illegal drug use. Because drugs are so harshly prosecuted in the United States, it creates the allure of a “forbidden fruit,” which causes people to get involved in drug use at a young age. Furthermore, the United States is also dealing with a significant influx of illegal drugs from the Mexican cartels. This makes it easier for people in the United States to access illegal drugs.

What Is the Drug Capital of the World?

The drug capital of the world is considered to be Afghanistan. Even though a lot of people associate Mexico with drug use, Afghanistan is actually the country that is the capital of drug addiction. Afghanistan has been through a lot during the past few decades, having been invaded by the Soviet Union and the United States. Furthermore, Afghanistan is still under the control of the Taliban, which means that a lot of people are looking for a quick escape. One of the quickest ways to do so is to take drugs, which is why Afghanistan is considered to be the drug addiction capital of the world.

Is Drug Use Increasing?

Yes, drug use is increasing, and it is increasing all over the world. There are a few reasons why drug use is increasing, but one of the biggest reasons why drug use is increasing is that there are a lot of people who are concerned about the coronavirus pandemic, the state of the world’s economy, and the prospect of the largest land war in Europe since WWII. When people are under more stress, they tend to use drugs, and that is exactly what has happened.

Drug Use by Country 2022

Drug Use by Country 2022