Countries' National Dishes 2023

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The main part of mealtime in Syria is the appetizers, called mezes. Usually, a range of choices will be presented to start the meal. Kibbeh is a national dish from Syria and Lebanon that is a standard for any meal. This dish includes a mix of bulgur, seasonings, and ground lamb. Usually, it is packed into a patty which is then baked, boiled, stuffed, or fried. Some people prefer to eat kibbeh raw, which has the most prominent flavor. Sometimes kibbeh is flavored with robust tastes like cherry juice and pomegranate.


A national dish of Korea is beef bulgogi, which translates to fire meat. This meal consists of very thinly sliced meat that is marinated in a mix of sesame oil, soy sauce, sugar, ginger, garlic, onions, and wine. After the meat has marinated, it is grilled. Many people choose to eat bulgogi wrapped in a spinach leaf and will accompany the meal with kimchi. Some Korean restaurants will present the raw marinated meat and allow the diners to barbecue their own food on the table.


Probably one of the most famous national dishes, wiener schnitzel is a simple but delicious meal that consists of flattened veal cutlets. The cutlets are then breaded and fried. Although Austria claims wiener schnitzel as their national dish, this meal likely originated in Italy. A final garnish of parsley and some fresh lemon make this a delicious, simple, and filling meal.


The national dish of Hungary is goulash. This dish has been made by Hungarians for centuries, though it only became a national favorite in the 1800s. The dish was used to help distinguish Hungary from its neighbors within the Austro-Hungarian Empire. A goulash consists of stew beef and a mix of vegetables cooked down into a stew which is then flavored with paprika. Slow cooking goulash helps to bring out the best flavors from the beef.


While many people complain about English food, one of their staple delicacies is roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. This combination is a standard for special occasions and is often a perfect Sunday lunch option. The Yorkshire pudding is made from a light batter and is often served before the main course. Traditionally, Yorkshire puddings were served first to help fill you up, so you didn't eat as much beef. The roast beef is usually served with gravy and roasted vegetables.


Irish stew is the national dish of Ireland. Most stews are made of a thick broth that is slowly cooked down to pull out the most flavor from the vegetables. While traditionally, the stew was made from mutton boiled with potatoes, parsley, and onions, most modern Irish stews will mix in other vegetables like carrots.


While several trademark meals have originated in France, Pot-au-Feu is the national dish. Originally used as a rustic dish served in winter, this favorite stew is now found in even the most exclusive restaurants. The meal consists of meat put into a stew with root vegetables and spices. The liquid broth is usually served separately from the cooked meat.

Countries' National Dishes 2023

Countries' National Dishes 2023